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Under Lock & Key is a news service written by and for prisoners with a focus on what is going on behind bars throughout the United States. Under Lock & Key is available to U.S. prisoners for free through MIM's Free Political Literature to Prisoners Program, by writing MIM(Prisons), PO Box 40799, San Francisco, CA 94140.

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5/25/2024: NETANHITLER
5/23/2024: Pro Palestinian
5/22/2024: Palestine is Life, Israel is Death!
5/21/2024: We Salute the Students Arrested or Not!
5/20/2024: Yo Israel, Get the Fuck Out of Palestine!
5/12/2024: Solidarity with Student Encampments from Calipatria, CA
5/12/2024: Maoist Movie Review: Does Ape Nature Differ from Humyn Nature?
5/08/2024: Macklemore More Radical Than Amerikan Communists?
5/05/2024: Free Your Voice! Student Activism in Baltimore Shows the Way
5/02/2024: Amerika Greenlights Genocide
5/01/2024: Discussing Campaign to Expand ULK
5/01/2024: OIG Report Says Grievance System Reforms in CA Undermined
4/30/2024: Tipless Spear: An Analysis of the Prison Movement Through the Lens of Michigan Prisons
4/26/2024: What is Hamas?
4/20/2024: Palestine & Internationalism from the Imperial Core
4/15/2024: The Importance of Revolutionary Theory
4/13/2024: Hawai'ins Shipped to AZ and Targetted for Isolation
4/10/2024: FBI Raids FCI-Dublin; Prison Rape Continues Countrywide
4/08/2024: Attention Joe Biden: Texas Prisons Are a Mess
4/08/2024: Sample Grievance Against TX Digital Mail As Delays Continue
4/05/2024: Prison is War on our Children
4/03/2024: Message to Comrades Who Are About to be Released, Part 1
4/02/2024: Rape Revenge Fantasies Fuel Genocide in Palestine
3/28/2024: i Was Blind, But Now i See
3/26/2024: The Real Criminals
3/16/2024: Do Black Lives Really Matter?
3/15/2024: The Culture Corner: Eseibio The Automatic
3/15/2024: Updated Info on TX Lawsuit re: Digitalized Mail
3/05/2024: Coffield Unit: Drugs, Murder and Mail Delays Here Too
3/04/2024: Senseless Abuse & Lack of Recourse at Suwannee C.I.
2/21/2024: News From the National Territory: 215 Secret Graves in Jackson Mississippi
2/20/2024: A Con Popped
2/18/2024: Stripping Black History From Prisons
2/15/2024: Denied Mental Health Care and Retaliated Against in Utah
2/15/2024: Info on Firms Fighting Prison Slavery
2/15/2024: Indiana Grievance Campaign Off to Good Start
2/13/2024: K2 Epidemic in South Carolina Department of Correcitons
2/13/2024: Stop Due Process Violations In Alaska
2/10/2024: Respond to "Stop Snitching" with - Stop Collaborating!
2/04/2024: Tennessee Bans Slavery - So What?
2/04/2024: Seducing The Jaguar: Chican@ notes on U.$. Counterinsurgency
2/03/2024: Challenging Constitutionality of Digital Mail, and related reports from Texas
2/02/2024: CA Silences Reports of Drug Trade in Prisons
2/01/2024: Successes and Failures of 2023
2/01/2024: Are I$raelis Israelites?
2/01/2024: Correction: Ruchell Magee bio
1/31/2024: I$raeli Propaganda Capitalizes on Gender Hierarchy
1/30/2024: Indiana Grievance Petition
1/30/2024: Interviewing Activists in Support of Palestine
1/25/2024: Some Thoughts on S.O.'s and Sexual Orientation
1/25/2024: Book Review: Tip of the Spear
1/22/2024: Lurch to the Right or Revolution
1/21/2024: They Say
1/20/2024: Free Poem
1/20/2024: Revolutionary Triumph
1/20/2024: On New Afrikan Victimization
1/15/2024: The Experiment
1/15/2024: The Significance of the Palestinian Liberation Struggle
1/13/2024: If the Taliban Can Do It, So Can We
1/13/2024: Sekou Odinga Has Joined the Ancestors
1/11/2024: Retaliation and Repression in Telfair and Smith
1/07/2024: Aggressive
1/05/2024: Revolutionary Sobriety
1/04/2024: Prison Closures in Virginia
1/01/2024: How the Prison War Looks in Texas Ad-Segs
1/01/2024: Forever Excluded
12/29/2023: Genocide Joe Compares Trump to Hitler
12/28/2023: Yemen Leads Humanitarian Intervention to Stop the Genocide in Gaza
12/25/2023: Grievance Regarding Indefinite Visitation Suspension
12/25/2023: ULK 83 Correction: Murders Weren't About Drugs
12/14/2023: The Stoopid Epidemic of K2 in Nevada Prisons
12/11/2023: End of 2023 and Still No Covid-19 Services in TN Prison
12/11/2023: In Their War They Expect Violence
12/09/2023: Rest in Power Ruchell Cinque Magee
11/30/2023: FCI Ashland: Ground Zero for Political Repression, Racism, and White Supremacy
11/20/2023: Resourceful Responses to Two Articles from ULK 83
11/10/2023: Suboxone Pushed Willy-Nilly by CDCR Medical Staff
10/31/2023: ULK 83: Prison Is War
10/28/2023: "Where Your Loyalty Lies", The Enemy Within
10/25/2023: End Colonialism, Free Palestine
10/20/2023: Ruchell Magee
10/20/2023: Aztlán Stands with Palestinian People
10/17/2023: If These Wallz Could Talk
10/15/2023: A Brief History On Palestine
10/13/2023: Materialist Analysis of the Stop Snitching Slogan: Stop Collaborating!
10/12/2023: Prisoners Punished for Drug Problem in Texas
10/08/2023: Updates On Russian Imperialism and the Ukraine Conflict
10/06/2023: Guerrillas in Concrete Jungles
10/05/2023: We Want Security, They Want Control
10/01/2023: On Primitive Communism and Capitalist Individualism
9/30/2023: In Remembrance of the Attica Uprising
9/20/2023: NPR Ignores Torture in United $tates
9/17/2023: General Tchiani Leads Coup Against President Bazoum in Niger
9/16/2023: The Necessity for Revolutionary Introspection
9/15/2023: RICO Act Tool of Political Warfare
9/13/2023: Prisoner Put in Solitary for Organizing Political Education in Ohio
9/13/2023: September 9th Recognized from Florida Isolation Cells
9/12/2023: Our Enemies are Worried if not Downright Fearful
9/05/2023: Murderous Heat and Retaliation in Texas
9/04/2023: Down With Imperialism
9/01/2023: A PREA Audit or a PREA Scheme
8/31/2023: Book Review - Triple Cross: How Bin Laden's Master Spy Penetrated the CIA, the Green Berets, and the FBI
8/31/2023: Black Religion in Michigan Prisons
8/30/2023: Book Review: "Geronimo: The True Story of America's Most Ferocious Warrior"
8/28/2023: Freedom Comes From Having a Free-Dome
8/23/2023: Song Review: “Rich Men North Of Richmond”
8/18/2023: State (Texas) of Emergency
8/18/2023: Mi Hermano: Lost But Never Forgotten
8/18/2023: The Murder of Tyre Nichols - Do You Approve?
8/17/2023: Political Bloodshed
8/15/2023: TDCJ Joins List of States Using Digital Mail to Disrupt and Surveil Communications
8/11/2023: Excessive Force or Not?
8/10/2023: C.P.P. 10.2 Violations in E.K.C.C.
8/09/2023: Profit Driven Kentucky Transition Unit Program Fails to Meet Rehabilitation of Lumpen
8/03/2023: Incarcerated People Are Suffering And Dying In Prisons During The Current Record Heat Wave
8/01/2023: How Should We Handle Confirmed Sex Offenders in the Prison Movement?
7/31/2023: Abysmal Conditions in Arkansas Department of Corrections
7/30/2023: United Front Means Thinking in Percentages
7/27/2023: Promotion of Homosexuality within the Kentucky Department of Corrections
7/26/2023: Nature and Politics of Sexual Orientation
7/25/2023: Affirmative Action Policies Never Addressed the National Question
7/19/2023: Prisoner Driven to Self-Mutiliation and Other Updates From Florida Hunger Strike
7/16/2023: Law and the Courts of Late
7/15/2023: White in the Mix
7/15/2023: Unconsciously Racist
7/14/2023: Book Review: The Old Gringo
7/14/2023: Fourth of You-Lie Fundraiser
7/14/2023: Criticism & Self-Criticism
7/12/2023: Commissary Prices Rising in Saguaro Correctional Center
7/12/2023: Atlanta Criminalizes Protest Against Cop City
7/10/2023: Sexual Offenders As Allies or Enemies?
7/09/2023: Rest In Power Mutulu Shakur
7/08/2023: Thugs Are Sex Offenders Too
7/06/2023: Again on Printing Names and Using Aliases
7/06/2023: Finding Outreach Opportunities in Crisis
7/05/2023: Making $10 a Month Not Enough with Commissary Inflation
7/04/2023: A Petition to End the Horrific Conditions in the Coffield Unit!
7/01/2023: 'Power To New Afrika' Ignores Racism?
7/01/2023: An Update on the Juneteenth Freedom Initative
6/30/2023: Chemical Suicide in Michigan Prisons
6/25/2023: Chester County Prisoners Petition Against Abuse
6/25/2023: The Three-Party Trap Amounts to Petty Bourgeois Vacillation
6/20/2023: On Assignment
6/20/2023: Rewinding Time: The State Of Texas Prisons
6/09/2023: Forced
6/08/2023: Proven Strategies for Waging an Effective Campaign for Clemency in Virginia
6/08/2023: Legal Ruling Against Non-Designated Program Facilities (NDPFs)
5/24/2023: TDCJ Expands Repression of Their Own Policies
5/19/2023: Ovastand
5/18/2023: Small Victories at ECI, Organizers Keeping Pressure On
5/16/2023: Illegal Mail Hampering in South Carolina RHU
5/16/2023: A Message To All Lumpen Organizations
5/11/2023: Virigina Department of Corrections Smuggle Drugs and Extort Prisoners
5/07/2023: Why Prisoners MUST Speak
5/05/2023: Report from the South Carolina Department of Corrections
5/04/2023: Aftermath Tears
5/02/2023: Comprador Military Generals Break Out in Conflict in Sudan
5/01/2023: Texas History: Plan de San Diego or Juneteenth?
4/25/2023: ULK 80 Responses on Sex Offenders, Pedophiles, Gunnas and Gangstas
4/17/2023: An Explication on the Political Prisoner and the Inmate Slave
4/14/2023: Cancer-Causing Chemical Still in Water at Wasco State Prison
4/14/2023: The Struggle Against Cop City in Atlanta
4/12/2023: Chinese and U.$. imperialists Saber Rattle on the International Stage
4/07/2023: Support Incarcerated Citizens of ECI Mobilizing to Improve Conditions
4/05/2023: Programming/Mental Health Denied as Drug Cartel Runs Rampant in the Department of Crime, Corruption, and Racketeering
3/27/2023: Political Education and Organizing is Solution to Mental Illness
3/26/2023: Sincerity, False Leadership and Funding Sources
3/24/2023: Inflation: Commissary Prices and Bank Failures
3/22/2023: New Lawsuit Against San Mateo County's Prison Mail Surveillance System
3/20/2023: CENSORSHIP: A Guide for TDCJ Prisoners
3/20/2023: The Blind Politics of "Justice"
3/11/2023: Commend Comrades in Indiana on Censorship Victory
3/10/2023: On Indigenismo and the Land Question in Aztlán
3/08/2023: FREE JV!
3/06/2023: South Carolina RHU Targets Leaders for Isolation, Repression Against Policy
2/27/2023: Filing Suit Against TDCJ Staff for Setup
2/24/2023: CDC(r) Sexual Abuses & Degredation
2/23/2023: Book Review: “Power to New Afrika - Essays by Comrade Triumphant”
2/23/2023: Book Review: Eastside Dreams by Art Rodriguez
2/22/2023: Remember Which Uniform You Wear
2/20/2023: Staff Bring in Fentanyl-laced Drugs, Killing Prisoners, but Anti-Drug Publications Like ULK Not Allowed
2/18/2023: Halting OGOM Distribution Until DRC is Challenged
2/15/2023: Isolation Caused by Fascist Virginians
2/14/2023: Cool Housing Not Being Reserved for Prisoners with Heat Restriction
2/13/2023: Colorado Prison Censors New Afrikan Literature
2/09/2023: Ad-Seg Drives Self-Mutilation, At Least 6 Dead in 60 Days
2/04/2023: CDCR Freezes Elderly Inmates in Retaliation of Grievance Campaigns
2/02/2023: The State of Aztlán 2023
2/01/2023: The State is the Real Thief with Comissary Prices
1/29/2023: Texas update, Increasing Censorship, Increasing Unity
1/28/2023: ULK 80: MIM(Prisons) Update
1/27/2023: Commentary on Gunnas Stop
1/27/2023: Gone Astray
1/26/2023: Sorting Out a Defense of Kyrie Irving
1/26/2023: Gender, Nation and Class Divides - Discussion of ULK 79
1/24/2023: Revolutionaries Highjacked by Capitalism
1/20/2023: End RHU & All Solitiary Confinement in Texas
1/19/2023: Reggae Song
1/15/2023: Nevada Prisoners Call Strike Over Food, Abuse and Solitary
1/14/2023: Petition to shut down Non Air Conditioned Units
1/10/2023: Sacrifice Behind Bars
1/09/2023: Tx Team One & JFI Updates
1/09/2023: The Faux-Democracy of the U$A
1/07/2023: Campaign to Raise Wages in Geo Group Prisons
1/06/2023: Woke Prison Officials See Racism Everywhere
1/05/2023: Class Collaborationism in International Communist Formation
1/05/2023: On the Founding of the Communist Party of Aztlan
1/05/2023: Study Ideology, Build Autonomous Cells in Aztlán
1/03/2023: Keep Families Connected, Unless They're in County
12/28/2022: Cheating At Chess (The flaws of the Administrative Remedy in Prisons)
12/20/2022: Officers use Funds for Fiesta's not Mental Health Programs
12/08/2022: Again on Prisons Deducting from Stimulus Checks
12/06/2022: Hicks v Guiterrez Dismissed, Continued Legal Action
12/04/2022: Redemption: A Tribute to Stanley "Big Tookie" Williams Sr.
12/01/2022: This is Why Grievances Don't Work
11/29/2022: Strike Force Executes Surprise Pre-Dawn Raid in B1 Pod at Buckingham Corr Center
11/15/2022: Torture and Neglect in Clements Ad-Seg
11/05/2022: TDCJ's Repression of it's Political Prisoners Leads to Devastating Effects Among the Wider Prison Population
11/04/2022: Conquering My Demons
11/04/2022: Wanna Start a Non-Profit? Publish a Book? Read This.
11/03/2022: Free Palestine - Join the BDS Movement
11/03/2022: California Move to Digitize Communications Impedes Civil Rights (after Florida Just Did)
11/03/2022: Warrior's Feet
11/03/2022: Reflect!
11/01/2022: ULK 79: MIM(Prisons) Update
10/30/2022: A Letter to My First Love
10/27/2022: Drug Addiction Remains a Primary Barrier to Unity
10/26/2022: Some Discussions on Bad Ideas Pt. 1
10/26/2022: Free Alabama Phase 2
10/24/2022: Global Recession Threatens the Global Proletariat
10/20/2022: Texas Continues to Fight Neglect, Censorship and Heat
10/20/2022: Interview with Union Organizer on the Labor Aristocracy
10/19/2022: Top Ramen Prices Rise in CA
10/18/2022: What Is a A Criminal?
10/17/2022: Revolutionary State of Mind
10/15/2022: CA Grievance Victory; Bring Staff Misconduct to Executive and Legislative Branches
10/14/2022: The Dwindling of Power
10/13/2022: Alabama Prisoners Demand Freedom
10/10/2022: Show Proof to Build Unity Against CDCR Divisions
10/08/2022: Illegal Censorship in TX Persists as Resistance Grows
10/07/2022: Inflation and Disability Checks in Prison
10/06/2022: Pennsylvania Prisoner Pay Doesn't Keep Up with Inflation
10/04/2022: The Hypocrisy of the System
10/03/2022: JPay Mishandling Mail in Florida Isolation Units
10/03/2022: Crime and Revolution
9/14/2022: No Shower Access During Stiles Lockdown During Summer Heat
9/10/2022: Leaving People to Rot in Texas -- 6 deaths in 5 months
8/26/2022: Public Safety is being put at Risk by Officials Acting Under Color of State Law
8/26/2022: Are Ideas in a Book Materialist?
8/25/2022: Mail Denial Indiana
8/24/2022: Covid in kitchens and Racism with New Warden
8/24/2022: Dialysis Patient Passes Out from Neglect by TDCJ Guards
8/22/2022: History [and Myth] of a Comrade Should Inspire Us
8/22/2022: Intentional Death Chambers in Georgia Slave Plantations
8/18/2022: Extreme neglect in California prison
8/18/2022: Native Religious Rights and Cool Housing Struggles in TX
8/16/2022: Racial Targeting and Retaliation in North Kern
8/16/2022: TDCJ Officials DENIED Summary Judgment in Fight to END Restrictive Housing in Texas
8/15/2022: Denied Respite and Ice During Heat Wave
8/15/2022: CoreCivic Abuse Coverups
8/15/2022: Denial of Respite at O.L. Luther Unit
8/07/2022: Rest in Power Shaka At-Thinnin
8/05/2022: Kentucky's Transition Unit Program Violates State Limits on Segregation
8/03/2022: Juneteenth Freedom Initiative Flyer
8/03/2022: Shut Down Prisons with No Air Conditioning During Dangerous Heat Wave as Global Warming Advances
8/02/2022: Understanding George Jackson
8/02/2022: A Look At the People's Struggle In Ghana: How Capitalism Exploits
8/01/2022: Juneteenth Freedom Initiative Phase 2
8/01/2022: ULK 78: MIM(Prisons) Update
7/30/2022: FAQs on Class and Nation and What We Will Print
7/28/2022: Indigenous Nations Rebel in Ecuador
7/27/2022: The Common Colonial History That Led Us Here
7/26/2022: Obtaining Copy of Lawsuit on TX Mail Policy BP-03.91
7/25/2022: Update Regarding the Lawsuit on BP-03.91 Policies
7/22/2022: GA UFPP "Loyalty Ov3r Royalty" Statement of Unity
7/18/2022: Comrades in TN Observing their First Black August
7/18/2022: Update from Stimulus Check Suit in TX
7/16/2022: Black Power Black August
7/15/2022: Get Up, Stand Up
7/15/2022: CPF Demands Gov. Newsom Liberates Our Elders
7/15/2022: Rest in Power: Principal Thinker, Peace Maker, New Afrikan Revolutionary Paul Redd
7/12/2022: Capitalism Spawns Betrayal
7/10/2022: Tasks of the Revolutionary
7/10/2022: Gunnas Stop
7/07/2022: What is the West?
7/07/2022: Supreme Court Sets Back Health of Gender Aristocracy
7/04/2022: Grievance Tips & New Grooming Policy in TX
7/01/2022: Book Review: Arms & Empire
6/29/2022: Phone Zap Tomorrow to Support NC Strikers!
6/29/2022: Grooming Victory in Texas, But Censorship and Release Problems Continue
6/26/2022: Targetted Censorship & Abuse with Impunity
6/22/2022: How can i help get grievances heard in Texas?
6/16/2022: Kill The Bossman in Your Head
6/16/2022: Censorship of TBCJ, TDCJ Policies, Procedures and Rules
6/15/2022: Movimiento Ibérico de Liberación, Salvador Puig Antich, and The Labor Aristocracy
6/14/2022: George Floyd Day - Juneteenth Strike 2022
6/12/2022: Successful Method in Overcoming Malfeasant Adminstrators
6/09/2022: Racist Double-Standards and Censorship in the Allred RHU Mailroom
6/08/2022: Juneteenth – The Last Day of Oppression
6/03/2022: More Evidence of Allred Mail Tampering; Grievances Disappeared
6/03/2022: Abuse in R.T.U.
6/03/2022: Counselor Pigs Exploit Mental Health Programs for Profit in TDCJ
6/01/2022: Right to Access Public Documents in Texas
6/01/2022: FL, TX Censor Revolutionary 12 Steps Program
5/31/2022: RHU Prisoners Denied Access to Law Library
5/29/2022: Drugs, Denied Grievances and Crumbling Services in Federal BOP Women's Prison
5/24/2022: P.R.E.A. Complaints Being Blocked in SD
5/23/2022: Repression of Juneteenth Boycott Organizers has Begun
5/20/2022: JFI: More Join Lawsuit to End RHU Torture in Texas
5/18/2022: CoreCivic Facility Staff Creating Chaos and Violent Situations, Censoring Mail and Repressing Religion
5/17/2022: Texas Prisoners Launch Attack on the Parole System
5/17/2022: Wine-Sniffing Dogs a Scam in Maryland, Drugs Benefit State
5/15/2022: CA Extorting Money from Prisoners
5/10/2022: An Ongoing Discussion On Organizing Strategy Pt.4
5/02/2022: Suboxone Spreads to More Prison Systems, Little Evidence of Counseling
5/01/2022: Reader Found Suboxone Helpful
5/01/2022: ULK 77 Editor Notes
4/29/2022: Exposing the Lone Star Chamber (of Enslavement!) Part II
4/25/2022: BP-3.91 Says No Girlfriend Pix, But Sexualization of Trans Prisoners OK
4/25/2022: North Carolina United Front for Peace Juneteenth Action Support
4/24/2022: Imperialist War-Mongering Not in Our Interests
4/23/2022: Suggestions for Challenging BP-03.91 and Beyond
4/21/2022: On False Allegations and Spreading the Word
4/20/2022: Why Police can NOT Be Reformed
4/20/2022: Solidarity & Historical Parallels Between Chicano Nation and Palestine
4/18/2022: TDCJ Upholds Censorship of their own Grievance Manual
4/15/2022: Ukraine: Imperialism in Crisis
4/15/2022: Texas Liberation Collective Gearing Up for Juneteenth
4/13/2022: Reformism Will Declaw The Movement
4/13/2022: Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Statement from Xinachtli
4/01/2022: Despots, Terrorists, and Oppressors in SECC
3/16/2022: Substantive Grievances Work If You Follow Up
3/12/2022: Things Must Change, Starting By Uniting the Lumpen
3/11/2022: Update from Plaintiff Against TDCJ's BP-03.91
3/08/2022: Mad Machismo: Gender and Homicide
3/04/2022: New Chairman of TBCJ, New Lawsuit for Access to Native American Unit
3/03/2022: Academics Advance Amidst the Addicted
2/28/2022: TX Team One Multinational Unity statement
2/28/2022: Suit Against CDCR for Endangering Prisoners with Covid-19 Advances
2/23/2022: A Black Man's Confession
2/22/2022: BP-3.91 Revised at Bill Clements Unit
2/21/2022: Covid Outbreaks & Repression on Allred
2/20/2022: Liberate Our Elders Event Unites Inside & Out
2/17/2022: Super Bowl Sunday: A New Holiday on San Quentin’s Death Row
2/17/2022: Fighting for Separate Dorm for Elders at Lane Murray
2/15/2022: Duplicate Grievances and Send to District Clerk
2/10/2022: Will prisoners' iPads feature apps that record police brutality?
2/09/2022: Criminal Gangs Controlling Mail and Punishing Grievers in TX
2/08/2022: R.P. LeBlanc Unit covid lockdown continues restrictions on visitation, food, legal materials
2/01/2022: No Grievance Officer in Stiles Unit Going On One Year
2/01/2022: Providing What They Can't - Rehab for Releasees
1/31/2022: MIM(Prisons) Update: January 2022
1/30/2022: A Message to the Movement
1/29/2022: An Ongoing Discussion on Organizing Strategy Pt. 3
1/29/2022: What Are Prisons For? Should we send Rittenhouse and the McMichaels there?
1/28/2022: Gov. Abbot Pledges to Eliminate Rapists while Porn is Forced on TX Prisoners
1/25/2022: Suboxone: Chemical Warfare on the Oppressed
1/15/2022: Path to Redemption Needed in Texas
1/15/2022: Pioneers
1/12/2022: A Strategic Objective to Disrupt and Surveil the Communication Between Prisoners and Our Loved Ones
1/11/2022: PALESTINE: Revolutionary Nationalist Prisoner Reaches Agreement In 140 day Hunger Strike
1/10/2022: I Can't Breathe (George Floyd)
1/10/2022: Sgt. Must Pay $500,000 for Assault
1/07/2022: Shut Down TX RHU, a Tool of Political Repression
1/05/2022: Uphold the 3Ps! initiative and Prop. 57 updates
1/05/2022: Letters to NC Prisoners Denied by TextBehind
1/01/2022: We Still Charge Genocide: Will The Real New Afrikans Please Stand Up!
12/22/2021: New Class Action for Prisoners Who Did Not Receive Stimulus Money and Filed Taxes
12/22/2021: Litigation To End Indefinite Restrictive Housing in TDCJ
12/21/2021: Occupation of Afghanistan was about Resource Extraction
12/21/2021: Lawsuit Against Members of the TBCJ and TDCJ re: Mail Policy
12/19/2021: Get the Sleep Out Ya Eye
12/16/2021: No Commissary and Stompings at Hughes
12/15/2021: Keeping Opportunism and Self-Interest at Arms Length, Lessons from a Recent Betrayal
12/06/2021: A Lifer of Texas Abuse: Sexual Assault and Cover Up at Allred
12/03/2021: Allred Deaths and Picture Shake Down in TX
11/25/2021: Regarding the BP 3.91 Revision
11/19/2021: Two Unethical Violations and Conspiracy of the 5th 6th and 14th Amendments
11/16/2021: The Capitalist-Imperialist Tool of Ad-Seg Continues in SECC
11/09/2021: Targeted as Mentally Ill for Honesty & Not Participating in Staff Drug Running
11/08/2021: 5 deaths in 5 months in Beto I
11/08/2021: Connally Unit Denying Grievances and Retaliating
11/06/2021: Black Mighty Loyal Soldiers and All Black Loyalty Join the United Front For Peace!
11/01/2021: MTC Takes Over Willacy Unit
11/01/2021: Grievance Campaign in McConnell Unit, TX
10/30/2021: What China Taught Us About Socialism
10/25/2021: Prison Tears
10/25/2021: Whither Afghanistan?
10/22/2021: We Won't Forgive, We Won't Forget: U.$. the World's Most Wanted Terrorist
10/20/2021: Campaign to Boycott Juneteenth Until Slavery and Mass Incarceration is Ended for All
10/16/2021: Censorship and Repression of Black August/September 9th Commemorations
10/15/2021: Texas Censorship Rule (BP-3.91) Being Revised
10/15/2021: Protestors Occupy BIA Following Another New Holiday Declaration from Biden
10/14/2021: Attica 2 Gilboa: Long Live Palestine!
10/11/2021: The Gates
10/11/2021: Sunrise
10/06/2021: Retaliation for Writing On Drug Smuggling
10/02/2021: Long Live Chairman Gonzalo
10/01/2021: Juneteenth Didn't Free Slaves in Prison
9/24/2021: Long Live Comrade Sanyika Shakur
9/20/2021: Fighting for adequate food, shower, recreation in Texas
9/20/2021: Texas Prison Pigs Steal Donations For Prisoners!
9/20/2021: TDCJ Stiles Unit Ignoring Respite Areas, Heat & Respiratory Illness Rules
9/17/2021: No Wheelchair Accessible Cells in Mark W. Stiles Unit
9/17/2021: Hunger Strike Against Segregation in NC
9/15/2021: Victory in Battle for Stimulus Checks in AR
9/14/2021: Blurred Lines Become Clear After Jan. 6 Investigation
9/06/2021: One Divides Into Two In Afghanistan Airport Bombing
9/01/2021: NC UFPP Statement
8/27/2021: Justice For Adam? The Aftermath of a Mexican Youth’s Murder
8/25/2021: Forever Protecting The Community: We Are Our Own Liberators
8/18/2021: Fourth of You Lie Fundraiser Update
8/15/2021: Review: Imperialism in the Twenty-First Century by John Smith
8/14/2021: Pigs In Denver Get Huge Payout For Assault and Perjury
8/12/2021: An Ongoing Discussion on Organizing Strategy Pt. 2
8/11/2021: Youth Liberation, Not Paternalistic Child Credits
8/11/2021: Campaign to End Solitary Confinement & Repeal B.P. 3.91
8/10/2021: Know Yourself, Know Your Enemy, Act Accordingly
8/08/2021: The New Corrections Cage Matches (Another Method of Execution on SQ's Death Row)
8/05/2021: Juneteenth: What it Takes to End Oppression
8/05/2021: COVID-19 Reveals Contradictions in Cuba: Stop the U.$. Embargo
8/05/2021: Focus on Solutions for Black August
8/02/2021: End and Abolish
7/27/2021: Warden Retaliates Against Grievances, While TDCJ Creates Hostilities Among Prisoners
7/27/2021: The Anatomy of Capitulation
7/24/2021: Campaign to Stop Censorship of Non-nude Publications and Photos in TX
7/23/2021: No U.$. Involvement in Ethiopia! Shut Down AFRICOM!
7/18/2021: Ma’Khia Bryant: A Murder of An Oppressed Nation Youth Demands Real Solutions
7/15/2021: CO's Sabotage Programs Out of Spite Over Court Order
7/15/2021: What is Social Democracy?
7/14/2021: Brown Berets and AIPS Training in the FPL Intro Study Program
7/10/2021: Stop Formosa! is a Battle for Land and Self-Determination
7/01/2021: CDCR Using COVID Quarantine as Isolation Cells for Organizers
6/12/2021: Anarcha-Queer Liberation Army signs on to United Front for Peace
6/05/2021: How CDCR Executed Prisoners on its Death Row During a Moratorium
6/01/2021: Fourth of You-Lie ULK Funding Campaign
6/01/2021: Innocence Wasn't Enough for Erick Riddick
5/25/2021: Do We Need a Party Yet?
