Chicano Power and the Struggle for Aztlan

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Chican@ Power and the Struggle for Aztlán book cover

From the Amerikkkan invasion and theft of Mexican lands, to present day migrants risking their lives to cross the U.$. border, the Chican@ nation has developed in a cauldron of national oppression and liberation struggles. This new book presents the history of the Chican@ movement, exploring the colonialism and semi-colonialism that frames the Chican@ national identity. It also sheds new light on the modern repression and temptation that threaten liberation struggles by simultaneously pushing for submission and assimilation into Amerika.

Chican@ Power and the Struggle for Aztlán is a must read for all involved in national liberation struggles in the United $tates today. Integrating gender and class into the discussion of the Chican@ nation, this book frames the struggle in a much needed analysis of history. Chican@ Power and the Struggle for Aztlán lays the groundwork for the way forward for our struggle.

Read about:
  • The true history of Mexico and Amerika and the birth of the Chican@ nation
  • Many revolutionary heroes of the Chican@ people
  • Modern torture methods used against conscious Chican@s
  • The class makeup of the nation today
  • The way forward for the national liberation movement

Interview with Author

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About the Authors

The principal authors, Cipactli of the Brown Berets - Prison Chapter and Ehecatl, have served long prison sentences due to their class and nationality, and have worked many years as members of United Struggle from Within, the anti-imperialist prisoner organization.

This is the first book-length publication to come out of a MIM(Prisons)-led study group. This group included Chican@ scholars who come from the imprisoned lumpen class, spanning the divide imposed on the nation, north to south. The collaborative writing and editing effort began with the aim of bringing a clear analysis and history to the Chican@ masses. As the project grew, the final product is a vision of the path towards the liberation of Aztlán.

Aztlan National Liberation