Hold Pendleton Accountable! Stop their Censorship!

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Hold Pendleton Accountable! Stop their Censorship!

initiated in July 2024
updated on July 15, 2024

Recently, prisoners at Pendleton Correctional Facility in Indiana have been the subject of an unrelenting and ongoing campaign of censorship waged by the state against nearly all materials we send to them. As with all cases of censorship we face, the reasons provided for prohibiting the delivery of our mail to its intended recipients are totally frivolous. The real reasons for these gross acts of censorship are obvious – our materials are censored purely to repress our political messaging and as a means of retaliating against prisoners.

A comrade at Pendleton is currently filing a lawsuit in order to hold the state accountable for these abuses of power, so keep an eye out for ways you can join in on and help our comrade in this struggle. For our supporters on the outside, you can help our comrades at Pendleton right now by printing out and getting signatures on the postcards we have made for this campaign that are available on our website.

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