Grievance Campaign needed in Texas

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Grievance Campaign needed in Texas

I received your magazine Under Lock & Key. I appreciate the magazine and the helpful information inside. I did have a small problem with the mailroom here, who at first withheld the magazine for 7 days claiming pages 1 and 5 advocates prison disruption and strike. After much prayer and filing a grievance, seven days later the mailroom here gave your magazine to me.

I’m experiencing serious problems here at the Wynne Unit in Texas. With my grievance being processed, such as delays, unanswered grievances. And harassment and conspiracy by the grievance investigators at the Wynne Unit by the name of Doyle W. Davis and Preston H. Gadan II.

Grievance officers Doyle Davis and Preston Gajan harass and conspire with their fellow employees when an inmate files a grievance against an officer. When your grievance has merits, Davis and Gajan either will not answer your grievance or they will return your grievance unprocessed.

The grievance officer never explains how to correct the grievance or how to resubmit. I want to join your campaign “We demand our grievances are addressed.” I’m requesting that you send me a petition for the state-level of Texas. And I’m requesting a copy of your new follow-up petition written to Federal Law.