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MIM(Prisons) is a cell of revolutionaries serving the oppressed masses inside U.$. prisons, guided by the communist ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.
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Mi Hermano: Lost But Never Forgotten

| The blackest pupils you've ever seen | Es mi hermano | A man who wore his emotions on his sleeve | Angu ndugu | i've only touched his finger tips | & even that violated the policy of no human contact | But it's mi hermano ... | i've never seen a grown man cry | That's how I remember those blackest eyes | i literally sob at the feet of the giant | his mattress rolled up at the front of the cage | & me sitting cross-legged on the tier | it's how I spent my hour, every hour I was ever allowed | to be out my cell. | Had to beg the officer, almost like saying yesa massah | At least that's how I felt it to me | But at that moment there's no place in the world | i'd rather be than with mi hermano | His enemies think they got the last laugh | & you should've seen how the | badges danced ... | The captive told the captor that's a captive that's | better off dead | But it's mi hermano & this is something i | never will forgive! | BLOODY AUGUST 2023