Arizona Prison Mail Policies

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View Rules for State:

AZ Systemwide Rules

Submitted Rule Source Documentation
01/29/2014 Stamps are not to be used for payment of materials official document Download File
03/22/2012 Department Order 914 Inmate Mail. Effective 12/26/2010 official document Download File
12/12/2010 Revisions to DO 914, primarily operational official document Download File

Arizona State Prison Complex Central Unit Rules

Submitted Rule Source Documentation
01/28/2010 only soft cover books in solitary confinement prisoner
02/08/2010 Sexually explicit material is defined as publications that feature nudity (nudity is not defined) official document Download File
01/04/2012 No hard cover books prisoner

Arizona State Prison Complex Eyman SMUII Rules

Submitted Rule Source Documentation
12/01/2007 Soft Cover books only prisoner
02/06/2017 soft cover books only prisoner

ASPC - Yuma, Cibola Rules

Submitted Rule Source Documentation
12/18/2015 no hard cover books official document