Control Unit Survey on Martinez 2

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[Control Units] [Martinez Detention Facility - Contra Costa County Jail] [California]

Control Unit Survey on Martinez 2

Only D-module and Q-module have Ad-Seg. 53 prisoners in D, don’t know how many in Q. Jail was opened in early 1980s and they are currently looking to build a new jail or to expand existing jails in Contra Costa County as state shifts prisoners to county jails.

You can be put in the hole for any reason for an indeterminate time. They don’t tell you the reason for housing change or the time you will spend there. I have been in a control unit since I arrived in May 2008, over 8 years. There is no contact with prisoners outside of your module.

For D-Module, Section C there are:
3 Blacks
2 Whites
1 Mexican
1 Puerto Rican
1 Fijian
1 empty cell