5/19/2021: Freedom Calls in Cali: Hit the Streets Running
5/15/2021: An Ongoing Discussion on Organizing Strategy
5/08/2021: Principal Contradiction Heightens with Capitol Seizure, Covid, and Killer Cops
5/05/2021: A Hint of Homophobia in Last Issue
5/05/2021: LETTERS: Profits, Taxes, Investing, Fundraising and Weed
5/02/2021: Fallen (The Empire)
5/02/2021: Rage On
5/01/2021: A Silence Haunts Occupied Aztlán
4/26/2021: Da Struggle Continues: We Still Charge GENOCIDE!!!
4/23/2021: A Call to Action for Nevada Prisoners
4/20/2021: Resistance to Killer Cops Tireless in Minnesota
4/18/2021: 13-Year-Old Mexican Lumpen Youth Executed by a Chicago Pig
4/10/2021: Cancel Imperialist Culture
4/08/2021: The Tragedy of Officer Woods
3/30/2021: Unity to All Folks
3/27/2021: ROA Statement on Kids in Kkkages
3/22/2021: Stimulus Checks Are Being Stolen by TDCJ-CID
3/16/2021: Censorship, Inside and Outside
3/15/2021: COVID, Global Jubilee, and USW Organizing Amongst First World Lumpen
3/14/2021: TDCJ: Your Staff are Bringing in the Drugs, and it Must Stop
3/13/2021: Stay-At-Home Orders, Solitary Confinement and Mental Health
3/04/2021: A Maoist Rebuttal To Lazy Dogmatism
2/25/2021: Poem: The Government is a Rapist
2/19/2021: Double Standard Evident in FBOP's Approach to Civil Unrest
2/19/2021: Oh, So You Woke?
2/17/2021: Black History Month - When the Panthers Died [Video]
2/05/2021: Orientating USW Organizing Strategy in Light of Texas Victory
2/04/2021: COVID-19 + Imperialism = Plague on the Health of the Oppressed
2/03/2021: Talking Points for Our Movement
2/01/2021: Amerika Declared War on New Afrika
1/25/2021: JPay Emails Re: Conditions or Legal Issues Censored by NYSDOCS
1/19/2021: Help Fund MIM (Prisons)! Donate Now!
1/18/2021: UPDATE 2: Struggle for CPAP Machines Begins Again as Pandemic Surges
1/15/2021: Hunger Strike on Pause While Struggle for COVID Justice Continues in SATF Corcoran
1/14/2021: KAZAKHSTAN: Spike in Oil Prices Spark Mass Uprising
1/13/2021: Capitol Seizure Demonstrates Need for New Democracy
1/10/2021: Update from Lawrence Correctional Center
1/10/2021: COVID & Prisons: Observations from Behind the Razor Wire
1/08/2021: FCI Manchester Continues with Rogue Censorship Rules
1/05/2021: King Von's Passing and Lumpen Hip-Hop Culture
1/05/2021: Internationalism in the United Front
12/27/2020: Locked Down and Threatened with Psych Eval for Complaining About Food
12/20/2020: Unite or Die
12/18/2020: Parole Options Denied to non-Citizens in United $tates
12/12/2020: On Fascist Censorship of 'The FBI War on Tupac & Black Leaders' in VA Prisons
12/02/2020: Self-Criticism on Harper Collins Punching the Air Promotion
11/20/2020: Hunger Strike at CSATF Over COVID-19 Outbreak and Social Isolation
11/15/2020: COVID-19 Used to Enhance Social Control in Maryland
11/12/2020: Prisoners Petition for COVID Testing and Freedoms in Texas
11/05/2020: We Need You to Help ULK Change Lives
11/05/2020: From the Inside Looking Out -- COVID Forced on Prisoners
11/05/2020: COVID-19 Sheds Some Light on Prisoners' Lack of Recourse
10/27/2020: Hunger Strike in Albion RHU over Basic Humyn Needs
10/26/2020: Freedom, Love & Prosperty joins United Front for Peace in Prisons
10/24/2020: CDCR Transferring Prisoners Like Never Before, Spreading Virus
10/23/2020: N95s Still Denied at Grimes Unit 7 Months into Pandemic
10/20/2020: Outbreak at Jackson Correctional
10/19/2020: Dead Man Incorporated Statement of Unity with UFPP
10/12/2020: Grievance Campaign Takes on COVID-19 Practices at Prince Daniel Unit
10/01/2020: Maryland Prison Labor Organization (N.B.C.I. Chapter)
10/01/2020: ULK71: Editor's Notes
9/25/2020: Strategizing Against Fascism
9/22/2020: All Lives Matter in Prison
9/20/2020: Pestilence Pilot Program: Phase 2
9/20/2020: Black August: Peace and Education to Combat Behavior Modification
9/20/2020: Unity Is: I Care About You
9/18/2020: Settlers Threaten First Nations with SARS-CoV-2 Virus
9/16/2020: People, Places, and Things Philosophy for Overcoming Drug Addiction
9/16/2020: Can We Breathe?
9/11/2020: Hunger Strike in Allred Unit Wins Promise of Phone Contact with Family and Friends
9/11/2020: Fasting for September 9th Helps NC Comrades Connect to the Struggle
9/06/2020: 50th Anniversary of Chicano Moratorium - Bring Resistance to U.$. Militarism
9/06/2020: Profits are the Exception to Safety During COVID-19
9/05/2020: Beatings at Sing Sing - The House of Pain
8/31/2020: Survey on Prisoner Labor: Chippewa Correctional Facility
8/31/2020: Suboxone Warning from the MDOC
8/25/2020: Sick & Elderly at Risk to COVID-19 in Allred Unit
8/24/2020: No PPE in MO Prison with Most COVID-19 Cases, Behavioral Modification
8/21/2020: Who's Got Something to Prove, JMP?
8/17/2020: A.I.R.'s Statement of Unity
8/09/2020: Cleaning Supplies Denied in TX Prison as 200 Sick
8/09/2020: Mishandling of COVID-19 in Texas Prisons
8/03/2020: Lockdown Exempts UNICOR, Doctor Spreads COVID-19
8/01/2020: Sacrifice
7/27/2020: COVID-19 Explodes at Coffield in June, 80% non-symptomatic
7/26/2020: What is Justice?
7/25/2020: Knowledge Supercedes Any Title
7/25/2020: San Quentin Staff Spread COVID-19 in Prison, Now to other Prisons and the Streets of San Francisco
7/25/2020: Exercise Your Influence, Lead by Example
7/24/2020: Prisoner Lives Must Be Defended During Pandemic
7/20/2020: The Radicalization of an LGBTQ Prisoner
7/19/2020: Interview With Community Movement Builders On Their Recent Struggle On the Wendy’s Site
7/19/2020: On the Tragic Death of Secoriea Turner
7/19/2020: Community
7/16/2020: What are MIM(Prisons)'s Thoughts on Antifa?
7/16/2020: A response to "Ambivalence in Texas" from ULK #70
7/13/2020: NC Prisons COVID Practices a Ruse Among Overcrowding
7/11/2020: Response re: Conversation Techniques in ULK 70
7/10/2020: COVID-19 cases in Colorado, No Known Deaths
7/10/2020: 13th Documentary Shows Evolving Uses of Imprisonment by Amerika
7/09/2020: Virginia was a Leader in latest First Amendment-violating policies
7/07/2020: RE: High Desert State Prison's ongoing Practices of Violating Prisoners Constitutional Rights
6/28/2020: Prisoner Jobs at Pendleton Correctional Facility, Indiana
6/27/2020: San Quentin: Greatest Concentration of COVID-19 after Guards Refuse Masks and Put Hands in Prisoners' Food
6/26/2020: Lynchings in the Midst of BLM Uprisings
6/24/2020: Outgrowing Transphobia Toward Lumpen Liberation
6/20/2020: Team 1 Demands TX Address COVID-19, Segregation, Release, Food and more
6/20/2020: Black Crow
6/17/2020: Interference with Prisoner Mail in Texas
6/15/2020: New TX Rules Censor Colored Envelopes, Children's Drawings
6/12/2020: Feds Lockdown Prisoners in Response to Uprisings in the Streets
6/11/2020: Civil Rights Violations at Virginia Beach
6/11/2020: Torture and Abuse of Hunger Striker at Baraga Max Correctional Facility, Michigan
6/10/2020: Lompoc Action Has Raza Demanding Prisoners Freed from Prison and COVID-19
6/06/2020: UPDATE: CMF Has Only Returned 2 CPAP Machines in Response to Protest
6/01/2020: COVID-19 Stats From Cummins Unit, Arkansas
5/27/2020: URGENT: Take Action for Texas Coronavirus Sanitation
5/25/2020: Sittin' in This Cave
5/19/2020: Reply to "Pennsylvania Mail Disrupted"
5/18/2020: Admin Cracks Down on Organizers as Protests Begin in NC
5/15/2020: Q&A with MIM(Prisons), Spring 2020
5/09/2020: They Need a Healer
5/09/2020: Debt Relief to Combat COVID-19 Blocked by U.$. Imperialism
5/07/2020: Return Life-Saving Machines to Prisoners at CMF
5/01/2020: Tough Talks of a Scared Pig
5/01/2020: Alabama Prison System in Violation of the Constitution
5/01/2020: Many PA Prisoners Have COVID-19 in Gen Pop
5/01/2020: Study Group's Long Struggle; Face Drugs and Censorship
4/29/2020: Inadequate Hygiene Products for Coronavirus
4/28/2020: Former Cops in USW?
4/28/2020: A Black Thought
4/25/2020: New Location, Old Conversations, New Technique
4/23/2020: TDCJ Exceeding Loss of Privileges Rule, Safety Violations and COVID-19
4/23/2020: Staff in Texas Prison Say "It's just the flu" and Ignore COVID-19 Precautions
4/21/2020: Death at Bill Clements Unit
4/17/2020: Civil Rights Advocacy
4/16/2020: TDCJ Shifting Policies, Still Gouging Prisoners and Families
4/16/2020: Typewriter Supplies Seized for Helping Others with Grievances
4/15/2020: Coronavirus Has Entered Pack Unit
4/15/2020: Build Unity with Queer Prisoners
4/10/2020: Call on G20 to Cancel $1 Trillion in TW Debt Next Week
4/10/2020: Another Way to Thin Out the Death Row Population at San Quentin: The Pestilence Pilot Program
4/09/2020: Prisoners Win Phone Rights During COVID-19 Restrictions
4/08/2020: Individualism Equals Hunger
4/06/2020: Propaganda of Revolutionary
4/03/2020: Debt Forgiveness to Third World to Combat Covid-19
4/03/2020: Venezuela Becomes First Target of Crisis-Driven Militarism
4/03/2020: End All Sanctions Until the Pandemic is Over!
4/01/2020: How Do We Protect Prisoners' Names and Info?
3/24/2020: Feds Threatening First Amendment with New Policies
3/18/2020: No Postage Stamps Allowed on Michigan Mail
3/07/2020: On the Passing of Comrade Prairie Fire
3/05/2020: Education is Key for Releasees
2/15/2020: Population Control
2/10/2020: AZ Confiscates New Afrikan Materials From CA Prisoner
2/10/2020: From Sun Rise
2/06/2020: Homecoming for New Afrika
2/05/2020: How I Plead?
2/01/2020: Prisoner Support Organizations Needed for Liberation
2/01/2020: MIM Line on Labor Aristocracy: Liberating Truth or Depressing Reality?
1/30/2020: A Nation's Metamorphosis
1/30/2020: Shadow
1/30/2020: Chican@ Power Book Accused of STG Material
1/30/2020: We Can Choose the Next Phase of CDCR Prison Culture
1/29/2020: Hatchets for Maoism UFPP Statement of Unity
1/28/2020: G-2 Status Denied to Lifers and Over 50 Prisoners in Texas
1/27/2020: No Water, Unsanitary
1/27/2020: Conditions in Polunsky
1/25/2020: Staff Misconduct Report at High Desert State Prison, NV
1/25/2020: Born With a Voice
1/24/2020: Solitary Confinement And Fabricated Charges Against Florida Wimmin
1/22/2020: Conditions in TN Security Management Unit Breed Revolutionary Pride
1/21/2020: Censorship Battle Waged in Minnesota
1/21/2020: Texas Unit Denying Access to Gym Facilities
1/20/2020: My Peers
1/18/2020: Brutality in the RHU
1/18/2020: Quarantine Eliminates Required Mental Health Services
1/09/2020: Staff Ignoring Assaults
1/08/2020: Thoughts on "The Wind Will not Subside"
1/06/2020: Blind Prisoner Discriminated Against in TX
1/06/2020: Brainwash a Younging
1/05/2020: Under Ground Revolutionary
1/04/2020: Ambivalence in Texas Prisoner Organizing
1/01/2020: Prisoner Beaten in Texas for Long Rastafarian Hair
12/15/2019: The Censorship Is Real!
12/04/2019: Laws Exploit Loopholes in Grievance Procedure
12/04/2019: Continuity and Rupture: A Counter-Narrative to JMP's History of Maoism
11/25/2019: Initiated Hunger Strike on Tuesday November 19, 2019
11/19/2019: Ad-Seg "Changed" to "Restricted Housing"
11/15/2019: No intentes derrotar la mentalidad gángster ¡abrázala!
11/14/2019: HRDC Forces Arizona DOC to Define Censorship Rules
11/11/2019: Terminator: Dark Fate Movie Review
11/07/2019: Un activista se enfrenta a 20 años de prisión por prevenir la muerte de migrantes
11/06/2019: Cientos de personas en huelga de hambre en el centro de detención ICE de Washington
11/04/2019: To know yourself
10/28/2019: Medical Neglect Threatens Lives at USP Hazelton
10/28/2019: Suicide, Lockdown and Threats at Ellis Unit
10/24/2019: Life Threatening Conditions in Georgia
10/23/2019: Hobby Unit not Run by TDCJ Rules
10/23/2019: Forgery of Grievance and Denial of the Right to Grievance
10/22/2019: Hundreds on Hunger Strike in Washington ICE Detention Center
10/20/2019: Darkness & Fire
10/18/2019: It's Just Business
10/17/2019: Grievances Ignored in Tennessee
10/16/2019: America, You Exposed the Line
10/10/2019: Paroling to Private Facility, Can't Work
10/08/2019: Front Line Soldier Struggling to Teach and Organize
10/05/2019: Jackson-Kush Plan builds Independent Institutions in MS
10/03/2019: Organizers, Be Versatile and Watch What you Say
10/02/2019: Dark Place
10/01/2019: Biased Audit of Martin CI Exposed
10/01/2019: Final Issue of ULK
10/01/2019: Importance of Independent Institutions
9/25/2019: Book review: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
9/25/2019: Educating and Fighting Grievance Denials in Pennsylvania
9/24/2019: Dangerous Heat, Electrical Problems, and Medical Neglect at Talford Unit
9/19/2019: Retaliation and Threats for Reporting Rape in Pennsylvania
9/18/2019: Medical Neglect at Telford Unit
9/18/2019: Fighting Suicide and Drug Abuse in TDCJ
9/17/2019: Sparking Conversations, Building Independent Institutions
9/14/2019: Preaching Unity
9/12/2019: North Carolina Labor Battle Advice
9/10/2019: Grievance Petition Success and ULK Circulating in Tennessee
9/09/2019: Prisoner Hunger Strike Campaign at Racine CI
9/09/2019: Black August Comemoration of Marcus Garvey Sr.
9/06/2019: Conditions at Clements
9/06/2019: Notes on Advancing the Struggle Inside: Unity – Colorado Unity
9/05/2019: On Independence and Promoting the UFPP
9/03/2019: The Criminal Injustice System Works for the Jailers
9/03/2019: Fighting Minnesota Censorship Games
9/02/2019: Lack of Training COs Creates Safety Risks at Ellis Unit
9/01/2019: CDCR Creating Volatile Conditions Across California Prisons
8/29/2019: Persistence is Key with Grievance Denials and Games
8/29/2019: Redirect the Gangster Mentality
8/29/2019: Throwing Peace Signs, Building Unity in SC
8/27/2019: Scotland Hunger Strike Met With Retaliation
8/27/2019: Revolutionary Organizing Amongst Mounting Protests of U.$. Koncentration Kamps
8/26/2019: Revolution Begins in the Mind
8/25/2019: Build Cellblock Schools as Independent Institutions
8/25/2019: Gangster Mentality Can Transform to Revolutionary Communist
8/23/2019: Assbackwards Politrix: New Afrikan Order?
8/21/2019: NC Prisoners File 15,000 Grievances; Organizers Face Retaliation
8/19/2019: Red-Green Revolution Solid on Environmentalism, Cloudy on Political Line
8/19/2019: Prisoners Going Hungry at Johnson State Prison
8/08/2019: Fighting Inadequate Medical Care in Harris County
8/05/2019: Put down the Drugs that Make you Docile
8/03/2019: Lock Up Your Mind
8/01/2019: Dirty Games with Grievances in Hughes Unit
8/01/2019: Damus Agree: A Gangsta Uses Intelligence not Oppression
8/01/2019: Tulsi Gabbard Appeals to Amerikan Thinking on Injustice System
7/31/2019: Spoiled Food at Michael Unit
7/25/2019: On Cyntoia Brown
7/19/2019: Racist Parole Denials in Texas
7/16/2019: Campaign Materials Received but Confiscated
7/15/2019: Youth Ready to Stand Up for Change
7/15/2019: Missouri Divides Prisoners with Racism
7/13/2019: Denied Religious Rights at Larned Kansas
7/12/2019: Choose Your Words Wisely - ULK Censored in Tennessee for L.O. Language
7/11/2019: Punished for Accidental Fall in Texas
7/09/2019: David Wade Prison Chaotic as Officials Face Charges and Investigations
7/08/2019: Sadistic and Disrespectful Guards at Ferguson Texas
7/04/2019: Too Many Grievances Delays Parole in CSP-LAC
6/20/2019: Charged with Gambling for using Mexican Stationary
6/17/2019: McConnell Treating Prisoners like Animals
6/12/2019: No Grievance Manual at Luther
6/12/2019: Activist Faces 20 Years in Prison for Preventing Migrant Deaths
6/10/2019: Property Taken in Transfers
6/05/2019: How to Fight PA Mail Policies
6/04/2019: No Protection against Rape in Texas
6/04/2019: Fixing Credit is One More Challenge for Releasees
6/04/2019: Don't Defeat the Gangster Mentality, Embrace it!
6/03/2019: Love Your Varrio by Liberating Your People
6/02/2019: Theft of Indigent Supplies at Wynne
6/01/2019: Building Revolutionary Consciousness Against Reactionary Gangsterism
6/01/2019: From Gangster Mentality to the Communist Road
5/29/2019: Denied Legal Rights at Jefferson City CC
5/29/2019: Re-defining Toughness
5/28/2019: Do the Imperialists Want Fascism?
5/25/2019: No Accountability with Grievances in Texas
5/23/2019: Arizona Grievance Battle Sample Letters
5/23/2019: No First Amendment Rights for Revolutionary Prisoners
5/20/2019: Living in Third World Conditions at Ellis Unit in Texas
5/20/2019: Medical Grievances and Retaliation in Texas
5/20/2019: Property Destruction and Theft at Wynne Unit
5/18/2019: Diabetic Refused Insulin in Texas
5/16/2019: Brutal Assault After Classification Committee Assigns Dangerous Cellmate
5/15/2019: Johnson State Prison prisoners going hungry, as the prison saves money
5/15/2019: Foreign Nationals Denied Programming
5/14/2019: Sleep Deprivation in Texas
5/14/2019: No Wheelchair Accomodations in Texas
5/13/2019: NC Grievance Complaint Denied by Inspector General
5/13/2019: Texas Confiscating Offender's Grievance Operations Manual
5/11/2019: Atlanta Pre-Trial Facility Dirty and Dangerous Conditions
5/09/2019: Louisiana Prisoners Fight Solitary Confinement
5/09/2019: Private Prison Retaliates for Exposing Civil Rights Violations
5/08/2019: Healthcare Errors and Denials in Texas
5/06/2019: Lockdown, no Rec, no Law Library at Hughes Unit
5/03/2019: Denied Out-of-Cell Rec and Adequate Food at Hughes Unit
4/29/2019: Texas Forces Segregation Conditions for Aircon
4/28/2019: An Open Letter (of promise)
4/25/2019: POW Organizers Declare National Grievance Day in NC
4/25/2019: Texas Bans Mailing its own Grievance Manual to Prisoners
4/24/2019: Economic Update: Amerikkkans Prospering in 2019
4/23/2019: Analyze Local Conditions for Organizing Opportunities
4/23/2019: Notes on Bridging Gap Between SNY and GP in California
4/23/2019: Transition to Become a Better Man
4/22/2019: Fighting White Supremacy in Amerika
4/22/2019: Konfused Gangster Mentality: Stand for Something or Fall for Anything
4/21/2019: How to Compete in a Rigged Electoral System
4/21/2019: Fascism, Imperialism, and Amerika in 2019
4/19/2019: When the Panthers Died
4/15/2019: Infraction for Organizing Study Group in NC
4/15/2019: California Prisoners; Love and Reconciliation is Key to Unity (UMOJA)
4/14/2019: Texas Still "Losing" Grievances
4/12/2019: Arizona Grievance Petition Updated (2)
4/11/2019: Tier 2 Hell in Georgia State Prison
4/09/2019: MDC Brooklyn Goddamn
4/08/2019: Debating Fascism in Amerika
4/04/2019: Anti-Imperialist Opposition to AFRICOM Heard in U.$. Koncentration Kamps
4/03/2019: Agribusiness Abuses
4/03/2019: Punished for Broken Door Lock in Texas
4/01/2019: (Mis)Use of the "Fascist" Label in the United $tates
4/01/2019: Denial of Voting Rights Exposes Amerikan "Democracy"
4/01/2019: Amerikan Fascism and Electoral Politics
3/28/2019: Victory in Privileged Mail Battle at SCI Forest
3/24/2019: Successful Chow Hall Campaign
3/23/2019: Wheelchair Dorms Living in Filth in TX
3/21/2019: Weeding Out the Roots of Imperialism
3/21/2019: Notes on Advancing the Struggle Inside: Defeating the Gangster Mentality
3/21/2019: Refugiados de Imperialismo
3/20/2019: First Nation Organizer Statement of Unity with UFPP
3/19/2019: Colorado Grivances Denied, Retaliated
3/19/2019: Texas Disunity Failing to Fight Unhealthy Food and Lockdown
3/19/2019: Challenges Building Lumpen Unity
3/18/2019: Many Angles to Work On
3/17/2019: Prisons Spend Billions for Social Control
3/17/2019: Learning Through Punk Rock
3/17/2019: Spreading ULK = Spreading Consciousness
3/15/2019: Texas Stalling Grievances
3/14/2019: Grievance Black Hole in Texas Polunsky Unit
3/13/2019: Prisoner Deaths, Mail Tampering at Stiles in Texas
3/11/2019: Grievance Malpractice at Ferguson
3/09/2019: U.$. AFRICOM Drone Bombings Surge in Somalia
3/06/2019: Rotten Food in Texas Michael Unit
3/04/2019: Do Prisoner Lives Really Matter?
3/01/2019: Prisoners Role in Expanding ULK
3/01/2019: Beaten Down But Never Broken
2/25/2019: Medical Failures and Discrimination at xx
2/22/2019: Solitary Confinement Conditions in McConnell
2/21/2019: Denied Hygiene and Correspondence at Robertson Unit
2/20/2019: First Impressions of a Potential Recruit
2/19/2019: How to Expand ULK: Some Ideas
2/19/2019: Whites Can Be Lumpen Too
2/19/2019: Gangster Actions Don't Match Words
2/18/2019: Brutality Against Prisoners in Handcuffs at Martin CI
2/18/2019: Staff Tobacco Use a Risk to Prisoners
2/16/2019: Choked to Unconsciousness by CO
2/13/2019: Defense, Solidarity, Freedom
2/13/2019: False Disciplinary Cases have Lasting Ramifications
2/11/2019: Common Challenges to Building Consciousness
2/10/2019: Writing Campaign Works
2/09/2019: Constructive Feedback Loop
2/08/2019: Due Process in the Era of #MeToo
2/07/2019: How To Verify Communications from MIM(Prisons) or USW
2/06/2019: Pennsylvania Mail Disrupted
2/05/2019: Prisoners Punished for Writing Grievances in Dalhart Texas
2/05/2019: Standing Up Against Work Extortion in NC
2/04/2019: Thinking is Hard
2/04/2019: Sack the Sack Lunches
2/03/2019: Abuse and Censorship at Wynne
2/03/2019: Hellfire and Brimstone Method
2/03/2019: Notes on Advancing the Struggle Inside: Recruitment & Retention for Revolution
2/03/2019: USW Leader's Self-Criticism
2/03/2019: Imperialism is the Real Problem in Venezuela
2/02/2019: Africa Can't Prosper Under Boot of United States
2/01/2019: The Goal
2/01/2019: Ongoing Discussion of Recruiting Best Practices
2/01/2019: Redefining Convict Culture
1/30/2019: Imperialists Push Coup in Venezuela to Secure Oil for Amerikans
1/29/2019: Abuse of Power
1/27/2019: Fighting criminal treatment of prisoners at HDSP
1/27/2019: Danger to prisoners' health at HDSP
1/27/2019: Self-criticism for out-of-context commentary on George Jackson in ULK 65
1/25/2019: Supreme Court Denies PLN Florida Censorship Appeal
1/17/2019: Building the UFPP through Missouri Protests
1/13/2019: USW Rallies 100s of Prisoners Against Africom in a Couple Weeks
1/13/2019: Political Preference for Segregated Housing
1/11/2019: Pennsylvania Playing Games with Number of Jails
1/11/2019: Showing Unity in F.A.T. Recruiting
1/10/2019: Hope Is Not Lost
1/10/2019: No Recourse to Fight Abuse at Bexar Jail
1/10/2019: Organize with Love for the People
1/08/2019: TX Denture Denial Class Action Suit
1/07/2019: LeBlanc Texas Disregards Grievance System
1/05/2019: The Return of the Northern Stars
1/04/2019: Helping Each Other is Only Legal Assistance Behind Bars
1/04/2019: Health Risks from Asbestos in Old Prisons
1/03/2019: Illegal Censorship of Subscriptions
1/03/2019: Pig Brutality Must Stop
1/03/2019: Power Outage = Torture
1/02/2019: Punished for Reporting Abuses at Ferguson
1/02/2019: Drop Your Weapon
1/01/2019: Are Lumpen the Leaders the Revolution Needs?
1/01/2019: Thoughts on Sex Offenders and the Lumpen
1/01/2019: Stop Funding Prison Services
12/29/2018: Beaten by pigs in Texas
12/27/2018: Forced to Self-Harm for Basic Services
12/26/2018: McConnell Abuse and Lawsuits Update
12/11/2018: Revolutionaries Must Fight Crimes Against Wimmin
12/07/2018: Crossword Puzzle December 2018
12/07/2018: New "Socialist" Parties in Amerika
12/01/2018: When is Patience Taken Too Far?
12/01/2018: Liberation Theology as Organizing Tool
12/01/2018: Black Panthers in Today's Climate
12/01/2018: Don't Believe the C.O.'s Reverse Psychology
12/01/2018: Fighting the System From Within
11/30/2018: Censors in their own words - November 2018
11/29/2018: Fighting False Charges for Staff Negligence
11/29/2018: Pennsylvania Digitizing Prisoner Mail
11/28/2018: Minority Against Minority
11/27/2018: Pigs Beat Elderly Man Using a Walker
11/27/2018: Prep for Release, Plan for Future
11/27/2018: Intersecting Strands of Oppression
11/26/2018: Spreading the Word on September 9
11/21/2018: Grievance Campaign needed in Texas
11/20/2018: Left standing in shower for ten hours
11/20/2018: Exposing Wallace Unit Abuses
11/20/2018: Notes on Advancing the Struggle Inside: Intersecting Strands of Oppression
11/20/2018: Book Review: Grit
11/19/2018: Disputes and Grievances Ignored in Texas
11/18/2018: Price Gouging in Commissary
11/16/2018: Law library access denied in Texas Jail
11/14/2018: Censorship and Health Violations at Stiles Unit
11/14/2018: Advancing the AEH is the Answer to Forced Re-Integration
11/13/2018: Medical Neglect at Boyd in Texas
11/08/2018: Can We Overcome Greed?
11/08/2018: Debating Missouri Uprising
11/05/2018: Volver a las Calles es Duro
11/02/2018: Texas mail "lost" or delayed
11/02/2018: Reddit (Temporarily) Suspends MIMPrisons, Shows Limits of Centralized Communications Networks
11/02/2018: USW Countrywide Council Passes New Policy on Work Reports
10/30/2018: Struggle
10/29/2018: Medical Neglect at Clements Unit
10/25/2018: Legal mail tossed in retaliation
10/25/2018: Haz de ULK un Periódico Mensual
10/25/2018: Whether Gangster or Rev; Oppressed Nations Labelled Enemy
10/23/2018: Texas killing, abusing and covering up
10/23/2018: Build unity inside and out
10/23/2018: Imperialism’s Refugees
10/22/2018: Texas mail denied for including stamps
10/22/2018: Fighting roaches, rodents and dangerous conditions in Texas
10/19/2018: Women's Prison in NC denied AC, food
10/18/2018: Still Fighting Insulin Indifference
10/11/2018: Drug Dealer Labeled Sex Offender, Turning Life Around
10/10/2018: Twilight Zone of Legal System
10/10/2018: Psychological Warfare Promotes Divisions Over Subjectivism
10/09/2018: Reformed Thinking on Sex Offenders
10/09/2018: September 9 Builds Peace and Solidarity
10/08/2018: Missouri Building United Front for Peace
10/07/2018: Sakai's Investigation of the Lumpen in Revolution
10/06/2018: The Power to Make a Difference
10/06/2018: Movilización de la Raza por Independencia
10/05/2018: Denied medical treatment and disability services in Texas
10/05/2018: Do Romantic Relationships Build the United Front?
