High Desert September 9th Organizing Followed by Violence Month Later

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High Desert September 9th Organizing Followed by Violence Month Later

It’s been a blessing to learn and grow from each comrade that have engaged in a solidarity demonstration with the movement, Abolitionists From Within (AFW). As we came together for all the lost comrade and those that continue to struggle and united to break the chain of injustice.

  1. We fast Sept 8 to Sept 9 in a show of solidarity. Also we study together reading books, with study questions, like Claiming Earth: Race, Rage, Rape, Redemption by Haki R. Madhubuti.

We study from the charter: “Missing Movement, Missing Fathers: Black male responsibility in the lives of children.”

Also read material from Under Lock & Key #45 and the “September 9th Day of Struggle Study Pack.”

After reading, we came up with questions from the material and off we went back to our cell. We also share the word with anybody who was willing to listen. Back in our cell i heard the cormades feeling like freedom revolutionary fighters and that’s what’s up! We stand in solidarity with the comrades who fought and died in the uprising at Attica. Continue to struggle with peace on our tongue.

Hear on “D yard” there was nothing but peace today in solidarity with the movement (AFW) and with the Attica Freedom Fighters.

One point in the charter from the book was Black Movement provided young African Americans a context for discovering identity and purpose, and it also provided them serious proposals for the future. The movement prevented many young men from being swallowed by the prison culture and that how I feel about the Under Lock & Key (MIM) movement in help us comrades who wanted change so I say stay struggling and think for your continued struggle with us prisoners.

Revolutionary Greetings!

UPDATE October 2015: As a soldier and politically conscious prisoner and the head member of the Abolitionists from Within (AFW) I foresaw this inviable self-destruction and prisoner-on-prisoner violence. It hurt because two of our members were struggling to end hostilities among “northerners” but it’s not easy when you are surrounded by ignorance.

On 12 October 2015, Columbus Day, all hell broke out on D-yard upper and lower, including about a 100 prisoners. Prior to this a proxy war broke out on the upper yard. Members of the groups tried to end the hostilities but there were no compromising due to administrative stool-pidgeon that led to a racial riot between Black and “Northern”, and as of today we are on lock-down. As I struggle with peace on my tongue to end hostilities.