This is an archive of the former website of the Maoist Internationalist Movement, which was run by the now defunct Maoist Internationalist Party - Amerika. The MIM now consists of many independent cells, many of which have their own indendendent organs both online and off. MIM(Prisons) serves these documents as a service to and reference for the anti-imperialist movement worldwide.
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Flier Archive

File types are indicated after the name of each flier. (*.doc) indicates a MS Word document. (*.pdf) indicates an Adobe Acrobat file, which may not display correctly if you don't have the most recent version of Acrobat. And (*.html) and (*.jpg) files can be read right in your web browser. All fliers are 8 1/2" X 11" unless otherwise noted. 'Text-only' indicates the file contains the text used in a rail flier but it is not formatted for immediate printing and distribution.
Iran, the Nuclear "Threat" version 2 (*.pdf)
The Migrant Struggle, Kolumbus Day... (8.5"x14" *.pdf)
Why Iraq Resists (*.pdf)

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U$ Terrorism

The Savagery that U$ Imperialism Brings (by RAIIN) (*.pdf)
Amerika's Screwiest Lies #4: Amerika Supports Democracy (8.5"X11" *.pdf)
Amerikan Idol (*.pdf)
Fighting Imperialism is NOT Terrorism (11"X17" *.pdf)
Madeline Albright (and U$ imperialism) the real terrorists (*.pdf)
Great Amerikan Terrorists (*.pdf)
Homeland Security - Choose your side (*.pdf)
Amerikans Off Earth Now! (*.pdf)
Empire Amerika - Built on Conquest (*.pdf)


Amerikan Election Trivia
8.5x11" | 8.5x14" (*.pdf)
Amerika: Bitterly Polarized 8.5x11" | 8.5x14" (*.pdf)
6 Billion Disenfranchised Voters (*.pdf)
Amerika Votes for New Thug (*.pdf)
The Amerikan electorate, a representative sample (*.pdf)
Amerikan traitors don't vote (*.pdf)
Butcher Nations Elect Butchers (*.pdf)
Voting is for Shit, Organize (*.pdf)
Amerika Votes for Terror (*.pdf)
The Enemy Chooses a Leader (*.pdf)


Why Iraq Resists (*.pdf)
He Ain't Heavy, He's Amerikkkan (8.5"X14" *.pdf)
Amerika Shops 8.5x11" | 8.5x14" (*.pdf)
Payback: It's Hell 8.5x11" | 8.5x14" (*.pdf)
Home the Hero 8.5x11" | 8.5x14" (*.pdf)
Visualize Victory 8.5x11" | 8.5x14" (*.pdf)
Ordinary Amerikan Terrorism 8.5x11" | 8.5x14" (*.pdf)
Always Fascionable8.5x11" | 8.5x14" (*.pdf)
Parasite Prosperity (8.5"X14" *.pdf)
Same Old Song and Dance 8.5x11" | 8.5x14" (*.pdf)
Medal of Honor 8.5x11" | 8.5x14" (*.pdf)
Amerika Rocks (8.5"X14" *.pdf)
Amerikan Harvest: All year round (8.5"X14" *.pdf)
Drivers Ed 8.5x11" | 8.5x14" (*.pdf)
Exit Strategy 8.5x11" | 8.5x14" (*.pdf)
Got Oil? 8.5x11" | 8.5x14" (*.pdf)
Conquest: Amerikan Natural Resource 8.5x11" | 8.5x14" (*.pdf)
Iraq spells it O U T 8.5x11" | 8.5x14" (*.pdf)
We Support the Troops of the Oppressed (*pdf)
Abu Ghraib Amerikan terrorism (*pdf)
Imperialism is a paper tiger (black and white) (*pdf)
Imperialism is a paper tiger (color) (*pdf)
Sure (*pdf)
Amerikan Mad Dogs (*pdf)
Wee wee wee, all the way home (*pdf)
Lynch Mob Wink and Nod (*pdf)
Amerikan Dogs out of Iraq (*pdf)
Amerikan dead Light as a Feather (*pdf)
Squeal Pig (*.pdf)
Free Fallujah (*.pdf)
April Fools (*.pdf)
Yankkkees go "Home"! (*.pdf)
Amerikans... Invaders? Occupiers? (*.pdf)
Pigs out of Iraq (Black Panther art) (*.pdf)
Imperialism is Terrorism rhyme (*.pdf)
It's Right to Rebel: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 (*.pdf's)
Fight the Cowardly Amerikan Aggressor: Amerikkka Ja (*.pdf)
No Maniac Tyrants (*.pdf)
Good Amerikkkans Speak Out (*.pdf)
1st World Upside Down (*.pdf)
Myths for War on Iraq (*.jpg)
Amerikkka = Babylon (BPP art) (*.pdf)
Uncle $am will Plunder Iraq (*.pdf)
Stop Bush - it's a start (*.pdf)
Back Your Future (*.pdf)
Who's Next? (*.pdf)
Settlers following Bush (*.pdf)
Amerikan Homelanders' Magic Kingdom (*.pdf)
Clown Nation (*.pdf)
U$ tells the world: Drop Dead! (*.pdf)
Same shit, different day (*.pdf)
Amerikan Freak Flag du jour (*.pdf)
Same shit, different day (v. 2) (*.pdf)
Amerikan feasting on oppressed nations (*.pdf)
Significant majority to Trivial majority (*.pdf)
Anti-Amerikanism = Species-Survivalism (*.pdf)
FLASH: Civilized World Says "No War" (*.pdf)
Spirit of America (*.pdf)


