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Maoist Internationalist Movement (1984- 2008) Official Website Archive

Here we have provided an archived version of the original Maoist Internationalist Movement website, which was a centralized site for the whole movement hosted at www.etext.org from the 1990's sometime until 2006 when the MIM dissolved into a cell structure. From 2006 to 2008 there were periods of time when the site was still updated regularly. This archive ends in February 2008 when the comrades at etext declared the site done and opened up a temporary blog called MIM Lite that didn't last long. In late 2008 there was one last flurry of posting that contained some good political analysis as well as many documents related to the outing of a MIM comrade due to pressures by the state. This archive does not contain these documents because we did not have a backup of them. Otherwise, we have no reason to believe that anything else is missing. And, of course, nothing has been altered except the comments at the top of each page describing the archive. The political line of MIM(Prisons) as demonstrated through our website and publications should give readers some sense of trust that we have not altered these archived documents in any way. It is not impossible for state agents to access these documents and alter them without our knowing, but that is true of our own website as well.

Some of these materials are outdated and no longer correct politically or otherwise. MIM(Prisons) stands by the correctness of these articles as a whole for the period in which they were written.

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