Medical Neglect in California Correctional Institution

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Medical Neglect in California Correctional Institution

There is an ongoing issue here at Tehachapi SHU over treatment - or mistreatment - for medical and dental services. These medical/dental staff want to get paid and not uphold a minimum level of care. I am (and have been since March 1, 2011) fighting this injustice. I feel since the K-9 caused my issue, the prison medical/dental staff need to treat my medical/dental issue.

It’s like this: I was unwilling to allow another man to place his hands on my person and body. So I put up a fight. Of course, being a “convict” I’m out numbered. Now, I’m not saying we should be using force on “the man” but I feel you should protect yourself when need be. In the course of this fight I was slammed by officers, then they did their thang, breaking my jaw. Of course, I got charged, being a convict.

Now herein lies the issue: Tehachapi SHU medical/dental staff have engaged in a pattern and practice of routine deliberate indifference. Care/treatment is routinely refused. Even when deemed medically necessary.

I’ve all but ran out of gas. The tank is on E, but the fight for justice shall go on. I’ve reached out to the Prison Law Office seeking assistance. These people make their rules only to change them again. All the money spent, and it seems to be ensuring the inmate appeals process becomes harder. Services and care are not given.