This is an archive of the former website of the Maoist Internationalist Movement, which was run by the now defunct Maoist Internationalist Party - Amerika. The MIM now consists of many independent cells, many of which have their own indendendent organs both online and off. MIM(Prisons) serves these documents as a service to and reference for the anti-imperialist movement worldwide.

Maoist Internationalist Movement

Credits for MIM Internet Volunteers

Web Minister Reports and Central Committee Rules and Credo for Internet Work

Web Minister reports

  • Web Minister web traffic reports are now subsumed into the PIRAO "Central Task" reports

  • Official MIM Web Minister Whining for March, 2004
  • Home page redesigned December, 2003
  • October, 2002 MIM web traffic tables and report
  • Post-September 11th report for September, 2002
  • Pre-September 11th report for September, 2002
  • August, 2002 MIM web traffic tables and report
  • July, 2002 MIM web traffic tables and report
  • June, 2002 MIM web traffic tables and report
  • May, 2002 MIM web traffic tables and report
  • April, 2002 MIM web traffic tables and report
  • March, 2002 MIM web traffic tables and report
  • February, 2002 MIM web traffic tables and report
  • January, 2002 MIM web traffic tables and report
  • December, 2001 MIM web traffic tables and report
  • November, 2001 MIM web traffic tables and report
  • October, 2001 MIM web traffic tables and report
  • September, 2001 MIM web traffic tables and report
  • August, 2001 MIM web traffic tables and report
  • July, 2001 MIM web traffic tables
  • July, 2001 Web Minister report on website traffic statistics for first half of 2001
  • 1999 web work summary (posted Jan. 10, 2002)

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    Email credits

    Email Minister-- [email protected] handles general correspondence.

    International Minister -- [email protected] handles Satanist circles and people outside U.S. borders.

    Web page credits

    Web Minister -- [email protected] is in charge of political line and organization. [email protected] proofreads & edits while expanding existing web pages and creating totally new web pages.

    Senior Deputy Web Minister -- [email protected]; all the original web pages were done by [email protected] unless otherwise specified.

    Deputy Web Minister, [email protected], arts, movies pages.

    Deputy Web Minister, RAIL, [email protected]

    Deputy Web Minister, MN special projects, [email protected]

    Deputy Web Minister, MC18.

    Deputy Web Minister, MC12.

    Deputy Web Minister, HC123. HC123 deserves credit for Chinese translation and his/her internationalism and high level of culture in practice on the web page has done the most to advance our capabilities of doing various languages on the same web page.

    MIM web page rules for creators

    The challenge of the MIM web page is to put forward the Maoist line in all spheres and counteract the bourgeois line in all aspects of the superstructure. It serves as a central reference location with electronic searching and index capacity and makes possible the spread and duplication of the Maoist line with less paper. The rules of its operation are as follows:

    1. We oppose nihilism. We do not destroy existing written or artistic work or take it down. When in doubt back up a file you are working on. Files are reorganized and improved technically all the time.
    a)In addition to not deleting files, that also means we do not rename files to something else. Contact [email protected] if you would like to do so.
    b)We use index.html as the home page of new directories created. We do not makes pages that serve as a list of links without calling it index.html. That means putting index.html documents in sub-folders.
    c) To avoid destroying work by mistake, BEFORE we upload a new file, we rename files with "old" as a prefix. For example, a file we want to change is called "index.html". We have built a new one. Now we rename the old one "oldindex.html" BEFORE uploading the new "index.html".

    2. We do not duplicate or shorten work. We do duplicate links. That means we do not go to the effort of shortening articles or placing them in two separate places on the web page. Multiple links to the same document are desirable, not two or more documents in different places. The only exception is full-length material not found in MIM Notes. Now that we put out MIM Notes in .pdf, there will be no shortening of articles for the web.

    3. We do not put files in the root directory ~/Politics/MIM. We use folders. We also do not create new folders in ~/MIM/*. We use existing folders deeper down than that level. There is an agitation folder. Action topics can go within it. There will be no new branch folders. New branches information goes within the RAIL folder from now on. Anything you can think of already has a folder: so make subfolders or nothing.

    4. We do not put up new files that have no links in them to go somewhere on the MIM web page--no text only files. All files must give readers a chance to click to somewhere else on the MIM web page without using the "back button." We do not create any new .php scripts or .php-using home pages. We make our files in .jpg, .gif, .pdf and all new text files should be in .html format, not ".txt" and not ".htm." I repeat: ".txt" files are only valid to extend EXISTING home pages such as the movies page.

    5. We follow the political leadership of the Central Committee, as incarnated by [email protected] on questions of political content.

    6. We proceed with our technical work confidently. We understand that web page work is constantly improving technically speaking; however, we do not put off our own attempts to do the best job possible while waiting for complete unity of form and technique amongst all the web page workers. Dialectics tells us that development is always an uneven thing.

    7. We take credit for own work by listing either our [email protected] account or MIM-affiliated moniker on our web pages; where multiple authors are involved, we list them in rank of work done. This is a matter of both political accountability to the Central Committee and the masses and also to inspire the masses to take up their own share of the work and create their own political persynalities.

    Contact MIM by writing [email protected]