Do it Strong - the Black Riders Liberation Party

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Do it Strong - the Black Riders Liberation Party

"Do something nigga, if only you spit." - Komrad Fred Hampton, Sr.

There is another Black Panther on the revolutionary prowl. I believe it was our great and sincere Komrad leader Huey P. Newton who once said that "as long as there are oppressed Black people in America there will always be a Black Panther Party." In 2005, I was introduced to a relatively "young" organization known as the Black Riders Liberation Party via a news journal called Turning the Tide which is the organ of an anarchist group of north Amerikans (whites) called P.A.R.T.

From what I read, the BRLP was conceived a little over ten years ago by a very sincere and deeply dedicated brother named General T.A.C.O. (Taking All Capitalists Out) who is rooted in and inspired by the advanced and bold history or political practice of Huey P. Newtons, Lil Bobby, Kathleen Cleavers, Assata Shakurs, George Jacksons, et al. Real Panther Party, i.e. the Marxist-Leninist and Moaist revolutionary communist ideology. Upon reading the piece I found myself very impressed by the political commitments and sophisticated organizational tactics being "put down" by Gen. T.A.C.O. and other members of the BRLP.

Indeed I derived a tremendous sense of pride and encouragement from the responsible and due actions which the BRLP are unselfishly engaged. So that matters are quite clear, let me state that I don't here claim to know much of anything about this particular group. What I write was put together based upon several pieces I read coupled with my own opinion.

I also write this short piece on behalf of MIM who suggested that I write it so as to display our solidarity and concern for certain members of BRLP who are at this time under serious attack by the popos for their revolutionary stance. As of the late summer of 2007, the state (FBI, LAPD, District Attorney's office, et al.) have arrested and sought to persecute prominent leaders of the BRLP on bogus ass - as is the enemies modus operandi to no surprise - weapons and conspiracy charges alleging that Gen. T.A.C.O., sista Aryana Shakur and Stress were planning to run up in a pig outpost in the New Afrikan ghetto-colony in Los Angeles County and get their "ride" on.

Again, though I don't know much about BRLP, what I've thus far learned of this group is a hopeful sign and plenty to admire. From the little I do know, Gen. T.A.C.O. founded this group based upon the principles and worldview of the original Maoist-BPP staunch examples like George Jackson the dragon and Huey Newton stand-out as two of the groups major influences.

From what I gather, Gen. T.A.C.O. founded this group based upon the principles and worldview of the original Maoist-BPP. Staunch examples like George Jackson the dragon and Huey Newton stand-out as two of the groups major influences.

From what I gather, Gen. T.A.C.O. became acquainted with their teachings while entombed in his teens and early twenties at CYA in the 90s. Prior to this young brothaz transformation into a devoted revolutionary he was a member of either a Crip or Blood faction outta Los Angeles county. Evidently, while entombed he made the time work for him by creating (under conditions of repression designed at taming New Afrikan rebels) an academically conducive and progressive domain for himself and those inclined to take their personal (political) development serious, i.e., not just waste away in dead-time and gang backwardness.

In other words, he and others took up the challenge of doin' what was/is required of us all playin' in Thug games which is to transform the "Kriminal/Kolonial Mentality" into a revolutionary mentality, i.e., he and others put theory to practice.

Upon T.A.C.O. being unleashed he gradually concentrated his time and energy on building a new organization given the name - Black Riders Liberation Party. The group is a communist formation that struggles for the liberation of the New Afrikan nation colonized in the U.$. and that of all oppressed and exploited by imperialism. What really struck me about this group was how they suddenly hit the scene puttin' in effective work after only a relatively short period of time.

I recall tellin' myself "Man, that's a damn shame, here is a young warrior who got out of CYA and within a few years managed to form an organization that is already having a positive impact on our community, yet, groups such as the Black Guerrilla Family, Consolidated Crip Organization, Blood Line, 415, Blue Note, United Blood Nation, et al, who have been on the map more than twenty five years, have NOT amounted to much of nothin' or achieved anything remotely near what the BRLP has in a mere ten year time span." For radical I, that said a great deal about the nature of the above groups (i.e., the mass body and/or psychology of those who push these so-called "organizations" playin' thug games against our folks.)