10/04/2018: Crimes Against the People Reflect Messed Up System
10/04/2018: Revolutionary Movements Must Include Trans People
10/03/2018: North Carolina violating policies on classification and censorship
10/03/2018: Transformed Thinking Around Good vs. Bad Kaptives
10/02/2018: Moving Forward from Sex Crimes
10/01/2018: University Sexism Education Program Attacked
10/01/2018: Notes on Advancing the Struggle Inside: Sex Offenders Revisited
9/29/2018: On Punishment vs Rehabilitation
9/29/2018: Debating Sex Offenders Becoming Revolutionaries
9/21/2018: Brutal beatings in Missouri
9/20/2018: Winter is coming and SCDC is taking away jackets
9/18/2018: Grievance investigators protect staff at Dalhart
9/17/2018: Colorado teme al activismo de los Chican@s
9/17/2018: Rekindle the fire in Alabama
9/11/2018: Valley State Prison September 9th Solidarity
9/11/2018: Make ULK a Monthly Newspaper
9/10/2018: Salinas Valley State Prison September 9th Solidarity
9/07/2018: Pennsylvania lockdown and mail denial
9/06/2018: Hitting the Streets is Hard
9/05/2018: Abuse of authority in Missouri
9/05/2018: Beaten and violated in Florida, fighting back
9/04/2018: Mid-Term Elections, Do we need to vote?
9/01/2018: Downloadable Grievance Petition, New York
9/01/2018: Los Libros Encendieron una Llama en mí
8/30/2018: Use Your Observation
8/30/2018: Denial of medicine, grievances and nowhere to turn in Texas
8/28/2018: To Grieve or Not To Grieve
8/28/2018: Debating the Prison Labor Movement
8/22/2018: Black August Memorial, Day 21 "Day of the Dragon!"
8/20/2018: Denial of medical care at Estelle
8/16/2018: Colorado DOC afraid of Chicano unity
8/16/2018: PVSP From Chill to Tense with New GP/SNY Integration
8/15/2018: Fighting Minnesota lockdown and denial of essential services
8/15/2018: The Power of Sound
8/13/2018: California Correctional Institution September 9th Solidarity
8/13/2018: Ask & Answer Approach to Outreach
8/07/2018: Florida prisoners dealing drugs are doing the work of the pigs
8/07/2018: Mobilize Raza for Independence
8/06/2018: Denied food for being Muslim
8/06/2018: Contaminated water, tiny cells, dangerous conditions at Ellis Unit
8/06/2018: Revolutionaries Making a Big Impact with Education
8/06/2018: Learn from the Revolutionary Legacy of the Black Panther Party
8/05/2018: From Blind to Revolutionary to Educator
8/04/2018: Finding Ways to Relate Helps Educate
8/03/2018: We Need Honor Among Prisoners
8/02/2018: Fighting On Thru Broken Spirits
8/02/2018: Books Ignited a Flame in Me
8/01/2018: No Family Contact, Plenty of Contact with White Trash Pigs
8/01/2018: El 9 de septiembre, el USW de California debe preparar la unidad entre la línea principal y SNY
8/01/2018: Building Unity to Fight Abuses in Maryland
8/01/2018: Challenges and Growth in Recruiting Skills
8/01/2018: Build Peace, Take Action September 9
7/31/2018: Eastham Conditions of Compliance
7/30/2018: Grit's Break Down Build
7/29/2018: Say It and Show It
7/28/2018: Notes on Advancing the Struggle Inside: Organizing
7/27/2018: Gleaning from Bourgeois Psychology for Our Own Strength
7/26/2018: Why Take Action?
7/26/2018: Checking Paperwork v. Checking Ourselves
7/25/2018: CDCR Instigating Large Scale Violence To Avoid Federal Court Ordered Releases
7/23/2018: Parole revoked for false charges; grievance appeal useless
7/23/2018: Guards cause prisoner death and abuse in NC
7/23/2018: TDCJ Erroneously Coding Grievances, Denying ADA Rights
7/23/2018: Update on Federal DOJ petition responses
7/23/2018: USW Leader Under Investigation For Spreading United Front for Peace In Prisons Principles
7/18/2018: Don't be mislead by Colorado's lies in AR 850-04 "Grievance Procedure"
7/18/2018: Shower Power in Colorado
7/16/2018: Bogus searches and threats at Ferguson Unit
7/13/2018: Grievance Battle Sustainability
7/12/2018: Lead the Youngsters by Example
7/12/2018: Broader Impact of prisoners' legal work
7/12/2018: Chicano Unity Leads to Lockdown
7/11/2018: Exposing Texas prison violations
7/05/2018: Harassment for PREA Complaint
7/01/2018: Black August International Tenets
6/30/2018: Illegal Retaliatory Cell Search
6/29/2018: Texas Medical Unit Lacking Basic Accomodations for Disabled Prisoners
6/29/2018: Downloadable Grievance Petition, Michigan
6/27/2018: Solitary Confinement in Anchorage CC used to punish prisoners avoiding gangs
6/25/2018: Recent Fifth Circuit Rulings, a Blueprint for Relief
6/25/2018: Response to MIM critique of Soledad Brother
6/20/2018: Programming Facilities in CA to Decrease SNY Population
6/19/2018: Colorado Fears Chican@ Activism
6/13/2018: Brickley's Unit denies healthcare and grievances, creates dangerous conditions
6/13/2018: Retaliation and isolation for filing grievances to expose abuse at Lowell Reception Center
6/12/2018: Pressure On in Wynne
6/12/2018: Narovirus Lockdown at Wynne
6/12/2018: ADC lockdown denies basic rights
6/10/2018: Guards Ignore Rules, Lie with Authority
6/06/2018: Robbery by the FLDOC Canteen System
6/05/2018: Forced Prison Labor in Texas: Exposing the Fraudulent Good Time/Work Time Credit Scheme
6/05/2018: Censors in Their Own Words - May 2018
6/04/2018: The Politics and Economics of Mass Incarceration
6/03/2018: Marxist Economics and Amerikan Mass Incarceration: Revisiting ULK 8
6/02/2018: Notes on Advancing the Struggle Inside: Prison Labor
6/01/2018: 2018 Survey of U.S. Prisoners on Prison Labor
6/01/2018: Lane Murray Abuses
6/01/2018: Delincuentes Sexuales y el Movimiento en Prisión
6/01/2018: Equilibrio de Fuerzas en la Pelicula Pantera Negra
6/01/2018: La economía marxista y el encarcelamiento en masa de Estados Unidos: revisando ULK 8
5/28/2018: Unsanitary Conditions in CTF O-wing Ad-Seg
5/24/2018: Prisoners Producing on Farms and in Factories
5/24/2018: Active Lawsuits on Texas Conditions
5/21/2018: No SASE policy hinders prisoner education
5/21/2018: Excessive force in Texas
5/15/2018: Educating to Stand Up Against Grievance System
5/14/2018: Assasination or Retaliation?
5/14/2018: Why the Beef?
5/13/2018: Solitary Confinement Ongoing in TX Despite Policy Changes
5/11/2018: State Jail Violating Federal Laws
5/11/2018: Gang affiliation guilty by association
5/10/2018: Rain leaks onto beds in Powledge Unit
5/10/2018: Downloadable Grievance Petition - Federal Appeal
5/10/2018: La Política de la Encarcelación Masiva
5/09/2018: HDSP NV De-habilitation Program
5/07/2018: Bad Water and Cussing Guards
5/07/2018: Witnessing Abuse has a Domino Effect
5/07/2018: Suicide on the Rise
5/03/2018: Polk County Jail starving prisoners
5/01/2018: Judge to North Carolina Prisons: Humanism is a Faith Group
4/20/2018: Arkansas censoring letters longer than 3 pages
4/20/2018: September 9, California USW Must Prepare Unity Between Mainline and SNY
4/18/2018: If Black Lives Matter, Don't Integrate Into Amerikkka
4/16/2018: SNY And the Mainline?
4/16/2018: Censorship Victories in Michigan; Battle Continues
4/13/2018: Promotions for abusive guards; medical neglect for prisoners
4/11/2018: Sex Offenders and the Prison Movement
4/10/2018: Sexual Harassment in Oklahoma
4/09/2018: TB outbreak at Texas Wynne Unit not being prevented
4/08/2018: Assaulted, Grieved, Charged with Assault
4/08/2018: Disgust vs. Science on Sex Offenders
4/06/2018: Notes on Advancing the Struggle Inside: dealing with sex offenders
4/05/2018: Don't sign parole papers you don't understand
4/05/2018: Female Guards Win Sex Harassment Lawsuit
4/04/2018: Selective Application of Sex Offender Label
4/03/2018: Don't Write Them Off: Re-Educate Misguided Youth
4/03/2018: Will the Real Sex Offender Please Stand Up?
4/02/2018: Debating Unity with Anti-Revolutionaries
3/30/2018: Censors in Their Own Words - March 2018
3/30/2018: Sex Offenders vs. Anti-People Sex-Crimes
3/27/2018: No Bathroom for Jailhouse Lawyers in Texas
3/26/2018: Stafford Creek denies medical care
3/25/2018: Organizations ignore fight against Texas corruption and abuse
3/23/2018: We need to publicize abuse in Maryland prisons
3/18/2018: Feds Ban MIM(Prisons) on CorrLinks, Disregard 1st Amendment
3/18/2018: The Contagious Disease of Backbiting
3/15/2018: Released Sex Offender Struggling to be a Feminist on the Streets
3/13/2018: Dirty tricks frustrate grievances in Texas
3/12/2018: Telford gives arbitrary riot cases after peaceful protest
3/07/2018: Race-Based Lockdowns and Grievance Denials in CSATF
3/05/2018: The plight of the mentally ill
3/01/2018: Systemic, Implicit, Covert and Overt Bias
3/01/2018: Texas shipping prisoners around to cover up protests
3/01/2018: Book Review: Locked In
2/25/2018: Balance of Forces in Black Panther Movie
2/20/2018: For That Matter
2/20/2018: Medical grievances held, denied at Beto I
2/20/2018: Yesterday
2/19/2018: #MeToo Movement Shows Sexual Assault is Pervasive Under Patriarchy
2/16/2018: Follow up to “Inspired to Act” in ULK 58
2/15/2018: Opresión Nacional en las Prisiones: Todavía se siente fuerte
2/12/2018: USW work gives long-time comrade confidence to file
2/12/2018: Medical neglect and mistreatment for serious infection
2/08/2018: Mistreatment of the mentally ill continues
2/08/2018: Weight loss and false contraband cases in Texas
2/08/2018: Hypocrisy Must Stop
2/05/2018: Mail harrassment and censorship after reporting PREA failure
2/05/2018: A Tribute to James "Doc" Holiday
2/03/2018: China's Role in Increasing Inter-Imperialist Rivalries
2/02/2018: National Oppression in Prisons: Still Going Strong
2/01/2018: Oregon grievances at Two Rivers "lost" by staff
2/01/2018: Using Texas Pack to Help Others
2/01/2018: MIM(Prisons) on U.$. Prison Economy - 2018 update
2/01/2018: For Liberty and Equality
2/01/2018: Alabama Sheriffs Profit by Starving Prisoners
2/01/2018: The Politics of Mass Incarceration
2/01/2018: CDCR Uses Prop. 57 as Leverage Against Prisoner Organizing
1/31/2018: Censors in Their Own Words - January 2018
1/29/2018: U.$. Supreme Court: No grievance forms? No problem.
1/29/2018: Only Snitches & Privileged Getting Good Time in New Folsom EOP/GP
1/28/2018: Notes on Advancing the Struggle Inside: ghettos and imprisonment
1/28/2018: Notes on Advancing the Struggle Outside: Redefining Crime
1/27/2018: Debating Disability Labels
1/26/2018: Political Economy of Mass Incarceration: Got to Pay the Piper
1/26/2018: Pennsylvania Drug Situation is a Call to Unity
1/25/2018: Grievance Battle Tactics Updated
1/25/2018: USW Council Pushing September 9th for 2018
1/22/2018: Hunger Strike at Allred Ad-Seg to Fight Inhumane Conditions
1/18/2018: How do Violence and Class Fit Into Prison Organizing?
1/09/2018: Prop. 57 Benefits: Serve the People, Don't Condemn Them
1/08/2018: Texas messing with property
1/08/2018: Demanding legal rights, fighting abuse in Texas
1/05/2018: Powledge prisoners dying from K-2
1/05/2018: Grievance Campaign at RJDCF on Access to Showers
1/05/2018: Group Punishment Lockdown Continues at SVSP
1/03/2018: Legal battles support needed in Texas
1/03/2018: Oppression in the Mountains of Georgia
12/30/2017: Fight GA abuse, stop spending money
12/29/2017: Texas denies good time, takes away family
12/27/2017: Ramadan Retaliation and Poisoning
12/26/2017: Lonely and suffering in Florida
12/25/2017: Christmas Vacation Lampoons the Bourgeoisie, but Not Capitalism
12/22/2017: We Must Judge Lumpen with Proletarian Morality of their Oppressed Nation
12/21/2017: Texas prisoners blinded by drugs
12/20/2017: TDCJ preventing receipt of money for no reason
12/17/2017: Censors in Their Own Words - November 2017
12/17/2017: Mississippi DOC Commissioner Turns a Blind Eye
12/11/2017: You Can Break The Man But You Can't Break The Man's Spirit
12/07/2017: Grievances Ignored, bribes demanded in Texas
12/05/2017: Hunger strike to stop abuse in Arizona
12/04/2017: Medical Neglect, Denial Access to Court, Retaliation
12/01/2017: Deprived of food in Texas
11/30/2017: Fixing Insulin Indifference
11/26/2017: Opioids on the Rise Again Under Imperialism
11/25/2017: Drugs, Money and Individualism in U.$. Prison Movement
11/22/2017: Wake Up
11/21/2017: Notes on Advancing the Struggle: Inside - Drugs
11/21/2017: Notes on Advancing the Struggle: Outside - Drugs
11/20/2017: Ghost Spells Destroy Revolutions
11/20/2017: Walker County Jail falling apart
11/20/2017: Punished for false cases at Wynne
11/20/2017: Aztlán Realism Book Release
11/18/2017: Retaliation for legal work in Texas
11/15/2017: Communication is Key
11/15/2017: Contaminated water and other dangerous conditions at McConnell
11/15/2017: Mass Shootings are Amerikan
11/15/2017: Book Review: Marx & Engels on Colonies
11/15/2017: ULK Changing Minds on Sex Offenders
11/12/2017: SCI Chester: An Alternate Reality
11/12/2017: United Front for Peace Established in Connecticut
11/10/2017: No Help for PTSD After Release
11/10/2017: Epidemic of K2 Overdoses at Estelle, Throughout Texas
11/08/2017: Successes Against Retaliation in Texas
11/07/2017: Virginia implements draconian mail censorship policy
11/04/2017: Drugs a Barrier in All Prisons (look to USSR on Alcohol)
11/03/2017: Texas stealing prisoner's money for free medical services
11/03/2017: Poisoning the Well: The imprisoned dope trade and its impact on the movement
11/01/2017: Fighting false cases and theft of legal material in Texas
11/01/2017: Denied care for Sickle Cell Anemia in Texas
10/31/2017: 24 Hr Lockdown in Hays
10/30/2017: Biggest Divide in California reply
10/29/2017: 36 Movement: Shoutout to Transgender Prisoners
10/29/2017: Medical neglect in Virginia leads to blindness
10/28/2017: Young Chicano Murdered by Police Reminds Us of Raza Struggle
10/27/2017: Rehabilitation Must Push People to Their Fullest Potential
10/26/2017: Arkansas DOC Covers Up Deaths from K2, Frames Comrade
10/25/2017: Fighting medical co-pay and mail services in Texas
10/23/2017: Prisoner killed by guards; officers fake scene to deflect blame
10/23/2017: Texas Clements Unit staff toss assault complaints
10/23/2017: Reunificar Aztlan!
10/23/2017: PHRM Needs Bridges to SNY and Trans Prisoners
10/22/2017: Retaliation and punishment for filing grievances in Texas
10/22/2017: Legal struggles in Texas Ad-Seg
10/18/2017: China 2017: Socialist or Imperialist?
10/16/2017: Grievance battle tactics in Georgia
10/06/2017: Lawsuit against dangerous conditions in Texas
10/05/2017: Texas using drugs to keep prisoners quiet
10/04/2017: Norovirus in Hightower
10/03/2017: Censors in Their Own Words - September 2017
10/02/2017: Wynne Unit censoring ULK, ignoring grievances
10/02/2017: United Front for Peace in Prisons Sept 9 Action Initial Reports
10/01/2017: Chicano Power a Good Tool to Combat Civil Rights Strategy
10/01/2017: September 9 Day of Peace and Solidarity: Lessons and Future Plans
9/30/2017: Bricks of Corruption in Arkansas
9/29/2017: Fighting Georgia in court leads to Tier II lockdown
9/29/2017: Corizon Running Drugs to Control AZ Prisoners
9/28/2017: Mail tampering at Jester III in Texas
9/28/2017: Importance of Effective Communication
9/27/2017: Liberation Schools to Organize Through the Walls
9/27/2017: Defend LGBTQ from CO Attacks
9/26/2017: Dangerous medical neglect in Texas
9/25/2017: Parole delays due to program problems
9/25/2017: We Can't Write Off Whole Groups From the United Front for Peace in Prisons
9/25/2017: Debating Teacher Ignites Masses
9/23/2017: Illinois Budget Doesn't Include Due Process
9/20/2017: USW Reaching Out to Outside Orgs - Open Letter to CURE
9/20/2017: White and Gaining Consciousness
9/18/2017: Texas Pack inspires litigation against abuses
9/17/2017: Case Law to Help Those Facing Unjust Gang Enhancements
9/15/2017: Resistance to Excessive Searches Delays Parole
9/14/2017: Inspired to Act
9/13/2017: Knee brace destroyed by staff blamed on prisoner
9/13/2017: Organize the Streets Against Imperialist Genocide
9/12/2017: DPRK Condenado por Abuso que Vemos Diario en Prisiones Americanos
9/12/2017: Mi Experiencia Como un@ Prisioner@ SNY
9/10/2017: Oppression of My Fathers
9/05/2017: Persynal Hunger Strike in Arizona Against Retaliation and Abuse
9/03/2017: Re-Unify Aztlan!
9/03/2017: DPRK: White Supremacy's Global Agenda
9/01/2017: South Carolina fighting limits on indigent correspondence
8/31/2017: Pack Unit Moved to Austin Due to Heat and Water
8/31/2017: Dangerous Lack of Healthcare in Kansas
8/28/2017: Nevada Lockdown, Build Unity
8/27/2017: Millions for Prisoners March on DC
8/22/2017: Georgia using validation status to justify permanent lockdown
8/19/2017: Unauthorized cell searches in retaliation for grievances
8/15/2017: Revolutionary Soulja
8/15/2017: Dangerous water in Texas
8/15/2017: Fair treatment - not in CA
8/15/2017: Strike Against Arbitrary Group Punishment at MDF
8/13/2017: Unlock the Box - Marion Correctional Intitution
8/11/2017: Is this reprisal?
8/06/2017: A Letter to a Young Gangster
8/05/2017: Disabilities and Anti-Imperialism
8/05/2017: Where I Come From
8/04/2017: Heat Reality
8/01/2017: To Walk in Our Shoes
7/31/2017: Alaska Grievance Campaign Update
7/30/2017: Use of Gas in Eastham
7/28/2017: The Wizard Behind the Curtain of Mass Incarceration
7/27/2017: Tier II Challenges in Court
7/27/2017: Change of Venue, Technicalities Frustrate Attempts to have Grievances Heard in NC
7/22/2017: Americans with Disabilities Act Overview
7/22/2017: Medical Care in Arizona's Solitary
7/21/2017: Analysis since being transferred to SOCF from OSP
7/21/2017: A Call to Action to the Prisoners of HDSP in Nevada
7/21/2017: Inform the Streets
7/20/2017: Fighting Sexual Orientation Discrimination
7/18/2017: You can't imagine how bad it is behind bars
7/17/2017: Nevada USW Fighting Gender Abuse
7/15/2017: Aprendizaje de Historia a Organización Atravez de la Pared
7/15/2017: Stay with Facts, Not Rappers/Actors
7/15/2017: Plan de San Diego Commemoration Starts with 1492 Invasion of the Americas
7/15/2017: War for All of Apekind Trumps Revenge
7/14/2017: Insulin Indifference Disables Prisoners
7/14/2017: ASU Prisoners Fighting Torture in California
7/14/2017: A Contribution to Thoughts on Unity and Alliances
7/12/2017: 911, "I have a crime to report."
7/11/2017: Hard work pays off in Texas
7/10/2017: Black August Resistance!!! Can't Stop! Won't Stop!
7/10/2017: Censorship in Arkansas Under Guise of Fighting Drugs
7/07/2017: Inspired by UFPP in Lousiana
7/07/2017: Nevada Call to Action and Unity
7/05/2017: A lost and dead people
7/05/2017: Drug Survey or Pig Questions?
7/04/2017: VIDEO: Interview with Chicano Power Author from Prison
7/02/2017: Your Babysitter is a Puerco
7/01/2017: Downloadable Grievance Petition, Illinois
7/01/2017: Denial of Education in Tennessee, Symptom of a Bigger Problem
6/29/2017: Eastham assaulting prisoners, losing paperwork
6/28/2017: Pretrial Detainee Over 1 Year
6/28/2017: Bogus ad-seg sentence messes up parole in Oregon
6/28/2017: Brutality prevents prisoner transformation behind bars
6/28/2017: Drugs Hold Back West Virginia Organizing
6/27/2017: Guards still beating prisoners in Florida
6/25/2017: Who Bought the Civil Rights Movement of 1964?
6/25/2017: Sex Offender Against Sex Offenders
6/24/2017: Security Investigation Division Goes Around Court Ruling
6/24/2017: Organizing Requires Organization: Proposed Structures for Success
6/22/2017: Building Peace and Unity in Florida
6/21/2017: Fighting Envelope Denial in Ohio
6/21/2017: REVIEW:Ten Men Dead
6/20/2017: DPRK Condemned for Abuse we see in Amerikan Prisons Daily
6/20/2017: Learning History and Organizing Thru the Walls
6/19/2017: Enfréntate a los Cerdos
6/17/2017: Suit to Ensure Improved Disciplinary Process for Deaf Prisoners
6/16/2017: Strip Searches Only for Harassment in Pennsylvania
6/16/2017: PLC Report from Corcoran SHU
6/15/2017: Pornography and Patriarchal Culture Imprisons Some While Others Profit
6/13/2017: Pennsylvania delaying releases for lack of programs
6/12/2017: Alaska Punishes Grievances with Segregation
6/11/2017: Former military surgeon imprisoned for telling truth about Amerikan wars
6/10/2017: Isolation and Torturous Conditions at David Wade Corrections Center
6/07/2017: Pigs Leave Dead Prisoner in Cell
6/05/2017: Study Group Repression, Staying Strong
6/03/2017: Wisconsin Hunger Strike Against Ad-Seg Conditions
6/03/2017: Pennsylvania Spends on Prison, Cuts Other Services
6/02/2017: Notes on Advancing the Struggle Outside
6/01/2017: Abolitionists From Within Platform and Organizing Report
5/31/2017: Denial of education, failure of grievance system
5/28/2017: Actions Mark Day 40 of Strike for Freedom and Dignity - Victory!
5/26/2017: Stand Up Against the Pigs
5/25/2017: Zero Responds to Debating Theory, Building Unity
5/22/2017: Most COs at Male Prison are Female
5/22/2017: Practice Directs Our Movement
5/20/2017: Building Unity through Talk Instead of Violence
5/20/2017: CALIFORNIA: Challenges and Reports
5/18/2017: Mexicans Sent to Ad-Seg Following Riot at CCI
5/18/2017: CDCR Not Upholding Ashker Settlement on Due Process
5/16/2017: Ad-Seg, Repression at Jessup for Demanding Basic Rights
5/15/2017: Grievance system a failure in Texas
5/15/2017: Capitalist Copyright Laws Stifle Education
5/11/2017: Petition Against Tier II Program at GSP
5/10/2017: Powledge Guards Unaware of the Law
5/09/2017: Clarifying Legal Tactics: Deadly Heat in Louisiana
5/08/2017: Access to Courts Denied in Kentucky
5/07/2017: Solidarity Protesting Food Tampering in New York
5/06/2017: Medical test results withheld in Texas
5/05/2017: On Cinco de Mayo We Launch Campaign to Commemorate Plan de San Diego
5/05/2017: Riots in Arkansas Protest Abuse
5/03/2017: Formal Complaint, State of Michigan, County of Baraga
5/03/2017: Can the Democratic Method be Applied in U.$. Prisons?
5/02/2017: Retaliation for PREA Report in PA
5/02/2017: TX officer to prisoner: shut the f up
4/27/2017: Staff Abuse and Retaliate Against Report Writers
4/23/2017: American Stooges put Palestinian Prisoner Marwan Barghouti in Solitary Confinement
4/21/2017: Standing strong against abuse in Missouri
4/21/2017: Unity Fights Oppression
4/20/2017: My Experience as an SNY prisoner
4/19/2017: Mistreatment of prisoners at TRCI
4/19/2017: CCI Programs Cut, Money Wasted
4/17/2017: Revolutionary Leadership in Fedz
4/17/2017: Self-Criticism/Correction for ULK55 language
4/16/2017: Censorship for New Afrikans in Georgia
4/14/2017: Mental Health Crises, unsanitary conditions
4/14/2017: Against Government Definitions of Sex Offenders
4/12/2017: CO Killed and Lockdown in Delaware
4/10/2017: Trumped-up Gang Enhancements for Latin@s in Martinez Jail
4/10/2017: Ban On Publications at Georgia's Oldest Prison
4/10/2017: El Enemigo de Mi Enemigo
4/10/2017: La Aristocracia Obrera y el Beneficio del Nacionalismo Blanco de las Prisiones, no de las Corporaciones Privadas
4/09/2017: Alabama Prisoners do Productive Work to Supplement State Budgets
4/08/2017: Music Review: All Amerikkkan Bada$$
3/31/2017: Need for Legal Battles
3/29/2017: False Disciplinary Reports and Other Abuse in Kentucky
3/20/2017: Thoughts on Unity and Alliances
3/19/2017: Riots Make Organizing Hard at Corcoran
3/18/2017: Expose Texas Denial of Access to Courts
3/15/2017: ACA Review a Joke, Support Prisoners Organizing on the Ground
3/15/2017: White Nationalism and the Prison Movement
3/14/2017: Slowly building for a study group
3/13/2017: Correction to Deadly Heat in Louisiana Article
3/11/2017: Temporary Alliances from History
3/09/2017: Prisoners Starving in Wisconsin
3/09/2017: Debating Theory, Building Unity for September 9 Protests
3/08/2017: False STG Validation of Jailhouse Lawyer
3/06/2017: Response to Coffee House Revolutionaries
3/06/2017: Gender Contradictions: Female Guards and Male Prisoners
3/05/2017: Surveillance Cameras in Prison a Double-Edged Sword
3/03/2017: Labor Aristocracy and White Nationalism Benefit from Prisons, not Private Corporations
2/27/2017: Prisoner Set Up, Shot At
2/27/2017: Railroaded by criminal injustice system in Texas
2/27/2017: Texas steals prisoner property ignores laws
2/25/2017: Subjetivismo al reclutar: Peligro o táctica
2/24/2017: Texas ignores pleas for help, allows suicide
2/23/2017: Mail Issues for Migrant Prisoners
2/21/2017: Potential Legal Argument for VA Grievance Battle
2/16/2017: Crítica de la película Rogue One
2/16/2017: Rebellion Against Abuse is Needed
2/15/2017: Long term seg causing mental health problems
2/15/2017: Kicked out of school for no reason
2/15/2017: United Front Alliances with White Nationalists
2/14/2017: SCI-Pittsburgh Shutting Down
2/10/2017: Assault, writeups and "lost" property in Texas
2/06/2017: Noxious Gas and Hot Air in Estelle
2/06/2017: Rat Infestation and Black Mold
2/03/2017: Intentional Medical Neglect
2/03/2017: The Enemy of my Enemy
2/01/2017: To Identify as White is to Identify as Oppressor
2/01/2017: Use Under Lock & Key to Educate and Motivate
1/31/2017: Downloadable Grievance Petition, New Jersey
1/31/2017: In the Matter of Humanity: Against Solitary Confinement
1/31/2017: Nevada Further Restricts Grievance Process in New Regulations
1/29/2017: Victory in Colorado Womyn's Prison Fight for Rec
1/26/2017: Harassed and Persecuted for Standing Strong
1/25/2017: Crazy Making at Michael
1/24/2017: Texas Polunsky Unit destroying property, denying grievances
1/20/2017: Revolutionary Potential of a Trump Presidency
1/17/2017: CRC Recruiting Snitches, Bringing False Charges on Grievers
1/17/2017: Texas Telford Unit Warden Denying all Grievances
1/17/2017: Drugs a Barrier to Organizing in Many Prisons
1/15/2017: Aid Masks Exploitation: Regulations are a Band-Aid to Capitalism's Crimes
1/12/2017: Left-Leaning Unity with Radicals and Reformers
1/11/2017: Georgia Tier II violating human rights
1/10/2017: Review: China's Urban Villagers: Changing Life in a Beijing Suburb
1/10/2017: Stats on Colorado Corrections Industries Use of Prison Labor for Private Companies
1/10/2017: Texas Clemens Unit freezing, harassment and other abuse
1/10/2017: Tactical Lessons from Historical Lucasville Struggles
1/07/2017: Combating Gossip, and Setting Examples to Build the UFPP
1/04/2017: Conditions Terrible at Michael Unit
1/01/2017: Labor Strike Against Daily Body Searches
12/29/2016: Movie Review: Rogue One
12/28/2016: Neglect Leads to Another Death in NC Medical Facility
12/28/2016: CCI Study Group Puts Theory Into Action, Organizing Unity Celebration
12/27/2016: Ely Opening Up
12/27/2016: Building Peace Through ULK
12/25/2016: Book Review: Tania La Guerrillera Y La Epopeya Suramericana Del Che
12/25/2016: Subjectivism in Recruiting: Dangerous or Tactical
12/20/2016: Texas tossing out grievances
12/19/2016: Albemarle Reestricted Housing Repression
12/18/2016: Who's Keeping the Keepers (Overseers)
12/17/2016: Xmas Came Early for MIM(Prisons)
12/15/2016: On Cardinal Principles
12/14/2016: Sex Offenders Reconsidered
12/13/2016: Death at Valdosta Georgia
12/13/2016: Censor Victory in Chuckawalla Brings Pride
12/12/2016: Build a Strong Revolutionary Foundation
12/10/2016: Tactics for Dealing with Correctional Officers
12/09/2016: Hunger Strike Against Long-Term Isolation in Santa Rosa Jail
12/09/2016: Control Unit Survey on Martinez 2
12/08/2016: Understanding the Role of Class in Trump Election
12/08/2016: Buying off Revolutionary Nationalists
12/07/2016: Unsanitary Food Conditions
12/06/2016: Mentally Ill Prisoners: the Real Dilemma
12/06/2016: Prison Rape Elimination Act: Does more harm than good
12/05/2016: From Cop to Anti-Imperialist
12/03/2016: Health Threatened by Conditions At Cobb Detention Center
12/01/2016: Love Your Enemies for the United Front?
