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Revolutionary feminism

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Phony Marxists, phony feminists enter united front with Condoleeza Rice

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    The propaganda barrage on Iran continues. The U.S. Government released Condoleeza Rice's comments about International Wimmin's Day. Co-lackeys around the world published Rice's International Wimmin's Day statement and still others paraphrased what she said.

    Simultaneously the same day, Rice released a "country report" on "human rights" regarding Iran, which of course mentioned stoning of individuals in Iran for adultery.(2)

    In case anyone was wondering what the real agenda for the highest female official in the Bu$h administration was, the same busy Rice made a statement to Congress, the very same day. BBC reported it this way:

    She described the country as the "central banker for terrorism" in the Middle East, and a block to democracy.

    "We may face no greater challenge from a single country than from Iran," she said.(3)

    In reading the statements of the phony communists and pseudo-feminists marching against Iran International Wimmin's Day, MIM could not find any difference with Rice on the question of Iran. There was only a difference in that some marchers wanted a Democrat for president and some wanted Bush to resign. They all united in stirring up hatred of Iran in an imperialist country.

    This is an example of what we Maoists call a "united front." National Organization for Women (NOW), "Revolutionary Communist Party-USA" (RąP=u$A) and others entered a united front with Bu$h. Here is how Mao describes a united front: "With regard to our different allies in the united front, our attitude should be one of both alliance and criticism."(4) At the end of its article on the subject, the RąP=u$A indicated its opposition to Bush and war. That was what made RąP=u$A the ideal united front partner for Bush. In a situation where public opinion is divided or headed in different directions, a united front can be effective exactly because various identities are saying the same thing. Mao's Communist Party entered a united front with another Chinese party to expell Japanese invaders. The two parties put forward different leaders for who should lead China, but that does not mean they were not in a united front.

    Feminists who do not want to be tools of national conflict and warmongering should take up scientific Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. In ordinary times, the national question gets the better of feminism, because of how politics works. What looks like feminism is usually just nationalism. We cannot be too surprised, because wimmin are a large group and talk about wimmin inevitably lands in culture. By fanning nationalism of the oppressed nations, we can work toward a day without national conflict.

    1. "Condi Rice says ayekoo to women" in the Accra Daily Mail, one outlet that released the statement:

    Source: Press Attaché Public Affairs Section US Embassy, Accra | Posted: Thursday, March 09, 2006

    Alima Mahama: MOWAC
    THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT IS FROM US SECRETARY OF STATE CONDOLEEZA RICE IN HONOR OF INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY WHICH FELL YESTERDAY WEDNESDAY MARCH 8. "As we observe International Women's Day 2006, I am proud to honor the diverse contributions of women in advancing the common cause of freedom, justice, and equality. Over the past year, we have witnessed women of courage, compassion, strength, and hope playing transformative roles in their societies, inspiring the international community, and enriching our world.

    Around the globe, women are making impressive political gains. In countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, and throughout the broader Middle East, women are contributing to and leading democratic change that cannot be stopped. Many have put their lives at risk to forge free and democratic societies for future generations.

    Today more women than ever before have the right to vote. More women are running for office, and many have been elected as leaders in their countries. In Liberia, Chile, and Germany, for the first time women have been elected to their country's highest office.

    Even as we celebrate the fact that more women have taken their rightful place in society, we must also recognize that there is still much to be done. In too many parts of the world women still struggle for basic liberties under governments that tolerate discrimination, systematic abuse, exploitation, and violence against women.

    We must not accept women being sold into sexual slavery, terrorized by rape, denied an education, killed for so-called "honor crimes", or silenced for speaking out. We are resolved to remove the barriers to political, economic, and social empowerment so that women everywhere may freely chart their own way.

    This week we honor brave women such as Aung San Suu Kyi, who remains under house arrest to Burma. Her efforts to bring democracy are a source of inspiration to women around the world. We must not forget that the advance of women's rights and the advance of human liberty go hand in hand.

    Around the world women of courage are standing up for freedom and human dignity. The United States stands with them."

    2. or