Apparently, they don't take our obligatory struggle to heart if they are committed to true struggle - Machine-in-motion - at all! No! I ain't referring to or condemning those of us who are genuinely revolutionary oriented and inexorably dedicated to givin' due sacrifice, Patrice Lumumba hearts, against imperialism and neo-colonialism.

Instead, I am pointing the critical fierce finger at those of the above groups - especially the BGF who are professed revolutionary communist and revolutionary New Afrikans - that encourage and sanction the participation in pushin' CIA-crack and heroin poisons thus being still involved in the "Kriminal/Kolonial Mentality" and/or self-destructive (i.e. Africide!) thug shit against the very folks they "claim" to be strugglin' to protect and liberate.

"Something is terribly wrong with this picture," was another thought that crossed my mind when I read of the progress being made by the BRLP as how it is possible for this young group of primarily (I believe?) "lumpen" sisters and brothers being able to build and manage a community-based organization - one that is rapidly building chapters across the U.$. Empire - and organize our folks along revolutionary lines when groups like the Black Stone Rangers, Vice Lords, Bloods, Crips, Black Gangster Disciples and the Nation of Gods and Earths Five Percenters haven't added up to any type of serious political force?

To my mind, it is sad that it took a young brotha to get outta CYA and basically show us what is the real business and just how to get it done - without preying on the people of the hood.

And, the real embarrassing thing is that older cats of the type of groups above are/were supposedly T.A.C.O.'s, etc. "Big Homies" or so-called "O.G.s" - the original Black Panther Party. Some of the constructive activities which they are involved in that are causing the state to shake in their Gestapo boots and engage in fascist PATRIOT Act Homeland Insecurity measures center around what they refer to as "watch-a-pig" program where they deploy advanced technology to monitor popos during their encounters and questioning of citizens of the hood.

They also teach the folks their protected constitutional rights as to warrents, right of silence, etc. Other activities they are involved in are reachin' out to and educating Crips and Bloods along political lines, social responsibility and organized methods of effective unity. In the summer of 2007, the BRLP had a confrontation with a North-Amerikan racist-fascist group called the Minute Men who were/are apparently supported by very misoriented reactionary house niggers and even a a handful of Mexican-Amerikans as they sought to participate in a march in the Los Angeles Leimert Park area to oppose immigrants.

The BRLP, in "can't stop, won't stop" solidarity with a radical Chicano group known as Union del Barrio, gave no room for comfort to the Minute Men and their pawns. Naturally, due to their non-traditional militant politics and confrontational tactics of organizing and dealin' with the folks capitalist-state enemies, this brought the BRLP under close scrutiny and placed them on the radar as they now stand under serious attack.

As of late, the BRLP has organized around a prominent case involving some elder former BPP/BLA members known as the San Francisco 8. The San Francisco 8 are under assault by the FBI (Fascist Brutes of Imperialism), SFPD, et al. for a case originating in the turbulent 1970s that involved a popo being killed although the above komrades were released of the bogus charge years ago.

The assault being now executed by the state against the BRLP is a familiar pattern of the class-enemy or their tools and fools of those who rule. Now, with an understanding of COINTELPRO history in mind I had to ponder whether or not the BRLP were/are repeating the mistakes of previous revolutionary organizations, i.e. did/are they engaging too aggressively (with militant outfits and all) the enemy-classes forces prematurely?

I mean, we all know the popos are forever lookin' for angles to exploit and opportunities to contrive convenient pretexts in order to criminalize and target any serious revolutionary formation. "Validation," the repressive CDC (Coercive Dogs of Capital) measure of seeking to isolate, neutralize and suppress those in the tombs for their political convictions and practices (as I am now subjected as a New Afrikan revolutionary communist), is also at definite work in that larger prison-house-of-nations called "democratic Amerika" as effective leaders and organizations, never the N.O.I., are on the FBIs/CIAs, et al. hit list, trust that!

Is it wise, for folks like Gen. T.A.C.O., et al., the leadership of the BRLP to be as "visible," and thus made "vulnerable?" Has the membership of that group actually learned the invaluable and most vital lessons of correct line, strategy, and tactics of our history and realize that the adversary ain't playin' playground games?

Well, as I am admittedly "blind" as to the BRLP's history and machine, I'm in no real position but to intensely state - do it strong komrades!