12/01/2016: Surveillance Cameras Needed to Combat Jim Crow Corruption
12/01/2016: Black Nationalism and New Socialism - notes from an NGE Study Group
11/26/2016: Downloadable Grievance Petition, California
11/23/2016: Level Three Marginalization
11/21/2016: Brutal Response to September 9 Work Stoppage at Gulf CI Annex
11/21/2016: Revolutionaries Must Adapt to Change for Success
11/15/2016: Oregon Drug Use Leads to Death and Repression
11/15/2016: Petty Repression for Reaching Out
11/15/2016: Eastham Unit Water is Poison!
11/14/2016: Sexual harassment at Darrington in Texas
11/14/2016: Stop Wasting ULK on Censorship
11/12/2016: Changing Terrain in Corcoran as Populations are Transferred
11/10/2016: By Any Means Necessary
11/09/2016: Following Protocol on Dead End Path
11/08/2016: Repression in Connally Unit Texas
11/07/2016: Suicides Rampant at East Arkansas Prison
11/07/2016: The Strategic Significance of Defining Fascism
11/07/2016: Coffee House Revolutionaries or Real Militants?
11/06/2016: California November Updates: Stamp restrictions, Santa Clara strike success and Ashker settlement update
11/05/2016: Censor Watch in California
11/05/2016: What is Fascism? Analyzing Trump Scientifically
11/05/2016: September 9 Day of Peace and Solidarity 2016 - part 2
11/04/2016: Fascism: Are We There Yet?
11/03/2016: Medical Danger Forces Complacency
11/01/2016: NOGE Comrade Responds to ULK 52, Building and Reflecting on UFPP
11/01/2016: Retaliation for Fighting the NDOC and Political Beliefs
11/01/2016: Censorship in Georgia Tier II
11/01/2016: Right On!
10/31/2016: Florida Prison Ban on MIM Pubs
10/31/2016: Medical Copay Revolving Door
10/30/2016: Lakotah Reclama Tierra de Colonos Estadounidense$
10/29/2016: Downloadable Grievance Petition, Arkansas
10/29/2016: Three Month Lockdown in Cherokee County
10/28/2016: Downloadable Grievance Petition, Louisiana
10/27/2016: Lakotah Reclaim Land from Settler U.$.
10/27/2016: Explorando el Resultado de la Tubería XL Keystone
10/26/2016: Much Work Still to be Done in Colorado
10/25/2016: Who Says the Masses Can't Lead?
10/24/2016: A Case for Unity with Reactionary Nationalist Organizations
10/24/2016: Maintain the Trust in the United Front
10/21/2016: Georgia denying medical in seg
10/20/2016: Cobb County conditions threaten lives
10/17/2016: Deadly Heat Victory in Louisiana
10/14/2016: Oppressive Conditions in Louisiana Control Units
10/12/2016: Harriet Tubman's Image Whitewashed on $20 Bill
10/11/2016: Sussex I: Lack of sanitation, basic supplies and grievance procedure
10/09/2016: Hearing Voices
10/07/2016: No TX Pack Tactics Have Worked
10/06/2016: Broad Participation in September 9 FAM Prison Strike
10/05/2016: Battling Censorship in NC Prisons
10/04/2016: September 9th Setback Leads to Unity Building
10/03/2016: Take up Revolution not Drugs
10/03/2016: Beaten by guards until memory is lost in Texas
10/02/2016: Exploring the Outcome of the Keystone XL Pipeline
10/01/2016: Political Activism in Prisons for Wimmin
10/01/2016: Celebrate the Legacy of the BPP - 50 Year Anniversary
10/01/2016: Standing Rock Sioux nation appeals to UN Human Rights Council to stop Dakota Access Pipeline
10/01/2016: Always Demand Revolution
9/30/2016: Texas refuses to give access to policies
9/30/2016: Guards Hiding Name Badges to Evade Grievances at xx Prison
9/30/2016: CCI Protests Win New Warden, But Can't End National Oppression
9/29/2016: Challenges Organizing without Housing
9/29/2016: Statement from 37 TN Prisoners on the Many Forms of Isolation in Solitary Confinement
9/27/2016: Dangerous heat in Texas
9/27/2016: No medical, oppressive heat, and forced isolation at Hancock SP
9/25/2016: Building Unity in California SNY
9/24/2016: Texas Reform Updates
9/23/2016: An Invaluable Resource?
9/21/2016: Divisions and Struggle in California Prisons
9/20/2016: Bringing in Females via Pen Pals
9/19/2016: Sept 9: Virginia Comrades Meet, Study, Discuss, Build
9/18/2016: Grievances consistently returned as invalid in Texas
9/18/2016: Resist to Exist
9/17/2016: Texas Comrades Need to Step Up
9/17/2016: How Should We Respond to Police Violence?
9/15/2016: Virginia Study Group Organizing for Education and Action
9/13/2016: The Adaption of Capitalistic Controls
9/12/2016: Georgia prisons Universal Declaration of Human Rights Complaint
9/11/2016: Chicano Power Interview Transcript
9/10/2016: El instituto correccional Hamilton rechaza todo el correo de MIM(Prisiones)
9/10/2016: Observing Sept 9 in Michigan
9/10/2016: Transferred for Suspicion of Organizing a Work Stoppage and BPP-Prison Chapter
9/09/2016: Employee Positions in Virginia Prison Wasting Money
9/09/2016: September 9: Prisoner-on-Prisoner Hostilities Cease 4 the Day in California
9/08/2016: In the Name of Socialism
9/08/2016: El Ejército de los E$tados Unido$ acierta golpe fulminante contra las políticas de identidad de género
9/06/2016: Cell Exercises to Build a Revolutionary Body
9/06/2016: Prisoners Unite Against Suppression of VA DOC Grievance Procedure
9/02/2016: Sexual Harassment by COs Goes Unpunished
9/01/2016: Clemens Grievance System Fails but TDCJ Headquarters Investigates Complaints
9/01/2016: Perseverance and Commitment in Texas Lawsuits
9/01/2016: I Can See Clearly
8/30/2016: What is Your Nationality?
8/29/2016: What I did as a communist and on probation: 2006-2015
8/29/2016: Runaround on Grievances in Texas
8/29/2016: Acknowledging DOJ Report on Private Prisons
8/28/2016: Update on Lucasville Hunger Strike
8/26/2016: A-1 at Wynne Even Worse Lately
8/24/2016: Arizona Isolation Unit is State Run Psychological Torture
8/24/2016: The Echo is a Voice for the Injustice System
8/23/2016: New York Prisoner Hunger Strikes to Protest Abuse
8/22/2016: Book review: In the People's Republic
8/22/2016: Missouri Long-Term Solitary Confinement Frameups and Torture
8/22/2016: Retaliation Harassment at Hughes
8/22/2016: Response to Lumpen Class calculations
8/21/2016: Goodfella indefinite lockdown to prevent unifying lumpen orgs
8/19/2016: Wisconsin Hunger Strikers August Update
8/17/2016: Abolitionists from Within Prepare for 2nd September 9th Day of Solidarity
8/17/2016: Violent abuse at Georgia Telfair prison
8/16/2016: Fighting uphill legal battles at Estelle
8/15/2016: Officers Assault Prisoners Regularly in Arkansas
8/15/2016: Our Readers Have Spoken: Prisoncensorship.info Must Live
8/14/2016: Conditions at Georgia State Prison inspire fight back
8/11/2016: How do you identify yourself?
8/06/2016: Surviving on the Streets is a Challenge after Abuse Behind Bars
8/03/2016: Heat and Conditions Driving People to Suicide in Louisiana
8/03/2016: Fighting Retaliation with TX Pack Resources
8/02/2016: Filth and Neglect at Ramsey III in Texas
8/01/2016: Una reseña de libro de ‘Guantanamo Diary’
8/01/2016: Deaths and Assaults in New York
8/01/2016: Approved Sleeping Aid, But Not Allowed to Have It
8/01/2016: United Front building at Sussex
8/01/2016: NCDPS Sued for Censorship of ULK
7/31/2016: Grievances and Excessive Heat
7/31/2016: Why Won't Wimmin Fight for their Rights?
7/30/2016: Defining and Measuring the Lumpen Class in the United States: A Preliminary Analysis
7/29/2016: Hamilton Correctional Institution Refuses All MIM(Prisons) Mail
7/28/2016: Building Peace and Unity in Colorado
7/25/2016: Wisconsin Hunger Strikers Still Standing Strong
7/25/2016: Cruel Denial of Access to Bathrooms at SCI Benner
7/24/2016: No Vitamin D at Hughes
7/21/2016: The Adaptation of Capitalistic Controls
7/21/2016: Choking by Guards
7/20/2016: Las Prisiones Privadas Expuestas, Misma a las Públicas
7/20/2016: SOCF Prisoners on Hunger Strike
7/20/2016: Fighting Apathy Among the Lumpen
7/20/2016: Approaching Conflict More Scientifically
7/18/2016: Warren CI Ignoring Sick Calls and Grievances
7/18/2016: Book Review: Lumpen by Ed Mead
7/18/2016: Lucasville Hunger Strike to End Solitary Confinement
7/18/2016: USW Study Group Poppin Off
7/17/2016: Mule Creek Two-Tier Medical Care
7/15/2016: No Law Library Access in Allred Seg
7/15/2016: Bombard them with Paperwork: Fighting Censorship in Virginia
7/14/2016: Building Unity Among the Lumpen
7/12/2016: Private Prisons Exposed, and Same as Public
7/11/2016: Unjustified Isolation for Medical Patients at CSP-Sacramento
7/11/2016: Louisiana Prisoners Hunger Strike Against Inhuman Conditions
7/07/2016: EOP Prisoners Attacking Each Others' Mental Health
7/07/2016: U.$. Military Delivers Death Blow to Identity Politics
7/06/2016: Warden harassing wives visiting in Texas
7/06/2016: La Unidad Para Ganar la Revolución: Dentro las Cárceles
7/05/2016: Unresolved Grievances, Stolen Mail
7/05/2016: Ex-TDCJ Officer Confirms Corruption
7/01/2016: Wisconsin Hunger Strikers Standing Strong in Face of Force Feeding
7/01/2016: Update on Wisconsin Prisoner Hunger Strike
7/01/2016: Battle for Literacy Builds Inside and Outside NC Prisons
6/30/2016: ULK is a Wake Up Call
6/29/2016: Maoist Movie Review: Resurgence
6/25/2016: MIM Correspondence Study Helps Reduce Conflict
6/23/2016: Another Subscriber Harassed
6/19/2016: Put Aside Your Quarrels, Support the Spirit of the AEH
6/18/2016: Fighting TB Exposure and Medical Neglect in Texas
6/17/2016: Texas confiscating magazines more than 6 months from print date
6/15/2016: Got to be Strong
6/13/2016: NCPDS Obstructing Grievance Process
6/13/2016: Hostil Environment, Grievances Tossed at Polunsky
6/10/2016: Downloadable Grievance Petition, Mississippi
6/10/2016: Denied Showers and Clean Clothing at Coffield
6/10/2016: People Dying, Urgency to Shut Down Control Units
6/09/2016: Fake Nutritionist Approves Unhealthy Diet in South Carolina
6/08/2016: Noise Used to Torture Federal Prisoners
6/08/2016: Nevada Should Stand Against Negligence and Violence
6/05/2016: Nourish the Seedz, Restore the Flowers
6/03/2016: Call for Unity with LGBTQ Prisoners
6/03/2016: Peleando al Verdadero Enemigo el 9 de Septiembre, Demostración de Solidaridad
6/02/2016: Build a Revolutionary Mind and Body
6/02/2016: Drug Abuse Program Mere Brainwashing
6/02/2016: Medical Negligence and another Prisoner Death
6/02/2016: CSP - LAC Correctional Officer Pattern of Harrassment
6/01/2016: Hamilton CI Abuse by Officer Covered Up
6/01/2016: The Panther Legacy, Black Riders and Intercommunalism
6/01/2016: Applying Lessons from the Black Panthers to our Current Struggle
5/31/2016: Resist Anarchist Tendencies: Stay Disciplined on the Streets
5/31/2016: Guerilla Elite Family Pushes Peace and Unity
5/31/2016: Texas harassing jailhouse lawyers
5/31/2016: Stories of Regular Threats Prisoners Face at Estelle
5/31/2016: Capitalism Glorifies Suffering for Profit
5/31/2016: Struggling for Unity Through Study
5/25/2016: Do The Damn Thang
5/25/2016: Imprisoned and Illiterate, Fighting Abuse in NC
5/25/2016: One Nine Eight Four
5/24/2016: Regular Lockdown in New Mexico
5/24/2016: Pack Unit Violates Ground Water Monitoring Law
5/20/2016: Notes from a CA Comrade Who Fell Back into Street Life
5/16/2016: Book Review: Red Scare: Memories of the American Inquisition
5/16/2016: Lesser of Two Evils
5/14/2016: Response to ULK 48 on Islam and United Front Organizing
5/12/2016: Always Salute the Comrades
5/12/2016: Prisoners for Palestine Campaign update
5/12/2016: Unsanitary, Dangerous, Health-Threatening Conditions at Coffield Unit
5/12/2016: Chinese Commemorate 50th Anniversary of Cultural Revolution
5/11/2016: Tortured, Killed and Driven to Suicide: Whistleblower Exposes Abuse in Florida Prison
5/11/2016: Fighting the Patriarchy: George Jackson and the Black Panther Party
5/10/2016: Propaganda of a Revolutionary
5/10/2016: Building Independent Institutions for Peoples' Safety
5/10/2016: Emotion vs. Strategy
5/10/2016: Oregon, Punished for Requesting Copy of Grievance Petition
5/09/2016: Orange Crush, Sexual Abuse at Menard
5/09/2016: Grievances lost or ignored in Georgia
5/05/2016: Rat Infested Kitchen in Florida
5/05/2016: Georgia prisoner framed as retaliation for activism
5/05/2016: Patriotism or Internationalism: A message to the left wing of USW
5/03/2016: Animals treated better than Georgia prisoners
5/02/2016: Missouri Abuse Denied Grievance Process
5/02/2016: Step 1 and Step 2 Grievances on Indigent Mail Campaign
5/02/2016: Overcome Censorship on Tier Program
5/01/2016: Chicano Power Book Tainted by AEH Statement
4/30/2016: The Importance of Militarism Under Imperialism, and Why Prisons Aren't So Much
4/29/2016: Building Class Consciousness among Lumpen New Afrikans
4/26/2016: Red Book Cover is Gang-Related
4/22/2016: Mass Placement into Segregation
4/21/2016: FFU Joining the United Front for Peace in Prisons
4/20/2016: Need help exposing abuse in Georgia
4/19/2016: Funded Security is Setup for Target Harassment
4/18/2016: Unity Growing on the Yard at Folsom
4/15/2016: Uncle Sam's Big Top
4/14/2016: Parole on Paper but No Way to Pay
4/13/2016: Prisoners Plan Hunger Strike to Protest Wisconsin Long Term Isolation
4/12/2016: Guantanamo Diary Book Review
4/11/2016: Trying to Defend Rights in Texas
4/11/2016: Fighting the Real Enemy on September 9 Solidarity Demonstration
4/08/2016: Fabricated Disciplinary Reports in Texas
4/07/2016: Update on Ohio Hunger Strike for Medical Attention
4/05/2016: Can't Parole Because No Disciplinaries
4/03/2016: Petition Against Tier II Abuse at Smith State Prison
4/01/2016: Conciencia Nacional y al Porqué las Vidas Negras Importan
3/29/2016: Court Orders Tier II Practices Unconstitutional
3/27/2016: Survival and Stamina in Our Struggle
3/25/2016: Commemorating Mary Crow Dog, AIM and the BPP
3/23/2016: Hunger Strike for Medical Attention
3/23/2016: Texas, McConnell Medical Neglect and No Due Process
3/22/2016: Fighting Censorship for "Gang Material"
3/22/2016: Censorship and Grievance Appeals Ignored in Florida
3/21/2016: New Afrikan Books Censored in Louisiana
3/21/2016: 4 Days of Confinement and Confusion
3/21/2016: Medical Abuse in Texas
3/17/2016: Downloadable Petition for Access to Law Library, Missouri
3/17/2016: GSP Brutality, Improper Food and Lack of Legal Access
3/15/2016: Waking each day in my cell
3/15/2016: Is It Time to Let www.prisoncensorship.info Die?
3/15/2016: Operation S.A.F.E. Standing Against Fearful Environments
3/15/2016: Censorship Victory in Pennsylvania
3/15/2016: Unification Against Defeatism and Inaction
3/14/2016: Grievances Hidden and Denied
3/14/2016: Exhausting Grievances for PLRA
3/14/2016: On the Importance of Theory in the Prison Movement; Opportunism and Revolutionary Leadership
3/13/2016: Welcome to Ad-Seg/SHU (aka Fuck Your Sleep!)
3/12/2016: Illinois Prisoners Build Communist Study Materials
3/11/2016: Lumpen Struggle, Lumpen Survival
3/11/2016: Generational Gaps and Revolutionary Concepts of the Black Panther Party
3/10/2016: Book Review: Gringo Justice
3/09/2016: Medical Copay Extortion Adjusted
3/08/2016: Five Percenter Responds to Islam as Liberation Theology
3/07/2016: Nevada State Prison Medical Care Victims
3/07/2016: No Work, No Medical Needs
3/07/2016: Old Construction Contaminating the Air
3/07/2016: Texas Ferguson Prison: Brutality and other Abuse
3/06/2016: Where were the guards?
3/06/2016: The Free Speech Society Presents: The Conflict Resolution Committee
3/05/2016: Incarcerated Mind
3/02/2016: Arizona Wimmin's Prison Lack Proper Shelter from Elements, Medical and Supplies
3/01/2016: Refusing to be tamed by physical abuse at Hays
3/01/2016: Making Moves on Indigent Mail Campaign
3/01/2016: Vanguard of the Revolution: More Revisionist Panther History
2/28/2016: Florida Grievance Petition Works
2/26/2016: From the Perspective of 12 Years a Slave, Three Prominent African American Men
2/26/2016: Long-Term Untreated Injury from Officer Excessive Use of Force
2/25/2016: For Education Aristocrats Will Pay the Toll
2/25/2016: Displaced People: The Outcome of Imperialist Aggression Around the World
2/24/2016: NC Grievance Petition Exposes Systematic Problem
2/22/2016: Assaulted in Handcuffs in Oregon
2/21/2016: Statement from Ohio Study Group
2/18/2016: Grievance Campaign Grows in Nevada
2/18/2016: Classifying Humans for Oppression
2/17/2016: The Cyst'm Blames the Victims
2/17/2016: Statement of Solidarity with UFPP from NAAB
2/16/2016: National Consciousness and Why Black Lives Matter
2/15/2016: Legal Deception: A Death Row SHU Prisoner's Comments on the Method of Execution in California
2/15/2016: Louisiana Small Victory, Ongoing Struggle
2/15/2016: The 2 Strikes Law: How it is being used as a revolving door into the abyss of indeterminate SHU terms
2/13/2016: Beyonce's "Formation" and Super Bowl 50
2/12/2016: Post-modernist introspection fails to meet Black nationalism: a Maoist review of "White Privilege II"
2/11/2016: Access to Courts Obstructed at GSP
2/10/2016: Am Not!
2/10/2016: Guerrilla Union Forms After Studying ULK
2/09/2016: Medical Treatment and Medical Negligence
2/05/2016: Heed the Call
2/04/2016: Commentary on New Afrikan lumpen
2/01/2016: Seeking USW's Help to Build Peace in Pelican Bay
2/01/2016: Shun TV, Be Humble, and Check Security
1/31/2016: Struggle from Within
1/31/2016: Islam as Liberation Theology
1/29/2016: Survival Pending Revolution: Basic Tactics
1/28/2016: Poder Chican@ y la Lucha por Aztlán: Una Guía Para Acción
1/26/2016: No Prosthetic Services for Amputee
1/25/2016: On the Moorish Science Temple of America and Sovereign Citizens
1/25/2016: All Censorship Should be Appealed
1/24/2016: Response To Rashid on Our Logic and Opportunism
1/23/2016: Odinism/Asatru: Disproving Wyte Supremacist Myths
1/22/2016: Stuck
1/22/2016: Five Percenter Responds to Religion Study Pack
1/20/2016: Hold You Back
1/20/2016: Deaths in South Carolina, Negligence by Prison Staff
1/20/2016: Failed Protest Solidifies Commitment
1/19/2016: Coalinga State Hospital Prison Conditions
1/19/2016: Pharaoh Obama
1/19/2016: Arkansas: Winning Fight to Wear Facial Hair
1/18/2016: What do you think about Bernie Sanders?
1/17/2016: Book Review: The Essential Stalin, Still Relevant in U.$. Prisons
1/17/2016: Build an Organizing Machine
1/16/2016: Book Review: Marxism, Orientalism, Cosmopolitanism (part 2 of 2)
1/15/2016: The Mirror
1/15/2016: Call for Lumpen Unity against Oppression in Maryland
1/15/2016: Class in Session
1/15/2016: Book Review: Marxism, Orientalism, Cosmopolitanism (part 1 of 2)
1/13/2016: Class Consciousness Amongst the Imprisoned Lumpen
1/11/2016: Prisoners, Unite with Proletariat Against Labor Aristocracy
1/11/2016: Red Confederation On Point with UFPP in Georgia
1/11/2016: Prison Scares off Subscribers of ULK
1/10/2016: Medical Neglect Covered up with False DR in Kansas
1/08/2016: Contradiction Between Hippocratic Oath and Prisons
1/05/2016: Racist Israeli Vigilantism and the Subjugation of the Palestinian People
1/02/2016: Communist Education Threatened with STG Status
1/01/2016: No Way As The Way
1/01/2016: Sobre la reconstrucción de las divisiones nacionales y regionales
1/01/2016: BPP Classified as Gang Related
12/31/2015: Religion is a Decoy
12/30/2015: Celebrating Everyday Freedom Fighters Behind Bars
12/29/2015: Telford Unit Health Dangers and Other Abuses
12/29/2015: Advancing the Illinois Grievance Campaign
12/28/2015: 80 Beeps a Day Means No Sleep in NC RHU
12/28/2015: Call for Grievance Petition Campaign Updates
12/27/2015: Nevada United to Fight Guard Brutality
12/26/2015: Downloadable Grievance Petition, Country-wide
12/26/2015: Brutalized for Filing Lawsuit on Prison Officials
12/26/2015: "Spotlight" Movie Dramatizes Catholic Church Sex Abuse
12/23/2015: Mail Returned for No Reason, Prevents Legal Struggles
12/22/2015: Medical Neglect in Texas
12/21/2015: Calling out Racist Guards in California
12/17/2015: Cotulla Unit Warden Responds to Indigent Mail Step 1 Grievance
12/17/2015: Medical Care Denied in Tennessee
12/16/2015: Fight Religion with Scientific Materialism
12/14/2015: More Petty Retribution in Pelican Bay Following Ashker Settlement
12/03/2015: Update on Lawsuit on Inadequate Rec and Food
12/01/2015: Your Socks
12/01/2015: Attacking the Myth of Binary Biology: MIM(Prisons) Eliminates Gendered Language
11/30/2015: Fighting Missouri Abuse in the Courts
11/30/2015: Blinded by the White
11/30/2015: Injury, Insult, Disability, Isolation
11/30/2015: Lawsuit on Inadequate Rec and Food Pending, Seeking Assistance
11/25/2015: The Lumpen's Religion
11/24/2015: Medical Negligence in Federal Prisons
11/22/2015: Prisoner Loses Eye Due to Neglect
11/21/2015: The United Lumpen Front for Peace & Unity in Virginia Prisons
11/20/2015: Why talk and not say shit
11/20/2015: North Carolina Soldiers of Revolution Organizing for Peace
11/19/2015: Lessons from the Hunger Strike 2000-2007 in Turkey
11/15/2015: Two Sides of Garvey
11/15/2015: Lead and Copper in Eastham Water
11/14/2015: Sept 9 Solidarity As Survival Strategy
11/13/2015: Organizing Against Rights Violations in Ad-Seg
11/13/2015: On the Rise
11/12/2015: Religious Repression in Texas
11/12/2015: Scientific Thought and Internationalism
11/10/2015: Freedom Fighter: Frederick Douglass
11/09/2015: Pennsylvania Censorship Victory
11/09/2015: Lawsuit Filed Against Corrupt Grievance System
11/07/2015: Amerika... Are We Free
11/06/2015: Bogus Writeups in North Carolina Extend Solitary
11/03/2015: Freedom Fighter: Inspired by Malcolm X
11/02/2015: A Thunder Storm
11/02/2015: Freezing Showers Leading to $100 Medical Copay
11/01/2015: Celebrate the Youth, Our Future Freedom Fighters
11/01/2015: The Syrian Civil War: Inter-Imperialist Rivalry
10/31/2015: What is the Third World?
10/30/2015: Revolutionary Discourse
10/30/2015: Punishment for Reporting Abuse in Florida
10/29/2015: Support the Illinois Fight Against Solitary Confinement
10/28/2015: Anti-Sectarianism in the United Front
10/27/2015: Chican@ Power and the Struggle for Aztlan: A guide to action
10/26/2015: Caught Up in the White Man's Noose
10/25/2015: One More Doctor Replaced
10/23/2015: The Fight Continues: One Year Anniversary of Students' Disappearance in Mexico
10/21/2015: Arkansas Study Group Responds to UFPP Discussion
10/20/2015: The Awaken
10/19/2015: Confiscating Toothbrushes Doesn't Make Prisoner Safe
10/19/2015: CA Drought: Not Enough Water for Sanitation, but Plenty for Abuse
10/14/2015: Embrace
10/12/2015: Overcome
10/10/2015: Serious Ideal
10/05/2015: The Morals Money Ignores
10/05/2015: AMBI Statement of Unity
10/04/2015: More First Amendment Violations in North Carolina
10/01/2015: Chican@ Power Marks 100th Anniversary of Plan de San Diego
9/30/2015: A lie ain't nothing for the state of Texas to Tell
9/28/2015: County Jail in Total Darkness
9/28/2015: Indigent Mail Restrictions Silences Prisoners
9/27/2015: Initial Report from September 9 Day of Peace and Solidarity
9/26/2015: Agreement to End Hostilities in CA: 3 Year Status Update
9/23/2015: Shower Guards Mock and Harass
9/20/2015: Resistance
9/20/2015: Consolidating USW Leadership thru Organization
9/18/2015: Mass Migration 2015
9/17/2015: Are We There Yet?
