We Demand Our Grievances Are Addressed in Indiana

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We Demand Our Grievances Are Addressed in Indiana

initiated in January 2024
updated on February 15, 2024

Inspired by the California petition for the proper handling of grievances, comrades in Indiana made a petition specific to their state.

Our ability to fairly have our grievances handled is directly related to preventing arbitrary repression for people who stand up for their rights or attempt to do something positive.

Prisoners are being recruited to lead this campaign where they are being held. Supporters of prisoners can join this campaign by printing out the petition and sending it to their family members, loved ones, and comrades inside. They can also send letters on behalf of prisoners to the addresses listed.

Sending in one petition to the Inspector General won’t get results, but getting multiple people to send out the petition will not only amplify the opposition to the problem, it will also bring those prisoners together around a common goal. Use this campaign to build unity behind bars.

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