End Indefinite Restrictive Housing in TDCJ

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End Indefinite Restrictive Housing in TDCJ

initiated in August 2021
updated on January 01, 2024

Long-term isolation is torture!

Texas has a long history of using Restrictive Housing to locking away politically active prisoners to isolate them from the masses.

30 November 2022 DEADLINE for Testimonies from Victims of RHU

See the Tx T.E.A.M. O.N.E. press release and share with friends and family in RHU.

21 August 2021 Hunger Strike against RHU

On August 24th, supporters should call the executive director of TDCJ (936-437-2101). On the 24th We will have been on strike for 3 days, which makes it official. Demand that TDCJ begin to rectify its inhumane confining of RHU inmates indefinitely and without meaningful review. Express your support for the hunger strikers on Allred.

Those who are local to this region, We ask to come out in droves to support Our cause via an outside noise demonstration at the grounds of the Allred prison colony. We need and appreciate your support.

For more on long-term isolation see: www.abolishcontrolunits.org

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