9/17/2015: Fight Snitching through Revolutionary Unity
9/15/2015: Fighting STG Status Using Courts and Elections
9/15/2015: I Wanna Believe
9/15/2015: Black August Organizing Focused on Popularizing Agreement to End Hostilities
9/14/2015: September 9 Day of Unity Marked by Censorship
9/12/2015: United We Stand
9/11/2015: To a FL Comrade: Promote Peace, Fight Censorship
9/11/2015: How We Develop Campaigns
9/10/2015: Message to Clements Unit: to Continue to Exist We Must Resist
9/09/2015: Sept 9 hunger strike in California wins cleaner unit
9/09/2015: Hours of Discussion to Comemmorate September 9
9/09/2015: High Desert September 9th Organizing Followed by Violence Month Later
9/09/2015: Tier 2 is the Worst
9/09/2015: Torture Continues: CDCR Settlement Screws Prisoners
9/09/2015: Kingism as a Religion
9/08/2015: Egalitarianism Now
9/08/2015: Colorado's War on the Poor
9/08/2015: Lock Downs as Group Punishment in Salinas Valley
9/08/2015: Validated for Participating in MIM(Prisons) Study Group
9/07/2015: Aryans in the Struggle for Peace in Prisons
9/05/2015: Beauty in the eyes of my kaptors
9/04/2015: End to Hostilities Holding, September 9th Plans Small
9/01/2015: Liberation
9/01/2015: Ferguson, a Condemned Unit
9/01/2015: Religion is an Opiate for Prisoners
8/31/2015: Chop or get Locked Up
8/31/2015: Surviving and Staying Active on the Streets
8/30/2015: Strugglen Artists Association Call for Propaganda Workers
8/29/2015: Downloadable Grievance Petition, Georgia
8/29/2015: Downloadable Grievance Petition, Alaska
8/29/2015: Stand Firm With Unity join UFPP
8/28/2015: Accountability Lacking in County Jails
8/28/2015: Fight Security Threat Group Policies in Michigan
8/28/2015: Attacking From All Angles
8/26/2015: Freedom Fighter: Latin King Leaders
8/25/2015: AFW Joins UFPP, Plans Demo for Sept. 9
8/24/2015: Many Abuses at Ferguson Unit
8/24/2015: Provocation and Prosecution
8/24/2015: South Central Correctional Center phase up program in the works
8/24/2015: Punished for Reporting Brutal Assault During Ramadan
8/23/2015: Death Due to Medical Negligence
8/22/2015: Muslims Fighting for Rights in Arkansas
8/21/2015: CDCR Lackeys Assassinate Leader of Prison Movement
8/20/2015: Your Documents Prove Your Tongues Lie
8/19/2015: Call to End the Violence Against Prisoners
8/19/2015: Virginia Censorship Battle Seeking Way Forward
8/18/2015: GA Hunger Strike Against Sexual Assaults
8/18/2015: "New" Torture Tactics at Pelican Bay
8/14/2015: Celebrate Freedom Fighters by Becoming a Freedom Fighter
8/13/2015: Undermining Religious Freedoms
8/13/2015: Texas Cuts Prisoners' Medication to Save Money
8/13/2015: Pennsylvania Censors Textbooks
8/13/2015: Movie Review: Straight Outta Compton
8/06/2015: Plan of Attack on Texas Hiding Grievance Manual
8/04/2015: Fighting National Oppression Requires Action
8/03/2015: Clemens Unit Complaints
7/26/2015: Growth and Challenges: Summing Up MIM(Prisons) 2015 Congress
7/25/2015: Loyalty to an Organization vs. Loyalty to the Oppressed
7/25/2015: Prisoner-led Study Groups Summary
7/20/2015: Unequal Religious Permissions in TDCJ
7/20/2015: Carrot and Stick in TDCJ
7/20/2015: Building Prison Study Groups
7/17/2015: Platicas Acerca de Soberanía: un Planteamiento Científico
7/15/2015: Know Thy Enemy
7/15/2015: Tentative Victory on Clergy Confidentiality
7/15/2015: One Method of Organizing a Study Group
7/15/2015: El 9 de Septiembre, Un Día de Solidaridad
7/14/2015: Seize the Time on September 9
7/13/2015: 'I Contribute To Peace', a pledge to end hostilities inside and out
7/13/2015: Mother's Day Protest Against Permanent Lockdown
7/12/2015: ULK 44 is On Point with Revolutionary Science
7/11/2015: Imperialist Hypocrites
7/11/2015: Honduras to Yemen: Puppet Regimes Falter
7/10/2015: Attica Prisoner Remembers 1971 Uprising
7/08/2015: Tortured for writing sister of murdered prisoner
7/07/2015: Lockdown to Punish Those Fasting During Ramadan
7/07/2015: Anonymous Letter to Attorney General Lynch re: Brutal Beating
7/01/2015: Basic Needs, Property Denied: Grievance Process Needed
7/01/2015: El Objetivo del Imperialismo Estadounidense Buscando Aliviar Tensiones con Cuba: Conveniencia Económica
6/28/2015: Righteous Anger is Not the Same as Hatred
6/28/2015: Tactics of the Watchdogs
6/28/2015: How to Unite with White Lumpen
6/27/2015: Following Policies or Following Whims?
6/26/2015: Ensuring Prisons are Populated
6/25/2015: U.S. "Left" Denies Aztlán and Strengthens Imperialism
6/25/2015: Florida Sgt Punches Handcuffed Prisoner
6/23/2015: God Body Builds UFPP Using Science
6/22/2015: Georgia Manufacturing Mental Health Problems
6/20/2015: MAC/IAC: Working for the People or Working for the Pigs
6/20/2015: Amerikan Land Must Be Redistributed to First Nations
6/17/2015: Prisoner Murdered by COs in West Virginia
6/16/2015: New Restrictions on Group Prayer in GA
6/15/2015: Southern Poverty Law Center Misses Point on National Oppression
6/12/2015: Peace and Solidarity Challenge September 9
6/12/2015: Brown Berets - Prison Chapter Celebrates Third Anniversary
6/11/2015: Finding Unity in Texas through ULK
6/09/2015: No Citizens' Rights for Prisoners
6/08/2015: Forming Prisoner-led Study Groups in IMU
6/04/2015: UFAO Links Up with UFPP
6/03/2015: Take off the Religious Blindfolds
6/02/2015: Rats, Roaches, and Retaliation
6/01/2015: Texas Mental Health Services Don't Service the Prisoners
5/26/2015: Narcoland Book Review
5/26/2015: Guards Deliberately Starve Prisoners in Virginia
5/25/2015: Black Lives Matter
5/24/2015: Is ULK Too Hardcore for the DOC?
5/23/2015: A Day of Solidarity, September 9th
5/22/2015: Study Logic, Don't End Up Like Rashid
5/21/2015: Talks about Sovereignty: A Scientific Approach
5/20/2015: Imperialist Cancer Found in Detention Centers and Militarism
5/20/2015: Imperialism Alive and Well in Support of U.$. Military
5/20/2015: The Naxalite Struggle for Self-Determination Advances
5/20/2015: Fables and Facts: Fighting Police Brutality
5/19/2015: Llamada para celebrar a luchadores(as) de libertad de Agosto Negro todo el año
5/19/2015: Building Scientific Leadership Behind Bars
5/13/2015: The more things change, the more they stay the same
5/04/2015: Law Library Problems at Ellis Unit
5/02/2015: Baltimore: Contradictions Heightening
4/25/2015: Strive
4/20/2015: Stand Proudly
4/20/2015: Delaware SHU Torture is Extreme
4/16/2015: Prison Dog Rehab Program Underscores Inhumynity to Humyns
4/15/2015: Making Peace
4/15/2015: Texas Denies Prisoners All Access to Paper and Envelopes
4/10/2015: No Stopping Me
4/08/2015: Recreación Negada en Segregación Administrativa
4/05/2015: Direct Hit
4/04/2015: Government Hypocrisy Over Freedom of Speech in France
4/03/2015: Chemical Warfare
4/03/2015: Black August Call to Celebrate Freedom Fighters Year Round
4/02/2015: Reading is Fundamental
4/01/2015: Ohio Guards Instigate Beating, Lock Down Prisoners as Punishment
3/31/2015: Where it Begins
3/31/2015: Censorship in NY Targets Oppressed Nation Lit
3/30/2015: Georgia Tier 3 Oppression Must be Fought
3/29/2015: Education vs. Propaganda
3/28/2015: PrisonTalk.com Censors MIM(Prisons)
3/25/2015: Our Utopia
3/17/2015: Torture Spreading as Tool of Social Control
3/16/2015: Georgia State Prison Hunger Strike Against Control Units
3/14/2015: Ohio, Chillicothe Grievance Culture
3/13/2015: Denied Recreation in Ad-Seg
3/13/2015: Book Review: Out of Control
3/12/2015: Christmas Day Beating to Save Face for CO
3/11/2015: Who's Defining Mental Illness?
3/10/2015: Education is Critical to the United Front
3/09/2015: Targeted for Validation Because of Prison Activism
3/08/2015: New Afrikan Prisoners Retaliated Against by Institutional Gang Investigators
3/07/2015: Censorship of Literature without Review in Virginia
3/06/2015: Alaska Update on Literature Censorship
3/05/2015: The Objective of U.S. Imperialism in Seeking Cuban Detente: Economic Expediency
3/04/2015: Lessons from the Bandung Conference for the United Front for Peace in Prisons
3/03/2015: Validated: Targeted for Repression
3/02/2015: Delaware Prison System Exposed as Tool of Social Control
2/25/2015: First Class Censorship in California
2/23/2015: It's Phase Two, We're All Goin' to the SHU
2/23/2015: Outbreak of Rashes from Contaminated Water at Tracy DVI
2/14/2015: Control Units: Social Control for Semi-Colonies in the United $tates
2/11/2015: The Oscar Goes to the White Man
2/10/2015: CALPIA - Building Better Lives for a Safer California
2/09/2015: Soledad Pigs Power Tripping
2/06/2015: Pelea en Mississippi guía a Frente Unido de Paz y Unidad
2/04/2015: La Brutalidad de la Policía Americana y las Torturosas Prisiones son el Mismo Asunto
2/01/2015: France Targets National Minorities on the Streets and in Prisons
1/30/2015: Justice?
1/26/2015: Psychiatry Tortures Prisoners
1/25/2015: Agreement to End Hostilities is the Main Struggle in CA
1/25/2015: United Front for Peace in Prisons Status Report
1/21/2015: Amerikans Richer Than Ever
1/20/2015: A Plague in the Community
1/20/2015: Carry on the September 9 Day of Peace and Solidarity
1/15/2015: Organizing South Carolina Prisoners in Solidarity with Palestine
1/13/2015: Fight in Mississippi Leads to United Front Peace and Unity
1/12/2015: Fight for Unity Against Police Brutality
1/12/2015: Extortion in California Prisons
1/12/2015: Simple Minded
1/10/2015: The Best Reforms for the Grievance Process
1/10/2015: Big Picture Behind Fighting Unjust Gang Validations
1/10/2015: Step Up and Start Learning for Attica Commemoration
1/08/2015: Building Peace with the United Front
1/08/2015: Prison Organizer Falsely Validated, Transferred and Fighting Back
1/07/2015: Success Comes with Unity
1/06/2015: Thoughts of a Civilized Savage
1/05/2015: Debating Violence in Prison Battles
12/31/2014: Killing Cops and Revolutionary Activism of the Lumpen
12/30/2014: Amerikan Police Brutality and Torturous Prisons are the Same Issue
12/29/2014: Downloadable Grievance Petition, Arizona
12/29/2014: Book Review: Marcus Garvey Falls Short of Revolutionary Nationalism
12/29/2014: (No) Debido Proceso de Validación y Programas de Renunciación
12/24/2014: Book Review: Che Guevara, A Revolutionary Life
12/23/2014: New Music for the Holidays
12/23/2014: La Politica y el Arte deberían tener un estilo nacional
12/21/2014: Book Review: The Cristal Experiment: A Chicano Struggle for Community Control
12/19/2014: Medical Abuse in Georgia
12/19/2014: Seth Rogen Tries to Capitalize on Imperialist Lies Against DPRK
12/18/2014: Chican@s Must Fight Gender Oppression
12/17/2014: Stats Show National Oppression in Maryland Prisons
12/17/2014: EZLN Prison Chapter Joins United Front for Peace in Prisons
12/15/2014: Resumiendo las protestas del 9 de Septiembre
12/13/2014: Florida Denies Prisoners Basic Rights
12/08/2014: False Gang Validation in Michigan
12/04/2014: Gang Validation: Justification for Torture and Social Control
11/29/2014: "Party People" Problems
11/24/2014: Sex Between Staff and Prisoners in California
11/23/2014: MIM(Prisons) Pwned by Sexual Liberalism?
11/21/2014: Summing up September 9 Protests
11/19/2014: Breaking the Colorado Ad-Seg Cycle of Violence
11/19/2014: Burkina Faso Replaces One Dictator with Another
11/18/2014: Looking Squarely at Our Failures
11/18/2014: Definiendo la Violación
11/17/2014: Feds Punish Legal Battles with Extreme Isolation
11/17/2014: Colorado en luto por la muerte de un Chicano a manos de un policia
11/17/2014: Brown Berets - Prison Chapter of Colorado Join United Front for Peace
11/17/2014: New Afrikan Uhuru Movement Joins United Front for Peace in Prisons
11/17/2014: Declaration of Unity for the United Front for Peace in Prisons
11/16/2014: Texas Hides Grievance Manual from Prisoners
11/15/2014: Case Law and Strengthening Spontaneous Action
11/14/2014: Right to Assist Others with Legal Work
11/13/2014: False STG Accusations Target Freedom Fighter in Ohio
11/12/2014: Downloadable Grievance Petition, South Carolina
11/12/2014: Downloadable Grievance Petition, Kansas
11/05/2014: Virginia Hides List of Censored Publications
11/05/2014: USW Shows Solidarity with Palestine, but Face Resistance from U.S. Prisoners
11/04/2014: Georgia Joins Grievance Campaign
11/04/2014: Fighting Georgia SMU Torture
11/03/2014: Georgia Targets Goodfellas for Permanent Lockdown
11/02/2014: Politics and Art should have a National Style
11/01/2014: A Scientific Definition of Rape and Why the Gender Aristocracy is Important
10/28/2014: SNY Warrior Down for Revolution
10/27/2014: Colorado Punishes "Associates" for Actions of Others
10/27/2014: Unity Against Georgia Torture Units
10/26/2014: Book Review: The Communist Necessity
10/25/2014: Support the Palestine Petition
10/25/2014: Texas Heat Continues to Kill
10/24/2014: Director of Arkansas Department of Prisons Lies Under Oath to U.S. Courts
10/23/2014: Unity with SNY Threatens Credibility
10/22/2014: In Isolation for Influence as Muslim Leader
10/22/2014: Amerikanos se Alegran Mientras el Militarismo de U.$ Amenaza Vidas Amerikanas
10/21/2014: STG Validations to Justify Reopening of Tamms Supermax
10/20/2014: Book Review: Captive Genders
10/20/2014: Victory in Unity at Leavenworth
10/19/2014: The Hidden Epidemic: An update on Amerikkka's homeless LGBT Youth
10/14/2014: (Un)Due Process of Validation and Step Down Programs
10/10/2014: Colorado Mourns the Killing of a Chicano by a Cop
10/08/2014: Beware of Gang Intelligence in New York
10/05/2014: Personality Cults, the Black Panther Party, and Principled Unity
10/03/2014: Utilize Cyber Space and Social Media to Expose the Corrupt Texas Pigs
10/02/2014: Don't Loot, Organize!
10/02/2014: 3BKingdom Joins UFPP
10/01/2014: Fox Features New Afrikan Apologists for Imperialism
10/01/2014: Pigs Kill in Oregon, Punish Prisoners while Pretending to Investigate
9/30/2014: Texas Pig Beats Prisoner, Lies About It
9/30/2014: Pigs Orchestrate Race Riots to Fill Control Units
9/29/2014: Officers Boast About Death of Prisoner
9/21/2014: Book Review: Fanshen
9/20/2014: Emerging September 9 Protestors
9/20/2014: Las Prisiones de Texas Matan de Calor a la Gente
9/19/2014: Defining Rape
9/15/2014: Prisoners from Atlanta Arbitrarily Labeled Gang Members
9/11/2014: New Tennessee Control Units Modeled After Georgia System of Torture
9/09/2014: PREA National Standards: Symbol or Sword?
9/05/2014: Amerikans Cheer as U.$. Militarism Threatens Amerikan Lives
9/04/2014: Activism vs. Romance: Why MIM(Prisons) Does Not Offer Dating Services
9/03/2014: New York Offers Rape Crisis Line in Prison
9/02/2014: The New Court-Approved Device of Torture in California SHUs: Guard One
9/02/2014: Los Capitalistas no Pueden Salvar al Planeta
9/02/2014: Viva Palestine Libre: A Pelear Contra el Terrorísmo I$raelí
9/02/2014: In Protest of the Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine
9/02/2014: Fighting Gender Oppression in Prison
9/02/2014: Fighting STG Label for Notes on Political History
9/01/2014: Amerikan Aid to Africa Really Aids Imperialism
8/31/2014: Palestine Petition Gains Much Support in California Prison
8/31/2014: Montana Shuts Down SHU, Reopens Under a New Name
8/31/2014: The Inspiration Behind the Palestine Petition
8/30/2014: Bringing the Truth to Light: The Result of Sunlight Deprivation at San Quentin
8/29/2014: Building Unity Against Militarized Guards
8/29/2014: Publication Discrimination
8/29/2014: Fighting Deadly Texas Heat Through the Legal System
8/28/2014: Inadequate Water in Texas Oven
8/28/2014: Oregon Long Term Program Expanded
8/28/2014: Texas Prisoner Dies After Pleas for Help are Ignored
8/27/2014: Fight First World Chauvanism, Support the Palestinian Struggle
8/27/2014: Fighting Police Murders in Ferguson and Beyond
8/26/2014: Petición: Rechazar la Población del Estado I$raelista y Apoyar la Gente de Palestina
8/25/2014: El Activismo de MIM(Prisones) es Clasificado como "Contaminación"
8/21/2014: "Crash Dummies" Used to Foment Disunity
8/20/2014: Fighting Sexual Abuse Leads to Reprisals in California
8/17/2014: Patsy Chavis: The Willie Lynch of Tabor CI
8/15/2014: Washington Prohibe Publicaciones en Lenguaje Extranjero
8/14/2014: Beyond the 602: California Administrative Mandate Petitions
8/13/2014: Downloadable Grievance Petition, Texas
8/13/2014: Building Unity Fighting National Divisions in Texas
8/12/2014: Crime Pays for the Capitalists
8/12/2014: Criminalizing Defendants for Inability to Pay Court Fees
8/12/2014: Jewish Prisoner Denied Food in Corcoran
8/11/2014: Pigs Endanger Safety and Security of Institution, Put Lives of Prisoners at Risk
8/11/2014: Facing Abuse by Pigs and Gender Contradictions Among Prisoners in Virginia
8/11/2014: Reject the I$raeli Settler State, Support the People of Palestine
8/10/2014: Pennsylvania STG: Acronym for Oppression
8/10/2014: MIM Prison Activism Labeled "Contamination"
8/09/2014: Texas Prisons Kill People with Heat
8/08/2014: Federal Judge Exposes Discrimination Against Muslims Held Captive in Texas Prisons
8/07/2014: Organizing Against Control Units in Ohio
8/07/2014: Georgia Prisoners Ready to Fight Negligence and Corruption
8/06/2014: Shut Down the Oregon Long Term Program
8/06/2014: Born from Different Mothers Reppin' Different Colors
8/05/2014: Nebraska Forces Prisoners to Overpay for Postage
8/04/2014: Washington Prohibits Foreign Language Publications
8/04/2014: Against Da Odds
8/03/2014: Colorado Segregation Targets Activists and Mentally Ill
8/02/2014: United the Power of the People Can Defeat the CDCR
8/02/2014: Hystory is On Our Side
7/30/2014: Savage Inequalities for Palestine
7/30/2014: World Cup Distinguished Chicanos from Amerikans
7/29/2014: Viva Palestine Libre: Fight I$raeli Terrorism
7/27/2014: Downloadable Grievance Petition, Oregon
7/25/2014: Capitalists Can't Save the Planet
7/24/2014: Response to Texas Petitions Falling on Deaf Ears
7/19/2014: Book Review: Orange is the New Black, My Year in a Women's Prison
7/17/2014: MIM(Prisons) July 2014 Congress Report
7/15/2014: To Pigism
7/15/2014: EE UU Envolucrado Detras el Derrame de Sangre en Ukrania
7/13/2014: We Interrupt This Program: Censorship of TV and Radio in Prison
7/13/2014: Amerikans Protest Migrants, Protect Imperialist Privileges
7/12/2014: Georgia Implements new Control Unit Program
7/12/2014: Settlers Instigate Violence in First Nation Village
7/11/2014: Innocent Kids Convicted of Murder while Guilty Corporate Execs Get Profits
7/11/2014: North Carolina Bans Legally Permitted Activities, Nominal Victory
7/11/2014: Maoist Movie Review: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
7/10/2014: W.L. Nolen Mentorship Progam Cited as Gang Material
7/10/2014: Revolutionary Ecology Website Review
7/09/2014: Inspired by Prisoner Standing up Against Oppression
7/08/2014: Back in the SHU II D.R.
7/07/2014: Federal Supermax Prisoners Fight Complacency and Injustice
7/01/2014: Hailey Care: Heathcare Disaster in South Carolina
6/30/2014: Facebook Shuts Down South Carolina Prisoner Accounts
6/25/2014: Segregation is Torture, Unite to Fight Common Enemies
6/23/2014: Colorado Organization Builds for Peace, Activists Locked up in Segregation
6/23/2014: From Unity to Collective Liberation; Learning to Unite Against Gender Oppression
6/20/2014: Illinois Court Rules Medical Books Not Allowed to Prisoners
6/20/2014: Texas Petitions Fall on Deaf Ears, Need to Shift Campaign Target
6/20/2014: Virginia Prisoner Punished for Organizing
6/17/2014: California SHU Battle Part of Anti-Imperialist Struggle
6/15/2014: HCON Abuses Fall on Deaf Ears, NC Prisoners Demand Grievances Addressed
6/15/2014: Walking Around With Your Eyes Wide Shut
6/15/2014: On Revolutionary Discipline
6/07/2014: South Carolina Censors Writing Guide and Other Letters
6/06/2014: Targetted for Filing Grievances in Maryland
6/05/2014: Originator of NC Anti-Abuse Lawsuit Down for the Cause
6/01/2014: Repression of Brazil's Slums to Prepare for World Cup
5/31/2014: Global struggle requires global unification!
5/31/2014: Bromma's Worker Elite and the Global Class Analysis
5/27/2014: Acta de Cuidado Accesible Subraya la Necesidad por Mundial Cobertura de Salud
5/26/2014: More on the Labor Aristocracy
5/23/2014: U.$. Meddling Behind Bloodshed in Ukraine
5/22/2014: Hunger Strikers in NC Protesting Basic Conditions
5/21/2014: Demand Justice for Prisoner Death in Texas
5/20/2014: Lasting Impressions
5/10/2014: New Twist on Death Row SHU
5/09/2014: Virginia Denies Study Group Mail as Detrimental to Rehabilitation
5/08/2014: United Front Organizing: Working Towards LO Peace in Ohio
5/08/2014: September Solidarity Demonstration: Using Our Financial Power
5/06/2014: Allred ECB Staff Provoke Prisoner Aggression
5/06/2014: CA Gang Investigators Retaliate for Exposing Prison Abuse
5/05/2014: Texas Indigent Mail Battle Victories and Set Backs
5/01/2014: Resolving Contradictions, Developing Cadre for a Protracted Struggle
5/01/2014: Georgia Prisoners Unite for Peace and Education
4/29/2014: Building on Legal Counsel Struggle in Arizona
4/27/2014: Supreme Court Upholds National Oppression in Education
4/22/2014: USW in South Carolina to Join Grievance Campaign
4/18/2014: Movie Review: The East
4/15/2014: Hundreds of Environmental Activists Murdered
4/14/2014: Use Economics as a Weapon for Revolution
4/11/2014: Selective Journalism and Abuse - Cover-ups Rampant throughout Texas
4/10/2014: Limit on Number of Grievance Appeals Attacks Prisoner's Legal Rights
4/10/2014: Las noticieros que publican lo de la Señorita Venezuela ignoran al mayor asesino
4/10/2014: A Lonely Struggle
4/07/2014: Solitary for Encouraging Prisoners to Refuse to Buy Commissary
4/07/2014: The Struggle is Young, Many More Can Be United with Education
4/04/2014: More Restrictions on Correspondence in Texas
4/04/2014: Call for Unity in Texas
4/02/2014: Georgia SMU Prisoners Fight to Maintain Peace
4/02/2014: North Carolina Prisoners' Preliminary Victory on Use of Force Lawsuit
4/01/2014: Affordable Care Act Underscores Need for Global Health Coverage
3/31/2014: Illinois DOC Continues Illegal Censorship of MIM(Prisons) Mail
3/30/2014: Movie Review: The Lego Movie
3/27/2014: New Afrikan Maoist Brotherhood Joins United Front for Peace in Prisons
3/27/2014: Planning for September 9 Solidarity Day
3/26/2014: E-NUF Joins United Front for Peace in Prisons
3/23/2014: Florida Prisoners Must Salute the Flag and Praise Jesus
3/22/2014: ULK37: Using Our Money Wisely
3/20/2014: Revolutionary Diary
3/19/2014: Goodfellas Build UFPP, Promote Multinational Organizing
3/17/2014: Wake up, Stand up and Speak up Against Control Units
3/17/2014: Financing the Revolution
3/17/2014: Stand Up
3/15/2014: Man or Lamb?
3/15/2014: Nosotros Queremos Paz! Ellos Quieren Seguridad
3/14/2014: Organizing Against Apathy and Collusion in New York
3/13/2014: People Say...
3/08/2014: Lavabit Court Case Over FBI Right to Demand Encryption Keys
3/08/2014: Russia Seizes Crimea in Inter-Imperialist Battle
3/08/2014: Mayor Chokwe Lumumba Dead - Demand An Autopsy!
3/07/2014: I am in Charge of your Destruction
3/07/2014: Fighting Sanitary Conditions, Grooming Court Victory in Texas
3/04/2014: Pantries, Poisons, and Gassings: Abuse of Mental Patients in Security Housing Units
3/04/2014: Don't Be Silenced - Censor Victory in North Carolina
3/04/2014: Denial of Constitutional Rights to STGs Spreads to North Carolina
3/04/2014: Texas Restrictions on Indigent Correspondence Campaign Update
3/03/2014: Pennsylvania Prisoners Petition to End Torture and Abuse
3/03/2014: Pelican Bay SHU Update, Small Progress After Hunger Strike
3/02/2014: Fighting the System: Appealing the $100 Medical Co-Pay in Texa$
3/01/2014: Documents Reveal Imperialist Spies' Online Attacks on Activists
2/28/2014: LA County Jail Guards Bribe Prisoner to Shank Another Prisoner
2/27/2014: Ohio State Penitentiary Conditions Decline
2/27/2014: Texas Evades Reducing Ad-Seg
2/27/2014: Michigan Uses Control Units to Punish Activists
2/27/2014: Fasting to Protest Keefe Commissary in Virginia
2/22/2014: More Reasons for Georgia Hunger Strike
2/22/2014: Virginia Youth Take Up Struggle After Older Leaders are Transferred
2/21/2014: Texas Responds to Campaign to End Restrictions on Indigent Correspondence
2/20/2014: Cap the Maximum Wage in the United $tates
2/16/2014: New Virginia Organization Embraces United Front for Peace
2/15/2014: Georgia Prisoners on Hunger Strike Since February 9
2/14/2014: California's Most Dangerous Security Threat Group
2/14/2014: Guards Set Georgia Prisoners Against Each Other
2/14/2014: False Disciplinary Reports used to Classify Prisoners into SMU
2/14/2014: Andy Lopez: Another Chicano Youth Killed by Police
2/11/2014: Politically Active Prisoners in Texas Receive Unexpected Support From Free World Comrades
2/11/2014: Leaked Document on CDCR Step Down Program Exposes Brainwash Techniques
2/10/2014: Reconciling Stalin with the Conditions of New Afrika Today
2/10/2014: Elevate the Prison Struggle Beyond Day to Day Goals
2/07/2014: Fighting for Care of Disabled in Texas
2/05/2014: Fighting for Useful Legal Counsel in Arizona
2/01/2014: Educational Repression and Censorship a Tool of the Ruling Class
1/29/2014: Miss Venezuela Media Hype Ignores Biggest Murderer
1/29/2014: National Struggle or Assimilation
1/25/2014: Politicians
1/22/2014: Some Censorship Reprieve in Illinois
1/21/2014: Health Hazards in South Carolina
1/21/2014: Prisoners' Lawsuit Makes Progress in NC Struggle Against Abuse
1/20/2014: No.
1/20/2014: ULK Reader Survey Summary (updated)
1/17/2014: Revolutionary Love
1/15/2014: Inevitable Demise
1/15/2014: Aumentar el salario Mínimo a $2.50
1/13/2014: No Place 2 Be
1/12/2014: Legal Pressure Wins Some Censorship Victories in Illinois
1/10/2014: Release to Amerikkka Brings No Happiness
1/07/2014: Ride or Die in Florida
1/06/2014: FL Prisoners Struggle Against Having to Pay for Visits
1/06/2014: North Carolina Brutality on the Streets and in the Prisons
1/04/2014: For Mumia (Father)
1/03/2014: State of Shock
1/03/2014: Book Review: The Crusade for Justice
1/03/2014: Book Review: The Girl who Played with Fire
1/01/2014: Government Uses Mental Health Labels to Define Victims
1/01/2014: Anti-Imperialist Crossword Puzzle
12/31/2013: Raise the Minimum Wage to $2.50
12/30/2013: Texa$ Grievance Guide
12/27/2013: Applying the United Front for Peace Principles to the Rasta Movement
12/26/2013: Tax-us Maoist
12/25/2013: Resistance From Within
12/24/2013: The Death Penalty Procedure
12/24/2013: Secure Communications is Key to Organizing the Lumpen
12/22/2013: Enemy of the State
12/21/2013: Failed Nebraska Protest Demonstrates Importance of Studying Political Theory
12/20/2013: Wild Child
12/20/2013: Building Peace and Unity as Prison Promotes Racial Segregation and Group Punishment
12/19/2013: Revolutionary Mind State
12/18/2013: Health Hazard in Arizona
12/17/2013: Bullets Not Food
12/16/2013: MIM(Prisons) Practices Deception by Leaving Out Other Side of Debate
12/16/2013: Religious Material Censored
12/16/2013: Education Countering U.$. Government Propaganda is Essential
12/16/2013: Lenin Statue Toppled in Power Struggle in Ukraine
12/15/2013: Countering Reactionary Aggression
12/15/2013: Movie Review: The Butler Misleads Oppressed Nations
12/14/2013: Pigs in Texas Make Power Move to Silence Revolutionary Prisoner Voices
12/13/2013: Democracy Denied to Abused Prisoners by CCI Warden
12/12/2013: California Strike Negotiations Update
12/10/2013: Long-Term Lock Down for Prisoners United in Peace Treaty
12/09/2013: Ohio Prisoners Take Up Legal Fight Over Medical Neglect
12/08/2013: Health Victory After Group Action at RJ Donovan
12/05/2013: Update on CA Grievance Lawsuits
12/02/2013: Physical Abuse Common at Federal Prison
11/30/2013: Retaliation for Grieving Sexual Harassment at KVSP
11/27/2013: Setback in Food Refusal Protest
11/25/2013: Announcing Campaign to Resist Restrictions on Indigent Correspondence
11/22/2013: Victory Over Stamp Confiscation at San Quentin
11/21/2013: Police Brutality: Isolated Incidents or Institutionalized Practices?
