Cook County DOC Mail Policies

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IL Systemwide Rules

Submitted Rule Source Documentation
03/25/2014 Title 20 Part 525 Rights and Privileges official document Download File
External Link
03/25/2014 Title 20 PART 525 RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES SECTION 525.140 INCOMING MAIL official document External Link
03/25/2014 Section 20 PART 525 RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES SECTION 525.120 PROCESSING OF MAIL official document External Link
03/13/2014 What items can I mail to an inmate? Inmates are provided food, clothing and healthcare. To ensure safety and security in the prison system, inmates are able to purchase approved items in the commissary. Inmates can receive correspondence, legal mail and publications, which are reviewed to determine whether they are obscene or constitute a danger to safety and security. The institutional Publication Review Committee reviews all publications that are not on the approved list, and will disapprove materials that do not meet criteria. Inmates can receive publications, including books, periodicals, magazines, newspapers and catalogs in accordance with department regulations. Inmates can receive publications from a vendor, friend or family. There is no limit through the mail. Publications brought to the facility shall be limited to 5 per visit. Guidelines need to be followed for envelopes and packages. Envelopes that are padded with clear bubble wrap will be accepted. Envelopes that have this type of padding can be easily scanned. Envelopes padded with gray diamond dust and corrugated cardboard boxes mailed from family and friends will not be accepted and will be returned to the sender without being opened. official document External Link
04/22/2009 Adiminstrative Code Title 20 Section 525 - Rights and Privileges SECTION 525.230 PROCEDURE FOR REVIEW OF PUBLICATIONS official document External Link

Cook County DOC Rules

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