Stop Deprivation of Food in Nevada

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Stop Deprivation of Food in Nevada

initiated in October 2012
updated on January 15, 2023

This campaign was started by our comrades SAMAEL in Nevada to protest the inadequate and dangerous food being served to prisoners in that state. Campaigns outlined in the petition include:

  1. Food items are consistently shorted by portion size, unpalatable, adulterated or otherwise inappropriate in serving or content.
  2. Vegetarian prisoners are not receiving balanced nutrition and are consistently served meat and/or meat products.
  3. Jewish prisoners have been subjected to a consistently declining caloric and nutrition intake due to the regular replacement of food items with food items of lesser caloric and nutritional value.
  4. Daily feeding of lunch meet, uncooked, raises both short and long term health issues, especially as it is sitting for several hours unrefrigerated. This is a source of Lysteria and other health issues. (Center for Disease Control and U.S. Department of Agriculture)
  5. The sweeping and cleaning of the dining room while feeding is in progress violates both the Nevada Health Code and Nevada Administrative Code Chapter 446.
  6. Such reduced caloric nutritional provisions places all prisoners at risk and compromises their ability to maintain mental and physical health, creating foreseeable long term injury/debilitation.
  7. Food is consistently being used as a punishment and denial of food as a threat of punishment.
  8. NDOC officials refuse to address complaints about the food.

The petition can be downloaded and printed by clicking on the article below. Send it to our loved ones and comrades in Nevada prisons who have been experiencing abuse via the meal tray. Some responses have already been received to these petitions. If we put the pressure on, we may be able to help our comrades in Nevada receive adequate food, like they deserve.

Our struggle doesn’t end at decent food trays. Organizing around food, an issue anyone can relate to since everyone has to eat, gets people used to standing up for themselves and coming together around a common cause. This is the long-term value we get from this campaign. Even if the administration and COs make the food situation worse in Nevada, having prisoners organizing and making connections across cultural and national lines makes filing these petitions worth it.

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