11/20/2013: Racism: A Product of National Oppression
11/18/2013: On the term New Afrikan
11/18/2013: U.$. Showboats As Filipinos Die From Imperialism
11/17/2013: Terminology Debate: Black vs. New Afrikan
11/14/2013: Georgia State Prison Close Security Abuse
11/13/2013: Response in California a Hypocritical Farce
11/09/2013: Connecticut Prisoners Lack Access to Legal Info
11/06/2013: A Message to Street Organizations: Ride or Die! Unite or Perish!
11/05/2013: California Control Units: Racial Profiling and Social Control
11/05/2013: Property Destroyed as Punishment for Helping Fellow Prisoner
10/31/2013: Our Independence Day
10/31/2013: NSA Hacking Google and Yahoo Data Centers Reveals Broad U.$. Government Spying
10/30/2013: The Enemy of the State
10/30/2013: South Carolina Prisoners Coalesce to Join UFPP
10/24/2013: TX Close Custody Struggling Over Conditions
10/23/2013: Illinois Strike Ends Prematurely
10/20/2013: Utah Street Gang Injunction Demonstrates Parallels Between Prison and Street Battles for Oppressed Nations in the U.$.
10/20/2013: Mensaje de The Aves
10/18/2013: Rise and Resist
10/17/2013: Political Repression Against Peaceful Protestors at Corcoran Continues
10/16/2013: Downloadable Grievance Petition, North Carolina
10/15/2013: Herman Wallace Was Free
10/14/2013: Florida Censorship, Brutality, and Disgusting Living Conditions
10/12/2013: The Voice of Liberty Joins United Front for Peace in Prisons
10/12/2013: Pontiac on Hunger Strike Again! Strikers join United Front for Peace in Prisons
10/11/2013: No More Herman Wallaces!
10/10/2013: Report on United Front for Peace Work in Texas
10/10/2013: "New Policies" Being Implemented in MD to Quell Protests
10/02/2013: Striker Still Seeking Justice After Brutal Claw Hammer Beating
10/01/2013: El Negocio del Web en el U.$. no es Seguro - MIM(Prisiones) Cierre del Correo Electrónico
9/20/2013: ULK34: Prisoner Health a Systematic Problem
9/19/2013: MIM(Prisons) Support for Hunger Strike was Critical
9/17/2013: California aprueba imponer alimentos a los huelgeros de hambre
9/17/2013: Peace and Solidarity Protest in Nevada
9/16/2013: Peace and Solidarity Fast in Georgia
9/11/2013: Second Support Strike in Calipatria
9/10/2013: Day of Peace Protest in Arkansas
9/10/2013: 2013 Censorship Report
9/09/2013: Fighting Long Term Isolation in Texas Jail
9/09/2013: Florida Conditions Differ, Struggle Continues
9/09/2013: September 9: We Need to Remember This Day
9/09/2013: Deaths from Heat in Texas as Livestock Provided Better Conditions than Prisoners
9/09/2013: Fighting Gender Oppression in Nevada Builds Unity Among Prisoners
9/09/2013: Tactical Move in Texas Grievance Campaign
9/08/2013: Movie Review: Girl Rising
9/06/2013: CA Strike Suspended: CDCR Will Not Meet 5 Core Demands
9/03/2013: Fighting "Lost" Grievances in Pennsylvania
9/01/2013: Texas Comrades to Remember Attica September 9
8/31/2013: San Quentin Hunger Strike Suspended
8/29/2013: Food Deprivation Battle in Nevada Draws Broad Support from Prisoners and Retaliation from Staff
8/29/2013: Slow Progress as an Anti-Imperialist in Massachusetts
8/28/2013: Transfers and Censorship Retaliation for Hunger Strikers
8/28/2013: New Jersey June Protest Prelude to October
8/27/2013: Subscribers Declining Because of Too Much Criticism?
8/27/2013: Medication Denials in Texas
8/25/2013: Letter Censored for Exposing Prison Problems
8/25/2013: Rashid's Empty Rhetoric on the Labor Aristocracy
8/24/2013: STG Kickouts are a Sham
8/22/2013: No Longer Human
8/21/2013: Texas Food, Medical and Sexual Abuse
8/21/2013: United Action in NC Leads to Victory for Prisoners
8/19/2013: Exposing Guard Brutality and Coverup in Texas
8/19/2013: Force-Feeding Approved for CA Hunger Strikers
8/16/2013: Calipatria Hunger Strikers United for Week Long Protest
8/15/2013: Maryland Prisoners Commemorating September 9th
8/14/2013: Medical Neglect as Another Hunger Striker Goes Down
8/14/2013: Debating Mental Health Treatment in Ad-Seg
8/13/2013: Imperialism
8/13/2013: Oppressive Conditions and Sexual Assaults Widespread in Texas Prisons
8/11/2013: Fight or Flight
8/10/2013: STG Pilot Program Primer
8/10/2013: Day 30 Hunger Strike Update from San Quentin
8/09/2013: Hunger Strike Day 23 Report from San Quentin
8/08/2013: No More Secure Web Business in U.$. - MIM(Prisons) Email Shut Down
8/07/2013: LK Leader Calls for Unity
7/31/2013: New York Prisoners Strike, Support California Struggle
7/29/2013: Corcoran SHU Sentiment Opposes CDCR Step Down Program as Hunger Strike Continues
7/29/2013: CCI Prisoners Hunger Striking for Long Haul
7/29/2013: Does Censorship Encourage Recidivism?
7/28/2013: Day 15 Hunger Strike Report from San Quentin
7/27/2013: Hunger Striker Dies in Corcoran
7/25/2013: Corcoran Conditions Worsen As Strike Advances and Many Stand Strong
7/24/2013: Martinez Hunger Strike Ends with Partial Victory
7/23/2013: Formula for Fighting Abuse in Texas
7/22/2013: Security Risk Group in CT is Arbitrary Punishment for Beliefs
7/20/2013: ULK Reader Survey Summary
7/20/2013: MIM(Prisons) 2013 Congress Summary
7/18/2013: Strikers Need to Hold On to Reach Their Goals
7/17/2013: Martinez Ad-Seg Issues Hunger Strike Demands
7/16/2013: Week 2: Reports from CA Activists on Strike
7/15/2013: Remembering 2011 Washington Protest: Unity is Key
7/14/2013: Movie Review: Les Misérables
7/11/2013: Movie Review: Pitch Perfect
7/11/2013: Laying the Groundwork for Revolutionary Organizing in Texas
7/09/2013: 30,000 Spark California Hunger Strike
7/09/2013: Global Telecom Monitoring for Global Domination
7/09/2013: El Tema del que Nadie Está Hablando en el Diálogo del Primero de Mayo
7/08/2013: Yasiin Bey force-fed like a Guantanamo prisoner
7/08/2013: Support Florida Prisoners Against Keefe Snack Sneak Attacks
7/08/2013: Guanswaneemo Bay Continues
7/08/2013: USW Health Campaign Brings STG Violations
7/05/2013: The Health Effects of Solitary Confinement
7/05/2013: Egypt Protests Demonstrate Power and Perils of Mass Protests
7/05/2013: Protest at New Jersey State Prison
7/04/2013: We'll Never Know
6/30/2013: Death Row Prisoners Kick-Off California Hunger Strike July 1
6/25/2013: Nevada Creates False Lists of Enemies
6/25/2013: Solidarity: Dead in the Feds
6/21/2013: Election Begs Question of the Road to Dual Power in New Afrika
6/20/2013: Opposing Turning the Tide Attacks on MIM(Prisons)
6/19/2013: San Quentin Adjustment Center list of demands to CDCR
6/18/2013: Small Victory in Nevada Censorship Fight
6/12/2013: Pennsylvania Prison System Promotes Social Ills
6/12/2013: Censorship Victories and Banned Lists in Illinois
6/11/2013: Nevada Prisons Repression, Call for Resistance
6/10/2013: Mentally Ill Program "Treats" With Torture
6/06/2013: British Conservative on UK Prison System
6/06/2013: Petition Gets Response
6/06/2013: Division or Cohesion
6/06/2013: Passivity or Activity: Applying Communist Theory to Prison Organizing
6/05/2013: Control Unit Torture at San Quentin
6/05/2013: Unity in Texas Against Guard Brutality
6/04/2013: Book Review: The Chinese Civil War 1945-49
6/04/2013: Prisoner Killed by Officers in Texas: Protest Needed
6/03/2013: New Virginia Warden Represses, Revolutionaries Fight Smart
5/31/2013: Boston, Confusión y Responsabilidad Colectiva
5/30/2013: May Day Strike in Ohio Gained Small Reforms
5/24/2013: Hip Hop Serving the Middle Class
5/24/2013: Advance the Struggle for Humyn Rights in CA Prisons
5/22/2013: Spreading News About Hunger Strike
5/22/2013: Rats Undermine United Front Unity
5/22/2013: La Cultura de la Tortura Amerikana Golpea al Inmigrante
5/20/2013: Huelga de hambre resumira: demandas de presos de California Tendran que ser cumplidas antes del 8 de Julio
5/19/2013: NC Prisoners take 23 to Court over Assaults
5/15/2013: Strategic Confidence in the International Balance of Forces
5/13/2013: Latino Patriot or Fascist?
5/10/2013: Expanding the California SHU Struggle to Nevada
5/09/2013: Prison Fakes Violence Threats to Prosecute Activist Prisoner
5/07/2013: South Carolina Stops Grievance Challenge Process
5/06/2013: SNY Prisoner Finds Unity in CA Goals
5/03/2013: New STG Step Down Program is a Sham
5/03/2013: Trans Debate: Combat All Forms of Gender Oppression
5/01/2013: Big Fat Elephant in the May Day Dialogue
5/01/2013: El imperialismo cultural levanta protestas globales contra los Estados Unidos
5/01/2013: Comentario Cinematográfico: Zero Dark Thirty
5/01/2013: La Identificación del Lumpen Comienza con el Entender la Pequeña Burguesía del Mundo Desarrollado
4/30/2013: Texas Murder Milestone: 500 People Executed
4/24/2013: Boston, Confusion and Collective Responsibility
4/23/2013: Nevada Assaults and Abuse Exposed; Prisoners Fighting Back
4/22/2013: MIM Investigated as STG in Florida
4/20/2013: Building Healthier Revolutionary Lives in Prison
4/19/2013: No Peace in Central America Under U.$. Imperialism
4/18/2013: California Government Evade Legal Orders; Prisoner Unity is our Answer
4/18/2013: An Open Letter to Maoist and Revolutionary Organizations
4/18/2013: 50 Texas Prisoners Sign Grievance Petition
4/16/2013: Texas Prisoners Win Victory by Filing Mass Grievances
4/13/2013: Taking Grievance Petitions to Next Level
4/10/2013: Fabricated Protests and Repression
4/07/2013: New "Expectations" Strengthen Repression of CA Prisoners
4/06/2013: Loved Ones Fight Santa Barbara Ban on Letters to Prisoners
4/05/2013: MIM(Prisons) Responds to Turning the Tide Continuing Misrepresentation
4/04/2013: Prisoners Used to Boost Rural Census Counts
4/04/2013: The System Isn't Broken, it Works for the Oppressor
4/03/2013: Amerikan Torture Culture Hits Migrants
4/01/2013: Prisoners Struggle with Lack of Education Programs in NY
4/01/2013: Study Group Responses Censored by Prison
4/01/2013: Fighting for Food in Texas: Grievance Strategy Response to ULK 31
3/31/2013: Grievances Denied in Texas
3/30/2013: Movie Review: The Avengers
3/30/2013: Grievance Victories are Won Through Unity
3/29/2013: Gearing up for July 8 California Hunger Strike
3/29/2013: Texas Grievance Retaliation and Successful Tactics
3/29/2013: Revolutionary Spirit Kindled by Isolation and Political Repression
3/27/2013: Parole Programs Hinder Re-Integration
3/26/2013: Combat Warmongering Propaganda Against Iran
3/26/2013: A Dog with a Bone
3/25/2013: Setting Goals in California
3/24/2013: Bleeding Eyes
3/23/2013: What Would U Do?
3/23/2013: Hunger Strike to Resume: California Prisoners' Demands Must be Met by July 8
3/21/2013: These Pigs
3/21/2013: Solo Estoy Haciendo mi Trabajo, El Experimento de Prisión de Stanford
3/20/2013: Ideas for Uniting in Washington for July 8
3/20/2013: Texas Pigs Break Policies to Torture Prisoners
3/18/2013: Building a Vanguard in Prison
3/17/2013: Redefining Violence
3/15/2013: Identifying the U.$. Lumpen Starts with Understanding the First World Petty Bourgeoisie
3/12/2013: Debating National Oppression and SNY Status
3/10/2013: Retaliation for Exposing Vicious Beating
3/10/2013: Education in Texas, a Scandalous Affair
3/09/2013: Movie Review: Zero Dark Thirty
3/07/2013: One-Year Anniversary of Peace Treaty in El Salvador
3/05/2013: Isolation and Torture in Texas
3/02/2013: Texas Lawsuits Dismissed, Keep Filing Lawsuits
3/02/2013: Chris Dorner Demonstrates Contradictions Between Amerika and Oppressed Nations
3/01/2013: Unite thru ULK: Continue to Study and Struggle
2/28/2013: Self-Defense and Secure Communications
2/27/2013: Book Review: The Economics of Integrity
2/25/2013: Imperialist Multinational Corporations: Our Most Formidable Enemy
2/20/2013: Never Surrender
2/13/2013: CA Gov. Brown Threatens to Further Curb Prisoner Lawsuits
2/13/2013: Obama's Rhetoric in State of the Union
2/08/2013: Fighting Abuse with Hunger Strike
2/06/2013: Blood in my Eye Used as Evidence of Prison Gang membership
2/06/2013: Confusion About Snitching Means Pig Gets Away with Murder
2/05/2013: Nevada CO Targets Prisoners for Abuse
2/03/2013: Protest Breaks Out in North Carolina
2/02/2013: Response to Turning the Tide's Misrepresentation of MIM
2/01/2013: There's No Glory
1/26/2013: Every Move is a Mission
1/25/2013: ULK30: Consolidating Forces for a New Year
1/24/2013: Pride of the Panther
1/23/2013: The Girl from History
1/23/2013: Utah Maximum Security Prisoners Demand Basic Privileges
1/22/2013: No B.S.
1/22/2013: Triple X
1/21/2013: We Will Never Stop
1/20/2013: Suit Up n Boot Up
1/20/2013: Resistance to Staff Manipulating Prisoners Against Each Other
1/20/2013: Maintaining Our Strategical Advantage: Study Maoism Seriously
1/19/2013: The "Slave Mentality"
1/18/2013: Bare in Mind
1/15/2013: Pigs Attack Mentally Ill Man on Estelle High Security Unit
1/07/2013: Guansuwanee Mo Bay Brutalities Continue
1/07/2013: Comrades, Maintain your Commitment to the Movement
1/04/2013: MCI Shirley: Welcome to the Murder Factory
1/03/2013: Connecticut Youth Killings Underscore Unequal Response in Amerika
1/02/2013: Censorship Victories are Possible
1/01/2013: Movie Review: Battle: Los Angeles (2011)
12/31/2012: USW Grievance Petition Wins Battles in Texas
12/30/2012: Court Rules BPP Program is Gang Material
12/29/2012: Challenging Conditions of Confinement in SHU
12/26/2012: Debating Trans Rights
12/25/2012: Expanding the Debate over the Political Prisoner Label
12/19/2012: Indigenous Group Takes Up Revolutionary Organizing on Death Row
12/18/2012: Book Review: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
12/18/2012: Unity Can Win Battles for Prisoners Rights, and More
12/18/2012: Washington State Prison Contaminated with Dangerous Chemicals
12/09/2012: Reprisals for Grieving Lack of Heat in North Carolina
12/06/2012: New Rules for California Security Threat Groups - Same Old Repression
12/05/2012: In Political Struggle, Remember the Process is Dialectical
12/02/2012: Separating the Strands: Comments on Bromma's "Exodus and Reconstruction"
12/01/2012: Book Review: José Carlos Mariátegui An Anthology
12/01/2012: George Jackson Correction
11/29/2012: SHU Term for Possession of Under Lock & Key
11/28/2012: Stanford Prison Experiment, and Just Doing My Job
11/27/2012: Affirmative Action Battle Fails Oppressed Nation Youth
11/26/2012: Upset the Setup
11/20/2012: Making Prisons Safer with Revolutionary Education
11/18/2012: North Carolina Prisoners Lack Access to Courts
11/17/2012: California Hunger Strike Representatives Promote Peace Agreement
11/16/2012: New Must-Read on the Labor Aristocracy
11/15/2012: Psychiatric Matrix of Isolation as Social Control
11/15/2012: Review: The Anti-Exploits of Men Against Sexism
11/12/2012: Rapper Beef Props Up Prison Spending and Isolation
11/11/2012: Targeting Activists in Missouri
11/10/2012: Brown Berets - Prison Chapter 10 Point Program
11/10/2012: Grievance Fight Assisted with Citizen Complaint Letters
11/10/2012: Violence Perpetuated by Prison Admin: Come Together and Fight for Peace
11/08/2012: Voting is a Pro-Imperialism Strategy
11/05/2012: Grievance System Protects Abuses by PERT Team in North Carolina
11/01/2012: Organize Against Imperialist Elections
10/31/2012: The Updated Survivors Manual
10/27/2012: Exposing the Clique of Oppressors at Estelle
10/26/2012: Gang Officer Blackmails to Create Intelligence
10/26/2012: Texas Grievance Investigators Must Be Fired
10/25/2012: Campaign for Adequate Food in Nevada
10/24/2012: Unprovoked Beatings of Prisoners in Texas Must be Stopped
10/22/2012: Protectar Aoki Como Rata
10/22/2012: Playaz Unidos Crean Paz en las Calles
10/20/2012: Delayed Report on September 9 Protest and Repression
10/19/2012: Less Complaints, More Agitation and Perspective
10/17/2012: Fighting Special Needs Prisoner Abuses in New York
10/16/2012: Using Toilet Flush Limit to Torture Prisoners
10/13/2012: Torture in Control Units for Black Organizers
10/12/2012: Once Hostilities Have Ended
10/10/2012: Telling the Truth May be More Radical than Smashing Windows
10/09/2012: Grievance Campaign Progress in California
10/08/2012: Notes on Prison Organizing in Lockdown
10/08/2012: Book Review: Occupied America
10/08/2012: Reforming the Reforms
10/05/2012: Grievance Campaign Spreads to Florida
10/01/2012: Fliers to Promote the United Front for Peace in Prisons
10/01/2012: Retaliation for Political Organizing in Florida
9/30/2012: Democratic Presidential Convention Highlights Chicano Assimilationist
9/26/2012: Fighting Unjust Treatment and Prisoner-on-Prisoner Violence in Texas
9/25/2012: Anti-food Sharing Ordinance Enforced Aggressively in Houston, Texas
9/20/2012: ULK 28: Editor's Note on Security and Correct Leadership
9/20/2012: Amerikanos Están Arriba 13 Porciento
9/15/2012: Mejorando USW para Acomodar el Movimiento de Prisiones Emergente
9/15/2012: Cultural Imperialism Triggers Global Protests Against U.$.
9/15/2012: Dept. of Public Safety Opposes Efforts to Stop Fighting
9/15/2012: Report from California Sept 9 Protest
9/15/2012: Attica Report From September 9 Protest
9/13/2012: September 9 Protest Report from Missouri
9/13/2012: Florida Organizations Come Together in Peace for September 9th
9/11/2012: A Victory for Prisoners' First Amendment Rights
9/10/2012: Angola Louisiana Warden Making Money on Prisons
9/10/2012: Seven LOs, Religious Groups Rep in 9/9 Day of Solidarity
9/10/2012: Reforms Won't End Indefinite Isolation
9/09/2012: Snitch-Jacketing Aoki
9/09/2012: Prison Officials Tighten the Screws at Estelle Unit
9/07/2012: Fighting Censorship in Illinois
9/06/2012: Texas Guards Encourage Oppressed Nation Fights
9/05/2012: The Failure of Spiritualism to Fight Oppression
9/04/2012: ULK Censored in Retaliation for Grievance Campaign
9/01/2012: Solidarity and Peace Demonstration Builds, Guards Retaliate
8/27/2012: El Mito del "Complejo Industrial de Prisiones"
8/25/2012: Black August and Bloody September, Rise Up and Remember on September 9
8/24/2012: Debating Tactics to Fight Corrupt Officials
8/20/2012: Anniversary of George Jackson's Death Marked by Ongoing Brutality Against Black Prisoners
8/16/2012: Arbitrary Use of Control Units in North Carolina
8/15/2012: Building for September 9 Across the Country
8/15/2012: Missouri Petition Stonewalled at Lower Levels
8/15/2012: Llamada para demostración de Solidaridad 9 de Septiembre
8/15/2012: Lessons from Trayvon Martin Case Relevant to Fighting Oppression in Prison
8/02/2012: Police Brutality in California, Again
8/01/2012: Continuing the Debate on the Need for New Organizations
8/01/2012: Diligent Grievance Petitions Expose Oppression in North Carolina that Led to Hunger Strike
8/01/2012: Staff Retaliating Against Prisoners in Florida
7/28/2012: Olympics = Global Village = Globalization = Imperialism
7/28/2012: Step Up 4, Revolution or Spectacle
7/27/2012: Commemorating California Hunger Strike, Continuing Fight Against Control Units
7/27/2012: Promote Prisoner Day of Solidarity - September 9, 2012
7/27/2012: Fighting Enemies in the Prison Movement
7/26/2012: North Carolina in for Solidarity Demo
7/26/2012: Warrior's Order joins United Front for Peace in Prisons
7/26/2012: Grievance Campaign Improving and Growing
7/25/2012: Improving USW to Accommodate Emerging Prison Movement
7/25/2012: CIA Front Organization or Revolutionary Group?
7/23/2012: Downloadable Grievance Petition, Nevada
7/23/2012: Targeted for Censorship but Wins
7/22/2012: Oregon Prisoner Fines are Illegal
7/22/2012: Downloadable Grievance Petition, Montana
7/21/2012: The Myth of the "Prison Industrial Complex"
7/20/2012: Termina Huelga de Hambre en la Penitenciaría Estatal de Ohio
7/20/2012: North Carolina Grievance Campaign Update
7/18/2012: Institutionalized Mind: The Breaking Process
7/13/2012: July 2012 Censorship Report
7/12/2012: Georgia Hunger Strike Approaches One Month Mark
7/12/2012: Palestinian Prisoners Still Striking Too
7/10/2012: Pennsylvania Torture Regular Part of Prison Life
7/07/2012: Call for Solidarity Demonstration September 9
7/06/2012: Forced to Drink Contaminated Water in Texas
7/06/2012: Colorado Grievance Battle Leads to Punishment
7/05/2012: Quejate, Quejate, Quejate; un Movimiento Creciente para Democracia
7/05/2012: Solitary Confinement Torture in Florida
7/05/2012: Prisoners Study for Early Release in Brazil
7/04/2012: Parole Denials, Solutions, Winning Cases
7/04/2012: Prisons Create New Tools to Validate, Prisoners Seek New Methods of Protest
7/03/2012: Fighting Trickery and Abuse by Texas Prison Industries
7/03/2012: Grievance Campaign Update in Colorado
7/02/2012: Pick Your Hand: Oppression or Liberation
7/01/2012: The Corcoran Report: Rolling Back the Few Hunger Strike Victories
7/01/2012: New Prisoners Isolated as Security Threat in Texas
6/25/2012: Grievance Petition Spreads in Texas
6/25/2012: Bringing Grievances to Higher Level Wins Again
6/21/2012: Ohio State Penitentiary Hunger Strike Ends
6/20/2012: MIM(Prisons) Too Dismissive of Rebellions
6/19/2012: Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman
6/18/2012: More News About Missouri Please
6/17/2012: Lockdown in North Carolina Needs Organized Response
6/17/2012: Prisoner Uprisings Foretell Growing Movement
6/16/2012: What Else
6/16/2012: Truly Quoting Marx on Religion
6/14/2012: Punished for Writing Protest of Shortened Visits
6/14/2012: Response to: A Peaceful Revolution
6/13/2012: This Country
6/10/2012: Prisoners Take Over Adams Correctional Center in Protest of Conditions
6/07/2012: Five Percenter Shows Unity with United Front for Peace in Prisons
6/07/2012: Missouri Forces Fights, Brutalizes Prisoners
6/05/2012: Hunger Strike Kicks Off in Illinois
6/05/2012: Appeals to Sacramento Politicians Lead to Improvements at KVSP
6/03/2012: Who Are We?
6/03/2012: Trayvon Martin National Oppression Debate
6/02/2012: I'm Not Crazy for Identifying with My People
6/01/2012: Retaliatory Transfer Results in Organization at New Prison
6/01/2012: More Orgs Labeled "Security Threat" for Raising Consciousness
5/31/2012: Relevance of Nationalism to the Prison Movement
5/31/2012: A Critique of Rashid's Black Liberation in the 21st Century
5/31/2012: Revolution is a Legacy
5/16/2012: Review: Amerikkkan Prisons on Trial - Guilty!
5/14/2012: Los Estados Unidos Sigue Siendo #1 en las Cifras de Encarcelamiento y la Injusticia Penal
5/13/2012: Movie Review: The Hunger Games
5/07/2012: Solidarity from North Carolina to Virginia, Father to Daughter
5/07/2012: Control Units in Apalachee Correctional Institution
5/06/2012: Book Review: The Essential Stalin
5/01/2012: Release Plans and Politics with Friends
5/01/2012: World Bank serves United Snakes of Imperialism
5/01/2012: Hatred from ADC and Grievance Campaign Update
5/01/2012: Debating the Need for New Organizations: Cell Structure and United Fronts
4/24/2012: Oregon Mirrors Country in National Oppression Statistics
4/21/2012: Trayvon Martin Murder One More Case of Imperialist Oppression
4/20/2012: Report Back from Corcoran Hunger Strike
4/19/2012: Organization vs. Validation: Oppose CDCR's "New" Proposal
4/19/2012: Prisoner Hunger Strike in Texas
4/15/2012: TN Prisoners Organize to Prevent Privatization and Further Degradation
4/13/2012: Psychology: A Battle for My Mind
4/12/2012: Book Review: Ho Chi Minh
4/11/2012: Tax-Us Prisinner
4/10/2012: Fighting from the Ninth Ground
4/10/2012: Inspired to Organize by Under Lock and Key
4/10/2012: Oregon Grievance and Discrimination Remedies
4/05/2012: Conditions in Arizona Control Units
4/03/2012: South Carolina Struggles and Lumpen Organizing
3/31/2012: Oklahoma's Failed Grievance System Challenged in Court
3/28/2012: PA Tries to Divide Prisoners with False Rat Label
3/28/2012: Retaliation for Hunger Strike and New Protest Ideas
3/27/2012: Still Dreaming: A revolutionary response to the 2012 State of the Dream report
3/27/2012: Organizing in the Face of Retaliation
3/27/2012: Correction to "Assassination Nation" from ULK 21
3/26/2012: When the Morning Comes: Current Prison Conditions
3/24/2012: Who's Leading Lumpen Peace Work?
3/23/2012: Grieve, Grieve, Grieve; a Growing Movement for Democracy
3/20/2012: False Charges and Grievances Ignored in Texas
3/19/2012: SNY Debate: Everyone Must Prove Themselves Through Actions
3/18/2012: Internal Unity Should Precede United Front
3/15/2012: Religious Repression and Retaliation Against Grievances at Lovelock
3/15/2012: 2012 NDAA: Fascism Obama-style
3/13/2012: MPMM signs on to United Front for Peace
3/13/2012: Restricted Privileges in Colorado is Another Name for Control Unit
3/13/2012: Learning from History of Struggles at YTS Chino
3/09/2012: Review: Monkey Smashes Heaven 1 & 2
3/08/2012: Solitary Confinement at Ely State Prison (Max)
3/08/2012: Burning Chicano Books
3/07/2012: Colorado DOC's New Tool
3/06/2012: Censorship and Criminal Neglect in San Diego
3/06/2012: Brutality and Resistance in Pennsylvania Demonstrates Need for United Front
3/05/2012: Amerikan Occupiers Still Losing
3/01/2012: Entering SNY to Give Up Gang Banging
2/28/2012: Fighting Unjust Grievance Denials in Texas
2/28/2012: Security, Lumpen Organizations and names in ULK
2/26/2012: CA Continues to Torture Blacks for Reading
2/23/2012: U.$. Still #1 in Imprisonment and Criminal Injustice
2/23/2012: Scotland Lockdown Passes One Month Mark
2/22/2012: Protests in Colorado Win Some Improved Conditions
2/21/2012: Inspired to Overcome Release Challenges
2/21/2012: MIM Notes Package Triggers Threat Assessment
2/21/2012: Uniting to Redefine Gangs as Revolutionaries
2/21/2012: Tossed in Segregation for Grievance
2/21/2012: Organizing to Target Prisons Financially
2/16/2012: GP and SNY Prisoners Guilty of Playing Prison Politics
2/14/2012: More Targeting of Latinos for Validation
2/13/2012: SNY Debate Continues: Don't Let the Prison Divide Us
2/10/2012: Medical Neglect in California Correctional Institution
2/09/2012: Security Precaution Codes for Dealing with Our Conditions
2/09/2012: Debunking Amerika's False Claim to Support Freedom & Justice
1/30/2012: Pledge Allegiance
1/30/2012: Joining Grievance Campaign
1/24/2012: Prisons Try to Divide; Respond With Unity
1/24/2012: Overcoming Release Challenges
1/23/2012: Criticism and Good Communication Helps Us Grow and Develop
1/21/2012: Texas Grievance Petition Updated (2)
1/21/2012: Downloadable Petition to Protect U.$. Constitution, Colorado
1/21/2012: Arizona Grievance Petition Updated
1/10/2012: The Problem of White Supremacist Lumpen Organizations
1/06/2012: United Playaz Building Peace on the Streets
1/04/2012: Reporte del Colegio de Abogados de la Ciudad de NY: Aislamiento Supermax = Tortura
1/03/2012: Abolish the SHU, Create Leaders Throughout the Prisons
12/30/2011: Control Units in Florida - Survey Reveals More Torture
12/30/2011: Fighting Back in Menard
12/30/2011: Resistance is Needed in Response to Repression
12/29/2011: New Hunger Strike in California Segregation
12/29/2011: Maryland Abuses Prisoners, Tortures Mental Health Patients
12/21/2011: CDCR Delivers Only Tokens on Hunger Strike Promises
12/15/2011: Texas Limits Privileges and Denies Grievances
12/13/2011: Correction on SNY Debate
12/12/2011: Politics Over Personality
12/12/2011: Black Mass Army Joins United Front for Peace
12/10/2011: Obama's False Promise to Raza
12/09/2011: Political Activist Locked in SHU on Falsified Evidence
12/06/2011: Drawing Hunger Strike Connections Internationally
12/04/2011: Imperialist Warmongers Target Iran
12/01/2011: CA Prisoners, Know Your Rights
12/01/2011: Peaceful Protest in Connally Yard
11/29/2011: Pennsylvania DOC Oppression by the Numbers
11/28/2011: Food Strike in North Carolina
11/28/2011: New Mexico Pre-Trial Facility Food Strike Against Cruel Conditions
11/28/2011: Validation Leads to Longer Sentences for Oppressed Nations
11/28/2011: Perdidos en la Traducción
11/26/2011: Book Review: The New Jim Crow
11/22/2011: Fight Oppression at Scotland Correctional Institution
11/20/2011: Proof!: The State Lies in Order to Censor
11/20/2011: Lost in Translation: Obama on Migrant "Problem"
11/18/2011: South Carolina Offers Prisoners Religion or Starvation
11/16/2011: Revolutionary Mandingo Warriors Join United Front for Peace
11/16/2011: Connecting Struggles Across the Country
11/16/2011: SCDC's Illegal Ban and Inadequate Law Libraries
11/16/2011: Advance the California Hunger Strike through Strategic Unity and Criticism
11/14/2011: In Time: Proletarian Premise with Focoist Mistakes
11/13/2011: MIM(Prisons)'s Re-Lease on Life Program
11/06/2011: Fighting Censorship Through Litigation Works
10/31/2011: Expanded Censorship from Hunger Strike
10/31/2011: Fighting Prison Officials' Belief that Prisoner's Have no Rights
10/30/2011: My People
10/30/2011: Uncomfortable Colanders
10/30/2011: Understanding the Weak
10/30/2011: Throw Your Fist in the Air!
