Mail Denial Indiana

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[Censorship] [Pendleton Correctional Facility] [Indiana]

Mail Denial Indiana

I recently had two items confiscated from MIM(prisons); a letter and newspaper. The reasons for confiscation are as follows: Denied II STG Folk Nation Nazi; and denied II 5 PT Star All Seeing Eye “5”. II is the abbreviation for Internal Investigations.

I also wanted to make MIM(prisons) aware of an on going issue we are facing at this facility. There have been several days the past couple months when we were on restricted movement due to (this is what we are told) “Short of staff.” When we are on restricted movements, school and rehabilitation programming are canceled for the day. They said “Short of staff” has also caused in-person visitations from family and friends to be canceled as well, religious services included.

I did not receive much information about the said confiscated mail. I received a copy of an envelope post marked 6 August 2022.

Thank you for the attempted correspondence and being a voice for the struggles we face in prison.

MIM(Prisons) responds: This is the latest in a rash of censorship in Pendleton Correctional Facility in Indiana. We have sent this comrade our censorship guide and appealed this decision with the Indiana Department of Corrections. They provided page numbers and specific reasons for the censorship, but we could not find anything on those pages corresponding to what they describe above.