False STG Validation of Jailhouse Lawyer

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[Gang Validation] [Hays State Prison] [Georgia]

False STG Validation of Jailhouse Lawyer

Hays State Prison (HSP), Georgia's most dangerous and high-profile maximum security prison, is located in the northwest mountains of Georgia. The cold bland setting gives way to its racist history of profiling and beating handcuffed Black prisoners. The media did a great job of highlighting the HSP murders starting in December 2012. One would think it is calm at Hays since the national spotlight has somewhat subsided. Now HSP, backed by the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) is doing something new to make a name for itself. The GDC and HSP are falsely validating non-gang members so to appear proactive in the GDC's phony fight to curb gang violence within the GDC, and specifically at Hays.

I am an educated African-American man with a Bachelor's Degree. I am a member of the National Lawyers Guild as an active "jailhouse lawyer." I have filed numerous lawsuits aginst GDC since being incarcerated in Georgia. I have shown a consistent propensity to be unafraid to challenge the GDC in court when they often violate my Georgia and United States rights.

From the date I entered the GDC, I was not affiliated with any security threat group (STG) gang. However, during my recent court filings, a GDC staff member found a way to retaliate against me, by placing a false STG gang validation on my prisoner profile. In the GDC, if you get validated as a STG gang member, you are looked at unfavorably and often get denied work assignments, safety housing, parole and transitional center placement, and educational and pre-release programs. It's a negative classification. How does a person like myself get classified as a gang member? A GDC staff member, who does not like me being a jailhouse lawyer, created a false narrative that I deny. The STG report reads that I admitted to being a "blood/PIRU" gang member. This is a total 100% fabricated lie.

The validation occurred during a period of July to September 2016, during which I was locked in a one-man segregation cell. Yet the GDC states I joined a gang.