10/30/2011: Strategic Confidence
10/30/2011: Getto Children
10/30/2011: Fertilizer
10/30/2011: For the Struggle
10/30/2011: Sending a Donation is Contraband
10/30/2011: Something to Say
10/27/2011: Fighting Segregation, Inspired by ULK
10/27/2011: SCDC Prisoners in the Dark
10/27/2011: Do You Feel Me?
10/27/2011: Hunger Strike Strategy: Tactical Retreat or Advance?
10/27/2011: Shut 'Em Down
10/25/2011: USW Study Cell Signs onto UF for Peace
10/25/2011: CA Prisons Opening Legal Mail to Repress Strikers
10/25/2011: Not All SNY Prisoners Debrief
10/24/2011: Fighting False Validations for Colors and Tattoos
10/22/2011: Last Men Standing in CA Hunger Strike
10/22/2011: Strike Leaders Isolated, CDCR Retaliating Against Strikers
10/21/2011: NY Bar Association Report: Supermax Isolation = Torture
10/21/2011: Learn from the Hunger Strike and Build
10/19/2011: PBSP Punishes Prisoners for Hunger Strike
10/18/2011: Corcoran Represses Strikers: Denies Salts, Sugars, Liquids
10/17/2011: The Musings of a Hunger Striker
10/16/2011: Violence and Medical Neglect Caused by Prison Guards
10/15/2011: Ten Feet Tall
10/13/2011: Newsflash: Amerikans are the Top 13 Percent
10/11/2011: Calipatria Strikers Continue, Some Succumb to Medical Conditions
10/10/2011: Hunger Strike Report from PBSP
10/06/2011: 100 Prisoners Holding Out Over Unjust Validations
10/06/2011: Hunger Strike First Step in Building United Front
10/05/2011: PBSP Strike Update - CDCR Still Breaking Laws
10/05/2011: Ghost Guerilla Mafia Signs on to United Front
10/04/2011: Calipatria All Out for Hunger Strike
10/04/2011: Retaliation in Ad-Seg for Participation in Hunger Strike
10/03/2011: Corcoran ASU Participating in Hunger Strike
10/03/2011: Strikers Continue until Debriefing Stops
10/03/2011: Medical Malpractice in the PSUs
10/03/2011: Delano Comrades Strike 6 Days in Solidarity
10/03/2011: Calipatria Hunger Strike - Still Fighting
10/02/2011: Chino Strikers Strong in Face of CDCR Threats
10/02/2011: Calipatria Ad-Seg Hunger Strike Update
10/01/2011: Struggle Remains Strong and Steady in Corcoran SHU
9/30/2011: Let Everyone Know the Strike is Back On! (Updated)
9/30/2011: Relying on MIM(Prisons) for News on Hunger Strike
9/30/2011: CDCR Memos Demonstrate Power of Strike, Fear of Prisoncrats
9/30/2011: Calipatria Prisoners Staying Strong in Hunger Strike in Face of Harassment and Abuse
9/30/2011: CDCR Responds with More Group Punishment, Isolation, and Gang Charges
9/29/2011: Unity and Organizing Challenges in Pelican Bay Strike
9/29/2011: Pelican Bay Hunger Strikers Hold Out for Real Change
9/29/2011: PBSP ASU Hunger Strike and Retaliations
9/29/2011: Acuérdense de Attica y lo que Necesitamos Hoy
9/28/2011: Strike, Litigate, Research, Organize - Prisoners Build Movement
9/27/2011: Illinois Uprising Parallels California Hunger Strike
9/26/2011: 15 in Chino Strike til PBSP Demands Met
9/26/2011: Build the United Front to Address LO Contradictions
9/24/2011: Texas Grievance Petition Updated
9/24/2011: Grievance Petition for California Updated
9/23/2011: Support the Statewide Mobilization
9/22/2011: Pennsylvania Transfers Prisoners Far from Family
9/22/2011: Censorship: Epic Battle in PBSP
9/18/2011: S.O.B. Joins United Front
9/16/2011: No Real Change, Hunger Strike Continues
9/16/2011: La Huelga Continuá el 26 de Septiembre
9/15/2011: Texa$' Extortion of it's Prisoners Reaches New Heights
9/15/2011: U.S. Prisoners Build Imperialism thru Military Industries
9/15/2011: What is the Special Management Unit?
9/14/2011: United Revolutionary Movement Joins United Front for Peace
9/13/2011: Lessons from an Imprisoned Panther
9/12/2011: Still Waiting for Promised Changes from Strike
9/11/2011: UF for Peace in Prisons Statement from USW cell
9/10/2011: Soulja Boy Dissed by Amerikan Rappers
9/09/2011: Remember Attica and What We Need Today
9/08/2011: Support Free Political Literature Program
9/07/2011: SNY or Violence: Making Choices for the Revolution
9/07/2011: FSP Prisoners Unite for Rec and Against Brutality
9/05/2011: Censorship and Grievance Denials in Indiana
9/03/2011: Enforcers Elite Society joins United Front
9/01/2011: Lumpen Organizations: Organizations of the Oppressed Feared by the Police
9/01/2011: Book Review: A Vietcong Memoir
9/01/2011: Henry Park Obituary: MIM Comrade and Devoted Revolutionary
8/26/2011: Deaths in Texas Prisons from Heat and Negligence
8/23/2011: Running Out of Space for Falsely Validated SHU Prisoners
8/22/2011: United Gangsta Nation joins forces with UF for Peace
8/19/2011: CDCR Lies About Punishing Hunger Strikers
8/15/2011: PBSP Hunger Strike Update - Education Needed
8/15/2011: Another Black Man Murdered by California Police
8/14/2011: Food Strike Spreads to Oregon
8/14/2011: Prison Themes Central to New Planet of the Apes Story
8/13/2011: CDCR da Palabrería, La Huelga se Extiende
8/12/2011: FL Grievances Forbid Helping Others
8/10/2011: Hunger Strike Report from Kern Valley
8/02/2011: Studying BPP History Earns STG Label
7/30/2011: MIM(Prisons) 2011 Congress Summary and Resolutions
7/29/2011: Two Weeks on Food Strike: Seeking Update
7/25/2011: Hunger Strike a Shot Across Bow of CDCR Battleship
7/22/2011: United Front Needed to Fight Texas Prison Abuses
7/21/2011: Pelican Bay Prisoners End Strike
7/20/2011: Responses to Grievance Petition
7/19/2011: NJ Control Units Violate Court Ruling and Basic Rights
7/18/2011: More Appeals Sent to CDCR, Protest in Sacramento
7/16/2011: July 2011 Censorship Report
7/16/2011: Assassination Nation: The World's Foremost Terrorist State is America
7/16/2011: CDCR Gives Lipservice, Food Strike Spreads
7/15/2011: BORO Calls on Leaders of Lumpen Orgs to Step Up
7/15/2011: Phoney Gang Debate to Discredit Strike Support
7/15/2011: More on Anti-Strike Propaganda
7/14/2011: SHU is War on Aztlán
7/13/2011: Pelican Bay Striker: Drastic Approach Needed
7/12/2011: Hunger Strikers Reaching Critical Condition
7/11/2011: Relating to ULK Articles on False Validation
7/10/2011: Thousands of California Prisoners & Supporters Rally for Weeks
7/09/2011: United Front for Peace
7/08/2011: Gang Validation for Doing Aztec Art
7/07/2011: Beating as Retaliation for Filing Grievances
7/07/2011: La Falta de Educación está limitando la Vanguardia
7/05/2011: Support Freedom of Association in Prisons!
7/04/2011: HDSP USW report: Pigs Bribe Prisoners Not to Strike
7/02/2011: Ad-Seg Joins Pelican Bay Hunger Strike July 8
6/30/2011: Conditions in California are Problems in Prisons Everywhere in Amerika
6/30/2011: National Liberation Revolution of Oppressed Persons Signs UF for Peace
6/30/2011: Pelican Bay Prisoner Joins Hunger Strike to Protest Sensory Deprivation
6/29/2011: Revolutionary Gangstas Join United Front for Peace
6/29/2011: Grievance Petition Copies Refused in Library
6/28/2011: Pigs Cannot Make Revolution, but the Third World Masses Can Smash U$ Imperialism!
6/28/2011: Georgia Probationers Are No Third World Workers
6/27/2011: Letter to Warden Supporting Hunger Strike Demands
6/23/2011: Using ULK to Help Organize and Fight Oppressive Conditions
6/23/2011: Prisoner in CSP-Sacramento Calls on Warden to Address Hunger Striker Demands
6/23/2011: More Pelican Bay Strike Support from CSP-Sacramento
6/22/2011: I am We! Kill Me for My People
6/22/2011: Isolation Already Loosening at Pelican Bay
6/21/2011: Tehachapi SHU Prisoner Supports PBSP Hunger Strike
6/21/2011: Self-help Advocacy Group Supports Pelican Bay Hunger Strikers
6/21/2011: Debating the Violent Nature of the Lumpen
6/17/2011: Wikileaks afronta la persecución por revelar el imperialismo estadounidense
6/17/2011: Restrictions and Struggle in Texas
6/17/2011: Wisconsin "Security Concern" Excuse for Censorship
6/16/2011: Continuing to Fight ULK Denials
6/15/2011: Fighting Inadequate Food in Texas
6/14/2011: SAMAEL Signs on to UF for Peace
6/14/2011: We Must Fight ULK Denials (Part 2)
6/13/2011: Prisoners Paid Nothing for Work in Oklahoma
6/13/2011: Population Cap on California Prisons
6/13/2011: Validation Update for CA SHU
6/13/2011: Great Amerikan Chauvinism within the Oppressed
6/06/2011: Pennsylvania Keeps Prisoner Pay Low, Commissary Prices Rising
6/03/2011: The Call
6/03/2011: PBSP SHU D-Corridor Hunger Strike
6/01/2011: Release 4800 CA Prisoners: a Concession or a Scheme?
6/01/2011: The Truth of Oppression
5/29/2011: MIM(Prisons) Puts Theory into Practice in Education
5/27/2011: Fighting Repression in PS Housing
5/24/2011: PBSP Food Strike Flyer (updated) and Example Letter
5/24/2011: Peace First, Then Unity
5/19/2011: Education of the Nation
5/19/2011: New Man Corp supports UF for Peace and Freedom
5/17/2011: Abuse at Private Prison in Colorado
5/17/2011: NJ Avalon Crip Signs On to UF Statement
5/16/2011: Da Revolutionary Transformation
5/13/2011: Fighting Destruction of Grievances in Maryland
5/12/2011: Swindle Hearse
5/12/2011: Something Has Got to Change
5/12/2011: Inhuman Living
5/12/2011: Alone Strong
5/08/2011: Politics
5/07/2011: Criticism and Self-Criticism in Revolutionary Practice
5/06/2011: Light of Liberation
5/06/2011: Fighting the System is Dangerous
5/05/2011: Acts of Resistance are Everywhere
5/05/2011: Debemos luchar por la prorrogación de ULK
5/05/2011: Peace Movement Destroyed in Infancy
5/05/2011: Lack of Education Limits United Front
5/04/2011: Conditions in Florida State Prison
5/04/2011: More on Worsening Conditions at FSP
5/04/2011: July 1 Pelican Bay SHU Food Strike to Protest Inhuman Isolation
5/01/2011: United Front and First Nation struggles
5/01/2011: We Must Advance the United Front for Peace!
5/01/2011: Response to "Time for Peaceful Revolution"
4/24/2011: We Want Peace agitational pamphlet
4/20/2011: V: United Front Example on Television
4/19/2011: Illegal Validation of Latinos in California
4/15/2011: Business As Usual
4/11/2011: No Imprisonment of Workers, No Borders!
4/08/2011: Fuck Uncle Sam
4/06/2011: Forced into SNY for Political Organizing
4/03/2011: SMU Used to Prevent Activism
4/01/2011: Grievance Fight in Florida
4/01/2011: Utah Board of Pardons
4/01/2011: Statement of Unity from the Makavelian People's Party (MPP)
3/25/2011: We Must Fight ULK Denials
3/25/2011: No U.$. Intervention in Libya
3/23/2011: Iraq Part 2 or Iran: The Prequel?
3/22/2011: Announcing the United Front for Peace in Prisons
3/22/2011: United Front for Peace in Prisons - Statement of Principles
3/22/2011: Ex-Capo Joins Peace Agreement
3/22/2011: The System Fails Us, but We Stay Committed
3/17/2011: Anunciando la Frente Unida por la Paz en Prisiones
3/17/2011: Frente Unida por la Paz en Prisiones - Declaración de Principios
3/16/2011: Ely State Prison: Depravity, Despair and Death
3/15/2011: Federal Employee Threatens Prisoner for Fighting Torture in Court
3/13/2011: Jasiri X, Choose a Side
3/11/2011: Demand Access to the Massachusetts Secret Policy
3/09/2011: Segregation for Observing Black August Continues
3/08/2011: Review of RCP Constitution for the New Socialist Republic in North America
3/08/2011: Word! Ask about it, U-N-I-T-Y?
3/08/2011: Malcolm X
3/07/2011: Mistreatment in TN
2/28/2011: Partial Victory in High Desert
2/28/2011: Grievances: Fight for Our Rights
2/25/2011: Fighting Imperialist Repression in Egypt and at Home
2/25/2011: Death Penalty = Modern Day Genocide
2/24/2011: Middle East and North Africa: People's Just Struggles Lead to Cosmetic Changes Without Revolutionary Leadership
2/22/2011: False Validation Campaign in California
2/20/2011: Forced Labor a Part of Daily Abuse
2/14/2011: Downloadable Petition Against Violations of Constitution, Missouri
2/14/2011: Downloadable Grievance Petition, Oklahoma
2/14/2011: Downloadable Petition Against Z-Unit Zoo
2/14/2011: Las actividades de contrainteligencia estadounidenses continuan
2/12/2011: Review: The Real Life of Alejandro Mayta
2/11/2011: North Creek
2/11/2011: Organizing the Lumpen is Hard
2/11/2011: Q-Wing
2/10/2011: Add On
2/10/2011: How can we fight violations of our rights?
2/10/2011: The Subjection of the Incarcerated
2/03/2011: La escritura no-ficción = amenaza de seguridad
2/01/2011: Revolutionary Rising
2/01/2011: Response to People Against Racist Terror
1/27/2011: Social Networking, Smartphones and Reliance on the Masses
1/27/2011: Brutality Under Color of State Law
1/25/2011: Battle at HDSP Gains Official Attention
1/24/2011: Murders at Klinton
1/20/2011: Cambiando Unidades de Control a Universidades
1/16/2011: ULK 18: Editor's Note on Political Repression
1/15/2011: Who Is You
1/14/2011: Call for More Gender Struggles in USW Work
1/10/2011: Suit's Used for Oppression
1/09/2011: Special Needs Yards Revolutionary Fighting Fascism
1/08/2011: Book Review: Defying the Tomb
1/05/2011: Long line for ULK
1/05/2011: Black is Where the Heart is At
1/04/2011: Slavery in the Lone Star State
1/02/2011: Class Hatred
1/01/2011: Movie Review: Legend of the Guardians
12/31/2010: Labor Data Stafford Creek CC in WA
12/31/2010: Down with the Struggle
12/31/2010: WikiLeaks Faces Persecution for Exposing U.$. Imperialism
12/31/2010: Turning Control Units Into Universities
12/29/2010: Damn Me?!
12/26/2010: Fighting Gang Validation Laws
12/25/2010: Language and Revolutionary Struggle
12/23/2010: To Unite or Not to Unite, That is the Question
12/22/2010: Cartoon? Get real!
12/22/2010: BORO political line documents
12/21/2010: Purism Divides the Struggle
12/20/2010: Criminal Organization, or is Organizing the Crime?
12/18/2010: Review: Tron: Legacy
12/18/2010: Action for Change
12/18/2010: Reiterating our Position on Snitches
12/17/2010: Validated over False Evidence
12/15/2010: False Validations Part of Prison Control Strategy
12/15/2010: Corrupt Grievance System in Private Colorado Prison
12/15/2010: U.$. Counterintelligence Activities Continue
12/12/2010: ADC Claims No Obligation to Honor U.$. Constitution
12/10/2010: No Experience Necessary
12/10/2010: Organizing Against the Real Enemy
12/10/2010: Z-Unit Response from Division of Adult Institutions
12/10/2010: Next Steps for an Effective Grievance Campaign
12/09/2010: Fighting Injustice is Uphill Battle
12/05/2010: Hip Hop, Gender and Pseudo Feminism
12/01/2010: Knowledge is Power
12/01/2010: CDCR Tells Prisoner to Sue for Proper Handling of Grievances
12/01/2010: Tears of Blood
11/29/2010: Confess Guilty as a White Man
11/29/2010: Imperialist Blockade of Palestine Serving Interests of Zionism
11/24/2010: Peltier Case Part of Long History of Amerikkkan Tricks and Oppression
11/23/2010: On Being a Revolutionary
11/23/2010: DOJ Likes to Pick Bad Apples
11/22/2010: Good Enough for the Lumpen, not Good Enough for CA C.O.s
11/22/2010: Punished for Observing Black August
11/20/2010: Gladiator's Academy in Tennessee
11/19/2010: Watching Me
11/10/2010: Activists Labeled a Threat and Locked in Tamms
11/10/2010: Legal Mail at Scotland Opened
11/10/2010: Reading Non-Fiction = Threat to Security
11/06/2010: Weak Verdict, Stronger Movement
11/06/2010: Solitary for Studying instead of Fighting
11/05/2010: Lumpen United Front: Its Basis and Development
11/03/2010: HDSP Obstructs Legal Work
11/02/2010: Handcuffing in the Exercise Yard
11/02/2010: Professional Sports = Passion of Decadence
11/02/2010: Otomatik Attak by FLATTBUSH
11/01/2010: Edificando Fronteras Unidas, rodeado por el enemigo: caso estudiado de la caída del mercado domiciliario en EEUU
10/31/2010: Private Prison Scandal in AZ Legislature
10/30/2010: In Unity & Struggle: Why United Front?
10/29/2010: Federal Family Destruction Plan
10/29/2010: Stand Tall
10/29/2010: A Conscious Call
10/29/2010: El cuidado de salud en un mundo de pesadilla
10/29/2010: SMU Federal Forced Psychological Treatment Program
10/29/2010: Silent Accusation II
10/29/2010: Isolation for Symbolic Drawing
10/27/2010: Reassessing Cell Structure 5 years out
10/27/2010: the Time to Act is Now
10/25/2010: California Ponders Marijuana Legalization
10/20/2010: Debating Stalin
10/19/2010: Chains of Another Kind
10/18/2010: Keeping Rules a Secret Makes them Easier to Break
10/17/2010: Oil in the Wheels of Injustice
10/16/2010: Criticism of SNY Prisoners
10/15/2010: Murder at Clinton
10/14/2010: Language use in ULK
10/13/2010: We Are Our Only Obstacle
10/13/2010: Victim of Injustice System
10/13/2010: Dazzling Hearts and Minds in Amerika
10/12/2010: Organizing Strikes for Lasting Change
10/12/2010: Guard Brutality Unpunished in Tennessee
10/09/2010: Activists in SHU Still Face Total Censorship
10/08/2010: Need for Revolutionary Organizing
10/08/2010: Political Activism Killed by Religion in Louisiana
10/06/2010: Grievances in Arkansas
10/05/2010: NAMP response to MIM(Prisons) criticism
10/05/2010: KKKlinton Strikes Again
10/05/2010: Derrame de Petroleo del Golfo: Es Capitalismo, ¡Estupido!
10/04/2010: Half a Bar of Soap
10/04/2010: Wyclef: Presidente de Hip-Hop por el imperialismo?
10/04/2010: Advice on Censorship Fight in Arizona
10/04/2010: Fighting Back Works
10/02/2010: One Love
10/01/2010: Campaign Update from Missouri
10/01/2010: Independent Leaders
9/30/2010: Keep Fighting Gang Validation
9/25/2010: Lumpen Loyalty Dividing the Struggle
9/23/2010: Educational Warfare
9/22/2010: Home Sweet Home
9/22/2010: Black Panther or Aryan Soldier
9/15/2010: Snitch Solution
9/15/2010: Lockdown of "northern hispanics" at HDSP [Z-Unit Background Story]
9/15/2010: The Cause
9/15/2010: Staff Assault Prisoner, Ignore Grievance
9/13/2010: In the Belly of the Beast
9/12/2010: Birthday Cards to Prisoners Tie Up FBI
9/07/2010: Call for SNYs to Take Up Anti-Imperialist Action
9/07/2010: Self-Criticism on Relations with New Afrikan Ujamaa Dynasty
9/05/2010: Healthcare in a Nightmare World
9/03/2010: Fight legalized police murder of oppressed nations
9/03/2010: Grieving Leads to Brutality, but Staying Strong
9/03/2010: Unity as a Stronghold
9/02/2010: To kill the individual
9/02/2010: Racist penitentiary politics in Texas
9/02/2010: Special Needs Yard debate continues
9/01/2010: Congress Report 2010
8/30/2010: Fighting Parole System in Texas
8/30/2010: Kruel Koncentration Karnival
8/30/2010: Building United Front, Surrounded by Enemies: Case Study of the U.$. Housing Market Decline
8/25/2010: War on Drugs - Democracy Style
8/25/2010: Assault with a sock?
8/23/2010: To the OGs, Stop the Lie
8/21/2010: July 2010 Censorship Report
8/20/2010: Assault in NY
8/20/2010: Toy Story 3 Review
8/20/2010: Wrongful Validation in California Leads to Support for Grievance Campaign
8/18/2010: Testimony - Retaliation for writing grievances
8/17/2010: Control Units No Better than Zoo for Animals
8/15/2010: Mass Hunger Strike in California
8/13/2010: Reality
8/13/2010: Self-Respect
8/12/2010: Real Hope is in Historical Materialism
8/11/2010: United Front
8/10/2010: Psychological Torture in Iowa
8/09/2010: Abolish Prison Slavery
8/08/2010: Pepper Spray for the Mentally Ill
8/08/2010: Say No to Escape Drugs
8/04/2010: Educate to Liberate, Spread ULK
8/01/2010: Revolutionary Transition
8/01/2010: Apologetic Subterfuge
7/30/2010: Connecticut Corruption
7/22/2010: Let's Clean Up Our House
7/21/2010: Legal Tips to Fight Gang Validation in California
7/20/2010: Florida use of chemical agents
7/20/2010: Torture in SHU for Being a Crip
7/19/2010: Dixon's Disabled done wrong
7/19/2010: Control units used to torture mentally ill prisoners
7/15/2010: The Call for Unity
7/15/2010: Stand Up for Real Causes
7/13/2010: Psych torture in Arkansas
7/13/2010: Signing petition to shut down all control units
7/12/2010: Our Darkest Hour
7/12/2010: Firing Squad
7/12/2010: Punished and unable to appeal
7/12/2010: Black life is cheap in white amerikkka
7/12/2010: Catacomb Reversal
7/12/2010: All eyes on Us for Black August
7/11/2010: School of Hard Knocks
7/11/2010: Pig Gets Off for Murder
7/10/2010: Revolutionary Activation
7/10/2010: Revolutionary Suicide
7/09/2010: Mental Health: a Maoist Perspective
7/08/2010: Psychiatry and Psychology as National Oppression
7/06/2010: Fighting Rotten Food and No Parole
7/06/2010: Depriving Sleep to Torture in Texas
7/06/2010: Gulf oil spill: It's capitalism, stupid!
7/04/2010: Back to the basics
7/04/2010: Cultural imperialism: Why oppressed nations should not celebrate our oppressor's holidays and cultures
6/29/2010: Georgia conditions deteriorating
6/29/2010: United We Stand: COs split Bs and Cs
6/28/2010: Find Your Strength
6/28/2010: Assaults and Brutality in New York
6/28/2010: Time for Peaceful Revolution
6/26/2010: Uniting to fight denied food
6/25/2010: This ain't TV, there's no justice here
6/24/2010: DOC: Dealing Oppression Conspicuously
6/24/2010: Appeals Denied on Mass Validation
6/21/2010: Continuing the Struggle from Inside Ad-Seg
6/21/2010: You Say We're Not, But We Are
6/21/2010: Refused medical treatment in Texas
6/21/2010: Response to my critic in SNY debate
6/20/2010: Boycotting work is unrealistic
6/15/2010: Filthy Prisons/Filthy System in Texas
6/14/2010: Unlock the Box in New Folsom ASU
6/10/2010: Pleas against brutality following suicide attempt
6/09/2010: Mexicans targeted for censorship
6/03/2010: Obstruction of justice at SCI Muncy
5/29/2010: On strategy: breaking thru defenses
5/29/2010: Abuse in High Desert hits mainstream, ban lifted
5/27/2010: MODOC: Promoting conflict, Discouraging rehabilitation
5/27/2010: SNY prisoner: How to stop snitching
5/24/2010: Religious persecution of Muslims in Iowa
5/24/2010: Suicide attempt leads to pepper spraying
5/23/2010: Unlock the Box: Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility
5/22/2010: Regarding security in prisons
5/21/2010: Snitch strategy backfires
5/21/2010: Sleep deprivation to control oppressed
5/20/2010: Nation trumps class around Arizona law
5/18/2010: Revolutionary POWs fight to abolish control units
5/18/2010: Forty-three to one
5/17/2010: PA transferring prisoners out of state
5/15/2010: No to SB1070!
5/14/2010: The situational ethics of snitching
5/12/2010: Reflections on organization, strategy, and unity
5/11/2010: Rolling with the punches
5/10/2010: Repression at RJD
5/10/2010: Our Unity vs. their Crisis
5/08/2010: Ra'd sigue vivo en nuestra lucha
5/08/2010: Brutality Report on Control Units in Pennsylvania
5/08/2010: Fight the system: boycott work
5/03/2010: Solidarity in the fight against Arizona immigration law
5/01/2010: On Paper Tigers
4/30/2010: The Animal Factory
4/29/2010: Can't u see
4/29/2010: Their goal is menticide
4/29/2010: Address Our Grievances! Campaign Spreads
4/28/2010: No access to law library in High Desert
4/26/2010: Extra time on lockdown during election years in Tennessee
4/22/2010: Race and Abuse in Texas Prisons
4/22/2010: Seeing Through the Bureaucratic Runaround Tactic
4/20/2010: Fuck you too Amerika
4/19/2010: Inmigrantes, migrantes y ciudadanos estadunidenses
4/16/2010: Jails just as bad as prisons
4/15/2010: Comrades, educate & support each other!
