Coalinga State Hospital Prison Conditions

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Coalinga State Hospital Prison Conditions

I am in Coalinga State Hospital, under the Dept of State Hospitals. We are on the grounds of Pleasant Valley State Prison, when I look out my window I see B yard. I am probably here for the rest of my life. I am a civil commitment, with no further covert reviews, under the 6600 law. I’m 73 years old and I guess my memory isn’t what it was as I thought i had gotten all issues, time goes so fast.

This is the same as being in prison. We have 2 20ft high fences around us with razor wire from the ground up. The grounds are patrolled by CDCR and visitors must be approved by CCR. There are 4 guard towers, and while there are no guards in the hospital the patrols outside are armed. It is built like CMF or CVI where everything is one large building, so no need to leave the building. There are small yards enclosed in by building. If we have to go out for medical we are chained hand and foot and under guard of armed CDCR, in CDCR vans, some as the prisoners in PVSP.

There are over 1000 inmates here. This is another of Califs stupid plans, a way to keep a person locked up for life after they have finished their prison sentence. I did my parole here and am off parole, before that law was changed. Those coming in now have their parole stayed and must serve it if the ever get out.