This is an archive of the former website of the Maoist Internationalist Movement, which was run by the now defunct Maoist Internationalist Party - Amerika. The MIM now consists of many independent cells, many of which have their own indendendent organs both online and off. MIM(Prisons) serves these documents as a service to and reference for the anti-imperialist movement worldwide.
Maoist Internationalist Movement

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  MIM Notes 197                  November 1, 1999

MIM Notes speaks to and from the viewpoint of the 
world's oppressed majority, and against the 
imperialist-patriarchy. Pick it up and wield it in 
the service of the people. support it, struggle 
with it and write for it.


New evidence of fraud, corruption, and just plain dirty tricks at 

Bourgeois reporting of China's 50th anniversary used to bash revolution History disproves reactionary accounts


Build Proletarian Revolution — Work with the party

Amerikkka continues attack against Mumia as freedom struggle grows

Clinton's call for debt relief doesn't amount to much

Break the Imperialist Deathgrip of Debt

Study denounces waiver of juveniles to adult court

On the 50th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China 

Hail the Seventh Anniversary of Gonzalo's "Speech from the Cage"! Celebrate the People's War in Peru!

Prison administrators: Someone else for you to censor!

Censored 1999: The News That Didn't Make the Year's Top 25 Censored Stories

Under Lock & Key

What prisoners can do to build MIM

Facts on U$ imprisonment

Attention Prisoners

MIM on Prisons & Prisoners

* * *

What is MIM?

The Maoist Internationalist Movement (MIM) is the collection of existing or 
emerging Maoist internationalist parties in the English-speaking imperialist 
countries and their English-speaking internal semi-colonies, as well as the 
existing or emerging Maoist Internationalist parties in Belgium, France and 
Quebec and the existing or emerging Spanish-speaking Maoist Internationalist 
parties of Aztlan, Puerto Rico and other territories of the U.$. Empire. MIM 
Notes is the newspaper of MIM. Notas Rojas is the newspaper of the 
Spanish-speaking parties or emerging parties of MIM.

MIM upholds the revolutionary communist ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and 
is an internationalist organization that works from the vantage point of the 
Third World proletariat.

MIM struggles to end the oppression of all groups over other groups: classes, 
genders, nations. MIM knows this is only possibly by building public opinion to 
seize power through armed struggle.

Revolution is a reality for North America as the military becomes over-extended 
in the government’s attempts to maintain world hegemony.

MIM differs from other communist parties on three main questions: (1) MIM holds 
that after the proletariat seizes power in socialist revolution, the potential 
exists for capitalist restoration under the leadership of a new bourgeoisie 
within the communist party itself. In the case of the USSR, the bourgeoisie 
seized power after the death of Stalin in 1953; in China, it was after Mao’s 
death and the overthrow of the "Gang of Four" in 1976. (2) MIM upholds the 
Chinese Cultural Revolution as the farthest advance of communism in humyn 
history. (3) As Marx, Engels and Lenin formulated and MIM has reiterated 
through materialist analysis, imperialism extracts super-profits from the Third 
World and in part uses this wealth to buy off whole populations of oppressor 
nation so-called workers. These so-called workers bought off by imperialism 
form a new petty-bourgeoisie called the labor aristocracy. These classes are 
not the principal vehicles to advance Maoism within those countries because 
their standards of living depend on imperialism. At this time, imperialist 
super-profits create this situation in the Canada, Quebec, the United $tates, 
England, France, Belgium, Germany, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the 
Netherlands, Israel, Sweden and Denmark.

MIM accepts people as members who agree on these basic principles and accept 
democratic centralism, the system of majority rule, on other questions of party 

"The theory of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin is universally applicable. We 
should regard it not as dogma, but as a guide to action. Studying it is not 
merely a matter of learning terms and phrases, but of learning Marxism-Leninism 
as the science of revolution." -- Mao Zedong, Selected Works, Vol. II, p. 208.

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