4/14/2010: State of CT most corrupt DOC
4/13/2010: Staying strong is our obligation
4/13/2010: False gang validations to repress Latinos
4/12/2010: Medical care is a sham
4/12/2010: No longer suicidal, fighting for the revolution
4/09/2010: TDCJ: File Grievance to Fix Grievance System
4/02/2010: Rap Chicano y el lenguaje contra la asimilacón
4/01/2010: Prisiones usando a agentes para descubrir a prisioneros activos
3/21/2010: Brutality in San Diego
3/20/2010: Strategy & Tactics in the Belly of the Beast
3/19/2010: Security in the prison movement
3/18/2010: March 20 Anti-War Rally Flier
3/17/2010: Living Unity
3/16/2010: Haiti Update & Correction
3/16/2010: Ra'd Lives On in Our Struggle
3/13/2010: High Desert, CA Control Units
3/13/2010: Medicamentando a fuerza en prisión
3/12/2010: CO undermines hunger strike, causes death
3/11/2010: Anti-Imperialism
3/11/2010: Rise
3/11/2010: Strugglin
3/11/2010: Locked Up
3/10/2010: Prison Law Office and Grievance Petition
3/05/2010: Political Statement from the ECCO
3/01/2010: Rotten Food in CA = Hunger Strike
3/01/2010: 8th call to assist
2/23/2010: Different Strategies Needed to Stop the Slaughter
2/22/2010: Health Care for Muslims Under U.$. Occupation
2/22/2010: On the Importance of Political Line
2/21/2010: The Time Has Come
2/21/2010: The Mission
2/21/2010: Us vs. Them
2/18/2010: DOJ Claims They Will Investigate if Shown Pattern of Abuse
2/13/2010: Understand Self, Understand the Big Picture
2/10/2010: Dear Pig
2/10/2010: Call for unity against CO violence
2/10/2010: Trading hot dogs for freedom
2/02/2010: Think About the World
1/31/2010: Oscar Grant: organization, line and strategy
1/29/2010: I am an American
1/27/2010: Intentional deterioration of mental health in Arizona DOC
1/26/2010: Petition for Proper Handling of Grievances
1/25/2010: An All Points Bulletin from the Concrete Tombs of Pelican Bay
1/25/2010: Prisoner driven to suicide
1/24/2010: Inspirado por Mao, enfrentando batallas legales
1/22/2010: Tratamiento adecuado negado
1/20/2010: Cold and Torture in PA Prisons
1/20/2010: Warden Turns a Blind Eye to Staff Misconduct
1/18/2010: Inspired by Mao, fighting legal battles
1/16/2010: Internationalist Solidarity with Haiti from Behind Bars
1/14/2010: Kkklinton breaks in its youngsters
1/12/2010: RIP Amare Selton
1/12/2010: Medical negligence leads to finger loss
1/11/2010: Poison to the revolution
1/11/2010: Forsaking all others
1/10/2010: Suspicion of all Latinos
1/10/2010: Climate Reparations? You and what army?
1/09/2010: Gynecology: legacy of gender oppression
1/08/2010: Mail and Other Policy Violations by Prison Staff
1/08/2010: U.S. bombing of Yemen brings attack on Amerika
1/07/2010: Just Imagine
1/06/2010: Radio Silence
1/05/2010: Gay man targetted for rape
1/02/2010: Health Care Universe Excludes Most People
12/29/2009: Revisiting RCP Revisionism
12/28/2009: We need you
12/26/2009: What is sectarianism?
12/24/2009: Property set fire by prison guard
12/17/2009: Forced drugging in prison
12/16/2009: Denied adequate treatment
12/14/2009: Fighting repression in Wisconsin
12/13/2009: Paying for no care in prisons
12/13/2009: Under investigation for political literature
12/09/2009: Prisons don't give a damn if we die
12/07/2009: Delays in medical care in California continue
11/26/2009: Thangs-taken
11/25/2009: Fear of ULK gang label in Texas
11/20/2009: ULK supporters need help fighting gang label
11/20/2009: Detenciones de Migrantes como Opresión Nacional
11/17/2009: Chicano Rap & Language against Assimilation
11/17/2009: California Ban on MIM Over... Sort of
11/15/2009: Third World Muslim Prisoners of Amerika
11/14/2009: Organizing against resistance
11/09/2009: "Bad Apples" in the Pig Pen
11/09/2009: Immigrants, Migrants, and U.$. Citizens
11/09/2009: Ride for the people
11/09/2009: Prison lax on spread of H1N1
11/08/2009: It's Here
11/06/2009: National Oppression as Migrant Detention
11/02/2009: Punishment of Pretrial Detainees in Ocala, Florida
10/29/2009: No "Class Actions"
10/26/2009: Hip Hop en la Esfera de Acción del Estado
10/26/2009: Unsanitary conditions in Texas
10/20/2009: The Pigs Feed at the Lockdown Trough
10/19/2009: A Union of 3 rival gangs coming together through hip hop
10/19/2009: Drop the Pacifiers and Take Action
10/15/2009: A Plea for Educational Opportunities
10/13/2009: Now let's build
10/13/2009: Blacks face longer Max in TN
10/13/2009: Prison Health Care System is Inhumane
10/06/2009: Kkklinton Censors Article then Cracks More Skulls
10/05/2009: My environment! Real as it gets!
10/05/2009: Positive Rap
10/05/2009: Unity works to combat unreasonable regs
10/04/2009: Carta del pueblo inmigrante a los Estados Unidos
10/02/2009: Prisoner demands justice for Migrants
10/02/2009: Foreign Nationals Face Brunt of Population Crisis
9/30/2009: Basic Healthcare threat to security
9/21/2009: Transgender Struggles in Segregation
9/16/2009: Utah's Finest
9/15/2009: Hip Hop: Living Culture or Commodity?
9/10/2009: Inspired to fight, restricted by prison
9/10/2009: Building Peace is Political
9/09/2009: Comrade Drops Out of Study Group Because of Repression
9/08/2009: Hip Hop in the Scopes of the State
9/06/2009: Pulse of the People Sounds Like Revolution
9/05/2009: Eminem = Emeny
9/01/2009: Medical Science Skewed Under Patriarchy
9/01/2009: Pigs bribe prisoners to snitch
8/24/2009: Culture is a Tool to Direct Society
8/24/2009: Hip-Hop as Revolutionary Culture
8/24/2009: Space... The Next Frontier
8/15/2009: Exposing repression, working to effect change
8/12/2009: Abuse in wimmin's prison
8/12/2009: Organizing LOs for revolution
8/12/2009: Unity fighting for humane living conditions
8/12/2009: An open letter to my fellow prisoners of war
8/11/2009: Brutality leads to death
8/11/2009: Unity Only Possible Among Friends
8/10/2009: What is Culture
8/10/2009: Fighting for Sanitary Conditions in Texas
8/10/2009: Anti-Censorship Lawsuit Strategies Used by a Successful Jailhouse Lawyer
8/08/2009: Jailhouse Lawyers: Prisoners Defending Prisoners v. the U.S.A.
8/06/2009: Kkklinton Continues Persecution of New Afrikans
8/05/2009: Wasting Money Prosecuting Lifers in California
8/04/2009: Fighting Pig Brutality in Massachusetts
8/03/2009: No pay for work in Georgia
8/03/2009: Unite for change
8/03/2009: The Hate U Gave Lil' Infants Fucks Everyone
8/03/2009: Response to Legal Help Request
8/03/2009: Education: Still Much Work to be Done
8/01/2009: Officers Assaulting Prisoners in Texas
8/01/2009: Talk of Early Releases with Economic Crisis
8/01/2009: Rapper$ Delight
8/01/2009: Cellies Educating Each Other
8/01/2009: Arkansas Uses Contraband to Control Prisoners
8/01/2009: Hunger Strike at Camp Hill
8/01/2009: La Privatización de la Guerra: El Imperialismo da su Último Suspiro
7/30/2009: Hip Hop is Dead Until it Takes Up Revolutionary Politics
7/29/2009: Migrants Treated Unequally
7/29/2009: The pain of awakening
7/29/2009: Tap the Potential of Hip Hop as Revolutionary Culture
7/27/2009: Texas Prison Officers Label ULK Recipients Gang Members
7/25/2009: Pobre Imperio
7/24/2009: Filth and Retaliation in PA
7/23/2009: Widespread corruption in the IDOC
7/21/2009: Prisons Used as Political Tools in Rural Communities
7/21/2009: Fighting Abuse of Authority in Texas
7/20/2009: Abuse in West Virginia
7/17/2009: Is Hip Hop as Revolutionary Culture?
7/15/2009: Fight Keefe Food Group Corruption
7/13/2009: El Buro Federal de Investigación Arresto a un Hacedor de Paz
7/10/2009: Work for Low Wages in North Carolina
7/10/2009: Lumpen Organizing and Peace
7/09/2009: Phone System Profits in Texas
7/07/2009: Life Sentences in Maryland
7/07/2009: Toxic Water at Pine River in Michigan
7/07/2009: Protest Sanitary Conditions in North Carolina Polk CF
7/06/2009: Iran: The Twitter 'Revolution'
7/05/2009: Update from Killer Kern Valley State Prison
7/03/2009: Restricted Release in Pennsylvania
7/02/2009: Prison Labor in Arkansas
6/29/2009: El Agua Contaminada es Buena por CDCR
6/25/2009: FBI Arrests Peacemaker
6/23/2009: Mice, Ants and Mold in Polk Kitchen
6/22/2009: Abuse and Neglect in Texas Prisons
6/20/2009: Save Hip Hop
6/18/2009: Poor and Tired in Colorado
6/16/2009: Inspired to join the struggle in Maryland
6/15/2009: Build Unity and Non-violence
6/12/2009: Prisoner Punished for Seeing Things Greater than Himself
6/12/2009: Mao's Combat Liberalism Very Relevent in PA Prisons
6/01/2009: Contaminated Water OK by CDCR
6/01/2009: Líder en Prisión Toma Acción
5/31/2009: Maoism Around Us
5/28/2009: Lucha Vietnamita Contra INS, Prisiones, y Persecución por ser "Ilegal"
5/27/2009: Fighting Corruption in Mi$$i$$ippi Leads to Retaliation
5/20/2009: Texas Prisoner Framed and Provoked
5/19/2009: Disciplinary policy torture
5/19/2009: Pig Enables Stabbing of Prisoner in Riot
5/19/2009: Step up to expose and fight brutality
5/15/2009: Pandillas Afiliación y Organización
5/09/2009: The Privatization of War: Imperialism Gasps its Last Breaths
5/09/2009: Direct Appropriation of Labor by Staff
5/07/2009: New York Prisoners' Report on Labor and Economics
5/07/2009: No soy criminal, soy revolucionario
5/05/2009: I Stand Tall
5/05/2009: Only the Educated are Free
5/04/2009: Organizaciones callejeras y organizamiento revolucionario
5/01/2009: Lumpen Organizations Unite
4/28/2009: Responses to Prison Economics from Utah
4/28/2009: Prisons Using Agents to Expose Active Prisoners
4/25/2009: MIM(Prisons) on U.S. Prison Economy
4/20/2009: Vietnamese Struggles Against INS, Prisons, Persecution for Being
4/17/2009: Utah prisoner labor
4/17/2009: Unite to work with MIM(Prisons)
4/16/2009: Sharing the Revolutionary Message, Opening Eyes
4/16/2009: Federal Prisons and Prison Labor
4/15/2009: Fighting the Real Gangs with Paperwork
4/14/2009: LOs Must Organize for the People
4/14/2009: Real Revolutionaries Locked Down in Texas
4/14/2009: Turning from Violence to Progressive Organizing Gets Prisoner Validated and Locked Down
4/13/2009: Retaliation for Fighting for Legal Rights
4/13/2009: Lumpen Organizations and Revolutionary Organizing
4/12/2009: Work, Money and Good Time in Texas
4/06/2009: Rap Music and Society
3/26/2009: Unite to Fight the System
3/24/2009: Remove the Profit Motive
3/24/2009: Response to Gender Issue of ULK
3/23/2009: Don't Feed the Prison Beast
3/20/2009: Peace in the Streets
3/15/2009: Time is Valuable
3/14/2009: We Want Peace! They Want Security.
3/13/2009: Prop 8 - Matrimonio Homosexual, Opresión de Sexo, y Confusión Política
3/12/2009: Mistreatment in Texas prisons
3/11/2009: La Cienca Muslemana le Atina de Nuevo
3/11/2009: Pennsylvania Building Prisons to Create Jobs
3/10/2009: Prison Leader Steps Up
3/09/2009: Prison Labor Stats in Texas
3/09/2009: Gang Affiliations and Organizing
3/04/2009: No services and much abuse in Texas
3/04/2009: Fighting for good time in exchange for slave labor
2/26/2009: Calculations on Prison Population and Labor
2/25/2009: Slavery Without Capitalist Exploitation
2/23/2009: Brutality in Texas Prison
2/22/2009: Who are the Real Gangs?
2/22/2009: Prison Labor and Economics in California: Who Really Profits?
2/20/2009: No Rehab in Texas
2/20/2009: An Interview with Mfalme Sikivu, Executive Minister of UFD
2/19/2009: Waking From mid-fight scenes... and the shit ain't a dream: Imagine being me
2/19/2009: Gender Oppression and Health Care
2/18/2009: Fighting Imperialism in Wisconsin
2/17/2009: Urgent Action Alert: Camp Hill SMU torture
2/17/2009: Gender Responses to ULK 6
2/17/2009: CCA Making Money in Texas
2/17/2009: Info About Work in WI: We Need to Keep Fighting
2/16/2009: Prison Labor in Florida's Control Units
2/16/2009: Unlock the Box Research in Florida
2/15/2009: XXL Just Wants Your $12.99
2/15/2009: Texas Prisoner Forced to Work for No Pay
2/14/2009: The Day Before Tomorrow
2/14/2009: Solitary Confinement
2/14/2009: Excessive Force in North Carolina
2/13/2009: Canadian Denied Transfer Back Home
2/13/2009: Animal
2/09/2009: untitled
2/06/2009: Oklahoma Pigs Set Up Prisoners
2/05/2009: USW Leads Organizing for Real Peace
2/04/2009: Oppresión en el SMU de Pennsylvania
1/23/2009: Unlock the Box Research in Texas
1/22/2009: Environment and Prisons
1/20/2009: The Trick of the Beast: Control Units in Wisconsin
1/20/2009: The Real Politics of Prisoners in California
1/20/2009: Retaliatory Segregation in Missouri
1/19/2009: Organizando una huelga en Ohio
1/18/2009: Education Program but No Classes Available in Texas
1/15/2009: Oakland Stands Up
1/10/2009: ULK6 Intro: The Gender Issue
1/06/2009: More Police Not the Answer
1/04/2009: Mental Health Programs Just Expanded SHU
1/02/2009: Victim in Clinton Brutality Needs Legal Help
12/30/2008: Rights violations in South Carolina
12/26/2008: Sexual harassment at women's prison in Missouri
12/26/2008: Thrown in segregation for writing complaint about conditions
12/23/2008: NARA Historical Materialism Methodology
12/23/2008: GRAD program in Texas
12/22/2008: Trading short term violence for long term struggle
12/21/2008: Pennsylvania torture units
12/21/2008: Concrete Soldiers
12/17/2008: Response to ULK Obama article
12/12/2008: Oppression at Pennsylvania's SMU
12/10/2008: Snitches, agents of the oppressor
12/10/2008: Life in danger after being labeled a gang member
12/08/2008: Jobs and rehab in California prisons
12/07/2008: Responses to ULK5
12/05/2008: Legal Mail caselaw needed
12/05/2008: Brutality in Pennsylvania
12/03/2008: The First Amendment is Disregarded by Prisonkrats
12/03/2008: Pornografia y su censura
12/02/2008: More Vibe, King, XXL Subscriptions cancelled
12/01/2008: Gender Privilege under Capitalism
12/01/2008: Call for unity among Montana prisoners
11/27/2008: Abuse in Texas adseg
11/25/2008: Stop being passive and join the fight
11/23/2008: Misplaced rejoicing in prisons over Obama victory
11/23/2008: Organizing a strike in Ohio
11/22/2008: Combat their Violence with the Law
11/18/2008: Truth
11/15/2008: Prop 8 - gay marriage, gender oppression and political confusion
11/08/2008: Break Chains
11/08/2008: Financial Crisis: Capitalism is an irrational economic system
11/08/2008: Pornography and censorship
11/06/2008: Former drug dealer takes up anti-imperialist struggle
11/06/2008: Utah classification system - we must rise above
11/05/2008: Black prez in white amerika
10/30/2008: Big money deals
10/24/2008: Punitive transfers in Michigan
10/20/2008: Barack Obama y la nación oprimida de aristocrasia laboral
10/19/2008: Rising incarceration rates of women and the destruction of family and community in Amerika
10/15/2008: Staff behind MIM ban has history of lawbreaking
10/12/2008: Montana medical neglect threatens lives
10/10/2008: Still I Rise
10/10/2008: King Mag wants Subs but Silent on Censorship
10/10/2008: Censorship Hypocrisy Continues at Red Onion
10/09/2008: Keep your mouth shut and avoid the ever-expanding exceptions to Miranda
10/09/2008: Control units used as retaliation in Washington
10/08/2008: Using psychology to drug political prisoners
10/08/2008: A political voice from a youth facility
10/08/2008: Response to psycho-sexual warfare article
10/07/2008: Censorship and Unjust Fines in Oregon
10/06/2008: Censorship in Colorado
10/05/2008: Corruption in Texas prisons
10/02/2008: Obama changes nothing, Amerika is still racist
9/30/2008: Isolation at Clements in Amarillo, TX
9/30/2008: Female guards watching male prisoners shower
9/29/2008: Assault for refusing to double cell
9/29/2008: Assassins with Badges
9/29/2008: Latinos targeted for lockdown in Texas
9/29/2008: Prison workers paid overtime for 2 hours labor
9/29/2008: Murder and brutality by white supremacist COs in NY
9/28/2008: CDCR taking 55% of money sent to prisoners
9/28/2008: Struggle: responses to ULK4
9/26/2008: False STG validation
9/25/2008: Segregation in Mississippi
9/24/2008: Responses to ULK4 on censorship
9/24/2008: Psycho-Sexual Warfare Article Speaks to Others
9/19/2008: Info on control units in Ohio
9/17/2008: Limiting toilet flushing in California
9/15/2008: NY promotes Sexual Harrassment and Violence
9/04/2008: Three strikes in California
9/04/2008: Georgia conflict: battle for imperialist control
9/04/2008: Segregation in Texas
9/03/2008: Repression in Texas
9/03/2008: Censorship at Pelican Bay State Prison
9/02/2008: Palin demonstrates gender privilege in Amerika
9/01/2008: Arsenic in the water at Killa Kern
8/25/2008: Black August Resistance - history is a weapon
8/25/2008: Cuts in recreations, arsenic in the water
8/25/2008: Inlisted
8/25/2008: Death to Oppression
8/18/2008: Unlock the Box survey - Indiana
8/14/2008: Paroling with no employable skills
8/13/2008: Disregarding mail regulations in California
8/13/2008: Medical neglect in Texas is killing prisoners
8/11/2008: Unlock the Box - Ad-Seg in Texas
8/11/2008: New Law Promises Sentence Reductions in New York
8/11/2008: Negando el correo y derechos legales en Nuevo Mexico
8/08/2008: Control Units in Allred Unit Texas
8/08/2008: No programs or legal appeal at KVSP
8/08/2008: Some Ammo for China v. Bush
8/07/2008: Censorship at Texas Estelle Unit
8/07/2008: Medical malpractice in Texas
8/05/2008: Hypocrisy continues at Red Onion
8/04/2008: Prison Labor at SCI Fayette
8/01/2008: Unlock the Box - Control Units in Texas
8/01/2008: Obama's world tour - international news roundup
7/31/2008: SHU time for MIM lit
7/28/2008: Unlock the Box survey
7/27/2008: Brutality in Lockdown and No Grievances
7/25/2008: Fighting for a library
7/21/2008: Control Units in New Mexico
7/21/2008: Parole is a revolving door
7/21/2008: People Power
7/21/2008: Denial of mail and legal rights in New Mexico
7/18/2008: Assault for using the bathroom
7/18/2008: Who's talking in code, pig?
7/15/2008: Control units in NY and PA
7/13/2008: Inexcusable behavior by guards in Florida
7/10/2008: Administrative Segregation in Texas
7/09/2008: Unlock the Box movie previews at StopMax
7/08/2008: Challenging SMU policies in the courts
7/07/2008: Conditions deteriorate at Kern Valley
7/07/2008: Using time in control units for the revolution
7/05/2008: Gang validation of the politically active
7/01/2008: Control Units in Florida
7/01/2008: Combatting liberalism
6/30/2008: Imperialism is disgraceful, not communism
6/30/2008: Turn negative pressure to postive, fight imperialism from behind the bars
6/28/2008: Isolation Units in Oregon
6/27/2008: Fighting repression of Muslims in NY
6/26/2008: Pelican Bay a dead end
6/25/2008: COs refuse to do their jobs
6/25/2008: Under Lock and Key
6/24/2008: Immortal Technique - The 3rd World drops
6/23/2008: Michigan represión contra Indíginias
6/20/2008: Letter of Exposure to COINTELPRO
6/18/2008: XXL, Vibe and others should join lawsuit vs. VA DOC
6/18/2008: Brutality in Florida prison
6/15/2008: Barack Obama and oppressed nation labor aristocracy
6/13/2008: WA Control Unit Inventory
6/09/2008: Madness of the Mind
6/09/2008: Budget cutback on meal menus
6/07/2008: No mejora la asistencia medica en prisiones de California pro un prisionero en California
6/05/2008: Condiciones del SHU en Upstate Correctional Facility
6/03/2008: USW organizing in Nevada
5/23/2008: Bad food, no visits, and locked down in California
5/22/2008: Fighting for rights to education and organize
5/20/2008: Psycho-Sexual Warfare vs. Political Prisoners
5/19/2008: Michigan repression against First Nations
5/12/2008: Correction to ULK1 Legal advice on CA ban
5/12/2008: Red Onion Supermax report
5/12/2008: Prisons create violence
5/11/2008: New Jersey Gang Unit
5/09/2008: Amerikanos: Oprimiendo para una vida
5/07/2008: Let us rise as one!
5/06/2008: SHU conditions at Upstate Correctional Facility
5/06/2008: No improvement in health care in California prisons
5/05/2008: Report on Upstate Supermax
5/03/2008: Washington Supermax report
5/02/2008: Prison Labor at Oregon State Pen
5/01/2008: Understanding Solitary Confinement
5/01/2008: Prisoner innovation stolen and sold back to them
4/29/2008: Problems with new BHU for mentally ill
4/27/2008: Slavery and Racism justify SHU time in NY
4/25/2008: Surrounded by Indoctrination
4/25/2008: NY Anti-Censorship Battle Wages
4/16/2008: Muslim science gets it right again
4/15/2008: Amerikkkan justice for Blacks means death
4/11/2008: Survey of Oregon Control Units
4/08/2008: Economic Investigation of Washington State Penitentiary
4/06/2008: Virginia's supermax at Red Onion State Prison
4/06/2008: White Nationalism still reaching out to Tibet
4/02/2008: Barack Obama the movement: a race issue
3/26/2008: Ely State Prison: Are Officials the cause for Prison crimes?
3/25/2008: Threatened for Filing Grievances
3/22/2008: Learning from MIM Theory on Psychology
3/21/2008: The 71st Anniversary of the Ponce Massacre!
3/20/2008: America: Behind Bars
3/20/2008: The Bible or the Bullet?
3/17/2008: Looking for this
3/17/2008: Cases on California censorship
3/10/2008: On lockup for filing lawsuit
3/07/2008: Another senseless death in Texas
3/06/2008: Repression in Pennsylvania prisons
3/05/2008: Life struggle of migrant worker
3/05/2008: Kern Valley keeping Blacks on lockdown
3/03/2008: Censorship and brutality update in CA prisoners
3/01/2008: Cruel shackling at Pelican Bay
2/22/2008: Book Review of Mao Zedong A Life
2/22/2008: Brutality and medical neglect lead to death in Texas prison
2/22/2008: Segregation and Classification in Texas
2/20/2008: Gender struggle reversal in prison
2/19/2008: Biblioteca de ley acceso restringido
2/10/2008: Election roundup - Democratic party expands the game beyond white men, but remains imperialist in the end
2/07/2008: Education system lacking but still fighting
2/04/2008: Apoya las platicas de paz de la prision Pelican Bay
2/02/2008: Batalla legal parte de la pelea contra imperialismo
1/31/2008: Green Wall at California prison
1/29/2008: New Afrikan Prisoners: Anti-alcohol campaign
1/25/2008: High Desert ban's MIM, falsifies reports on prisoners
1/23/2008: Flush limits on toilets needs challenge
1/19/2008: Fearlessness, Scientific Strategy and Security
1/16/2008: Response to ULK issue #1 on "captives" and censorship
1/14/2008: Law library access blocked
1/09/2008: White Lit Passes VA Censors
12/25/2007: California Prohibe MIM Distributors
12/19/2007: Repressing Natives for organizing in California
12/17/2007: Amerikans: Oppressing for a Living
12/17/2007: Oregon Censoring the Wrong Newspaper
12/09/2007: Para Bellum
12/09/2007: Blacks targeted for drug imprisonment in Amerika
12/04/2007: Legal research on censorship
12/01/2007: Censorship in Virginia=Political Repression
11/24/2007: No law library acces at Kern Valley
11/22/2007: La Corte Suprema de los Estados Unidos aprueba tortura
11/19/2007: California housing integration an excuse to lock more prisoners in control units
11/12/2007: Law library access restricted
11/11/2007: Lockdown and bad conditions in California
11/08/2007: Organize to fight repression in prison
10/31/2007: Brutal segregation cells
10/29/2007: Texas women's prison blocking mail, gassing prisoners
10/23/2007: Overcrowding, poor food and poor medical care common in California
10/19/2007: California uses gang label to stop activist prisoners
10/19/2007: DOC claims integrating Prisoners back to society/work force a priority
10/15/2007: Long term segregation in Nevada
10/11/2007: Shut Down the SHU in NY
10/10/2007: MIM literature opening eyes
10/10/2007: California Bans MIM Distributors
10/09/2007: Koncentration Kamps
10/01/2007: More Debate on Saddam Hussein
10/01/2007: Control units - living like dogs
9/30/2007: One spoiled reactionary bunch
9/21/2007: 21 years in Super Max with no way out
9/20/2007: Uniting with National Liberation Struggles
9/20/2007: Struggling and Studying in Missouri
9/10/2007: From Pollution to Prisons: It's Profit over People
9/07/2007: Legal battle part of fight against imperialism
9/05/2007: An informal renouncement of citizenship
9/04/2007: Terminology: Prisoners, inmates or captives
9/03/2007: Gender Oppression in U.$. Prisons
9/01/2007: Batallando y estudiando en Missouri
8/30/2007: No water for ad-seg
8/28/2007: Education is essential, must fight censorship
8/27/2007: No access to legal materials or education
8/24/2007: Prisoners Denied Right to Public Records
8/23/2007: Medical Neglect in California
8/23/2007: Abuso en SHU
8/20/2007: No release resources in California prisons
8/19/2007: Fight unjust Three Strikes law
8/01/2007: Red Onion State Prison: Obstruction of Justice
7/31/2007: Help Fight Censorship in NY
7/31/2007: So-called illegal immigrants
7/30/2007: Visitation cut off at Salinas Valley State Prison
7/26/2007: My Rage
7/26/2007: Young prisoner ready to step up
7/24/2007: Inmate Mail and Communications in WA
7/24/2007: Snitch or be locked down
7/20/2007: Abuso del Medico en Clinton Correctional Facility
7/16/2007: Sensory Deprivation in NY
7/14/2007: WA Youth share MIM Theory
7/05/2007: Thrown in segregation in Colorado
7/05/2007: Winning censor battles in Colorado
7/01/2007: Prisons cutting off education access, increasing brutality
7/01/2007: Studying and struggling in spite of censorship
6/30/2007: Censorship in Oklahoma
6/23/2007: Fees keep prisoners from needed medical care
6/18/2007: Retaliation for filing grievances
6/12/2007: Medical neglect in Colorado
6/12/2007: Militant in the struggle
5/28/2007: Maryland max unit on lockdown
5/26/2007: No useful education in the hole
5/22/2007: Struggle to Reunite with Panther Legacy
5/21/2007: Resisting the subversive extremes of political persecution
5/09/2007: How a Prisoner Should Act
4/30/2007: response to On Prison Leadership
4/25/2007: Isolation cell in Kansas
3/01/2007: California Trumped Up Gang Validation
3/01/2007: Maryland transferring prisoners to "sanitize"
2/06/2007: Brutality in Maryland
2/05/2007: Beating on Blacks in Maryland
12/14/2006: Locked in SHU after release date, still fighting
12/05/2006: Welcome back to Calipatria under siege
12/01/2006: "News and Letters" misses the boat on labor aristocracy
12/01/2006: Censorship of outgoing mail at Pelican Bay
10/30/2006: Peace between prisoners discouraged in California
10/01/2006: History of the Peace Summit initiative at Pelican Bay
7/03/2006: MIM United Front lit banned on 2nd Amendment
5/20/2006: Support the Pelican Bay State Prison Peace Talk
2/23/2006: Combatting Wrong Ideas from Huey Newton Late in Life
10/14/2005: Shutting down Control Units and the World Revolution
6/06/2005: U.S. Prisons Prove Maddening
6/01/2005: An Alternative to the SHU
7/01/2004: Washington IMU repression
6/01/2004: Corruption and Retaliation in New York
5/05/2004: Repression in OK SHU
5/01/2004: Intensive Management Units: Behavior Modification or Psychological Subjugation?
4/01/2004: NY SHU full of Non-violent convictions
3/01/2004: Wastelands: prison control units
10/01/2003: OR prisoner locked down/fined for not making bed
8/15/2003: IMU in Oregon
4/01/2003: Resistance from within Management Control Units
6/02/2002: Illinois: Down with Menard's seg quota
5/01/2002: New York SHU's repress oppressed nation orgs
2/02/2002: Indiana prisoners fight SHU
1/01/2001: A brief history of Marion
4/03/2000: Pro se victory against censorship in Illinois
11/15/1999: "A SuperMax in every state!" Torture technology advances in
10/12/1999: Control unit treats men like meat
9/30/1999: Tamms Supermax latest in decades of prison struggle
3/01/1999: Torture in Red Onion Control Unit
10/04/1998: New Ohio Harassment Policy
4/10/1998: Oppressing Latino's In Mass
4/05/1998: Exposing New Gang Units in New Jersey
5/01/1996: Prisoner in Massachusetts exposes isolation
1/01/1996: Control Units: Department of Corrections targets politically conscious prisoners with technology that tortures
10/18/1995: A History of Amerikkka's Oppressive Control Units