Iran, the Nuclear "Threat" (by RAIIN) different layout (*.pdf)
Stop the War on the Black Community! (*.pdf)
Map of U$ Invasions Around the Globe (*.html with *.jpg and large *.pdf's for printing)
Empire state of Mind (*.pdf)
Buck Fush (*.pdf)
Where's Wackkko? (*.pdf)

Labor Aristocracy

Labor Theory of White Supremacy (by RAIIN) (*.pdf)
Pig Kulture (by RAIIN) (*.pdf)
National Oppression at the Superdome(*.pdf)
Kanye was Half Right: Amerika don't care about Black people1 2 (8.5"X14" *.pdf)
Dark Fabric of your White Life 8.5x11" | 8.5x14" (*.pdf)
Parasite Nation 8.5x11" | 8.5x14" (*.pdf)
Some Pigs are Bigger than Others! (*.pdf)
Celebrate the Legacy of W.E.B. DuBois (*.pdf)
Imperialism: You can't live without it (11"X17" *.pdf)
Obesity (*.pdf)
Santa Barbara People's March 2002 (text-only *.html)
Evolution Recalls White Amerikans (a satirical comic) (*.pdf)
Oppressed people are rollin' (comic) (*.pdf)

Settler Holidays

The Migrant Struggle, Kolumbus Day... (8.5"x14" *.pdf)
No Thankkks, Amerika (*.pdf)
Settler Thanksgiving Celebrates Genocide (*.pdf)
Columbus the Criminal -lacks artwork (*.pdf)


amerika feeds on conquest
8.5x11" | 8.5x14" (*.pdf)
Amerika Calling (8.5"X14" *.pdf)
Another Notch for the Empire (8.5"X14" *.pdf)


Truth About the U$ Injustice $ystem (by RAIIN) (*.pdf)
National Oppression Defined (*.pdf)
Support MIM's Prisoner Release Program (*.jpg & *.pdf)
End Censorship in Prisons (*.pdf)
All Prisoners are Political (*.pdf)
Slavery is Legal in the U$ (*.pdf)
Build Schools, Not Prisons (*.pdf)
End the DC Lockdown (*.html)
Support Free Books for Prisoners (*.pdf) or (*.jpg)
Stop Censorship in Attica (*.pdf)
Prison Boom Rockets Despite 'Crime' Drop (*.pdf)
Good Amerikans' Political Analysis (*.pdf)
Amerika's Screwiest Lies #6: You Live in a Free Country 8.5"x11" | 8.5"x14" (*.pdf)

Prison Control Units

United Front to Unlock the Box (art by ARM) (*.pdf)
Control Units: Yankee ingenuity (*.pdf)
Control Units: Prison in the Eye (*.pdf)
Control Units AKA Torture (*.pdf)
Control Units: Cracker Justice (*.pdf)
1/4 Sheet info on CA SHU Protests (*.pdf, front/back)
An Alternative to the SHU (*.pdf)
Shut Down CA Security Housing Units rally flier (*.pdf)
Oppressed Nations Buried Alive; Shut Down All Control Units! (*.jpg & *.pdf)
United Front to Abolish the SHU pamphlet (California) English/Spanish (*.pdf)


Historical comic of U$ in Philippines (*.pdf)
U$ Out of the Phillippines (11"X17" *.pdf)


End U$ support for Israel (11"X17" *.pdf)
UC Divest from Israel introductory pamphlet: side 1, side 2 (*.pdf)
Details on UC investment in Israel (*.pdf)

U$/Mexican Border

The Immigration "Crisis" (by RAIIN) (*.pdf)
Migrant Rallies Reveal Proletariat (2-sided)(*pdf)
Stop Operation Gatekeeper (*.pdf)
Abolish All Illegitimate Borders (11"X17" *.pdf)

Event Fliers

Abolish the SHU:Stop torture in U$ Prisons around the world (*.pdf)
Western Mass archive (*.pdf's)
Revolution in the Philippines (*.pdf)
End the Amerikan Lockdown Protest (*.pdf)

Free Speech

Reactionary Academia Purges Ward Churchill (by RAIIN) (*.pdf)
Adventure's of Wink n Nod (Defend Churchill) (8.5"X14" *.pdf)
Amerika's Screwiest Lies #8: We're Innocent (8.5"X11" *.pdf)
Defend the Truth Sayer (Churchill) (8.5"X11" *.pdf)
Stop the Witchhunt (of Ward Churchill) (8.5"X11" *.pdf)
Stop the Witchhunt of Ward Churchill (8.5"X11" *.pdf, 3/page)

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