Commemorate the Plan de San Diego

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Commemorate the Plan de San Diego

initiated in May 2017
updated on May 01, 2023
Chicanos Want you to support Aztlán!

The Plan de San Diego was a revolutionary nationalist movement led by Chican@s who tried to liberate Aztlán (the southwest) from U.$. imperialism. The Plan de San Diego consisted of various classes from within the Chican@ nation who led a revolutionary-guerilla war to establish a free Chican@ state independent of Amerikkkan imperialism.

This revolutionary upsurge was the inevitable result of 70 years of Amerikkkan oppression and racism in which Chican@s saw their home invaded, their lands stolen, their rights trampled on and their dignity taken away. The plan called for a liberation army that included New Afrikans and Japanese and strove for the return of land to indigenous nations.

In August and September of 1915, the military operations carried out in southern Texas by units of 25 to 100 men reached their high point. We are building our first commemoration of the spirit of the Plan for August 2017.

Comrades on the outside are encouraged to organize book events around Chican@ Power and the Struggle for Aztlán for August, and/or study groups to read the book leading up to August. For a list of proposed actions from United Struggle from Within check out the Plan de San Diego flier.

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