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Revolutionary feminism

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Conservative press cheers:

Imperialist parasites march against Iran

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    Imperialist country parasites and Third World lackeys led by a pseudo-Marxist organization calling itself the "Revolutionary Communist Party-USA," (RąP=u$A) marched in favor of lynching Iran on International Wimmin's Day, March 8 in Berkeley, California.(1) They had built their rally against the veil and stoning in Iran. Fortunately, many imperialist news services did not cover the event, but it received backing from the intellectual headquarters of reaction in the united $tates.

    On March 8, International Wimmin's Day, the epicenter of conservatism called the "National Review" organized by people regularly invited to the White House, serving in the White House and partying with the White House after hours chose as their contribution to International Wimmin's Day the exact same thing as the phony communist RąP=u$A, a discussion of stoning in Iran. Interviewing Phyllis Chesler, with pointed ideological goals, the National Review put out an olive branch to the RąP=u$A left-wing of white nationalism which is now to unite with the rest of white nationalism against Iran:

    Lopez: To what extent is there easy common ground on the Right and the Left as far as a new feminism goes?

    Chesler: Perhaps such categories as "left" and "right" are no longer useful. I write about this at length in The Death of Feminism.(2)

    We agree with Chesler analytically though we despise her lynch-mob ideology, because for many years the "left" and "right" of Amerika have been united in one white nationalist oppressor unit.

    Ironically, the RąP=u$A has called David Horowitz "fascist," but one of his major outlets on the Internet also chimed in March 6th: "the militant Islamists and their Western multicultural apologists refuse to admit that Islam, not Israel, practices religious and gender apartheid and that Islamic practices—such as female genital mutilation, daughter- and wife-battering, honor killings, polygamy, forced arranged marriage of children, stoning, amputations and public hangings—are barbaric and evil. Such barbarism has not been caused by the West."(3) This is the same exact publication "FrontPageMag" that red-baited the movement opposing invasion in Iraq saying that MIM led it.

    While we are on the topic, the RąP=u$A's friends at FrontPageMag also had this to say:

    Those who defend the rapists and their culture (no matter where they are located on the spectrum of politics) have unconsciously adjusted their perceptions of how Muslim males should act.(3)

    After reading that, after knowing with what power such a line is going to be distributed and after realizing what the imperialists' strategy is, no real internationalist or real feminist can dare oppose MIM's line "all sex is rape."

    Another fairly important press service got involved with the day via Iran. According to Alison Langley, though, we are talking about three--that's THREE--stonings for adultery in Iran in 2005 that might have happened.(4) Even heterosexual men have killed more than three heterosexual men over adultery in the united $tates in the same period. Langley openly argued that courts should be biased in favor of female defendants even where murder is involved.

    The International Wimmin's Day rally against Iran in the imperialist countries is an example of "friendly sectarianism." This is the consequence when an organization attempts to recruit some token Third World people and Pentagon pseudo-feminists while saying to hell with the consequences for the international proletariat. The activity of the RąP=u$A was coordinated in political substance and to the day with the highest reaches of imperialist power.

    The self-congratulating rally news article said this in its first paragraph:
    "On the occassion of March 8 International Women's Day, a rally and March was held in Berkeley in solidarity with a 4-day march in Europe organized by the Campaign for the Abolition of All Misogynist, Gender-Based Legislation & Islamic Punitive Laws in Iran. The call for the European march begins: "If you are against death by stoning! If you are against forced veiling! If you are against the prosecution and imprisonment of women! If you are against lashing a woman’s body! If you are against any form of patriarchy! If you are against the medieval laws of Iran’s Islamic Republic of Iran imposing inequality on women! – Join the great walk against anti-women laws in Iran’s Islamic Republic on 8 March 2006!"



    Death Penalty Rare for Women, But On the Rise in Iran and China
    Alison Langley*