Medical Neglect Threatens Lives at USP Hazelton

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Medical Neglect Threatens Lives at USP Hazelton

I am a 32 year old, white male doing a 4 year sentence in the federal bureau of prisons for illegal possession of a firearm. Since I have been in, for the 29 months, I have been severely medically neglected. At FMC Lexington KY low prison, I once had a abscess in my arm that went untreated for over 4 days. I had to break my hand against a door in front of a CO in order to get to a hospital. While there the doctors told me that the abscess had become so bad, that if it went on for 2-3 more days, that they would have had to amputate my left arm, and if it went on for 7-10 more days untreated it would have spread to my heart and sorely killed me.

On another instance in FMC Lexington KY low prison, I had an allergic reaction to a medication called anproxon that inmates can buy on commissary, the reaction was severe! The allergic reaction started on December 27, 2018. I was not taken to the hospital until December 31, 2018, 4 days later. By that time, the allergic reaction had taken its toll causing “Stevens Johnson Syndrom” to set in, causing my skin to rot away. My skin had turned black. I was wheezing for air, as my throat had become swollen making it hard to breath. My skin was rotting away, black and bleeding. The doctors at the hospital told me that cellulitis had set in due to non-treatment and it was possible it might turn into gangrene and kill me. I was in the hospital for 8 days.

I want inmates to be aware of what is going on in our prisons we’re in. Stand up and demand fair and equal medical treatment that we deserve. Not doing it may cost you your life.