More First Amendment Violations in North Carolina

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More First Amendment Violations in North Carolina

I’m writing you in regards to my personal (incoming & outgoing) mail at Lanesboro Correctional Institution. Since I’ve been on Anson Unit (segregation), correctional staff have been confiscating my (and about 50 other prisoners) incoming and outcoming personal mail.

The mailroom staff, and Anson Unit Managers (Mr. Hatley & Mrs. Wieks) and their staff (Sgt. Allen, Officer Mack, Officer Jones, Officer Tillman, and Officer Harrington), are all conspiring to deprive me (and about 50 other prisoners) of my (our) rights to communicate. They are using all types of frivolous excuses to try to cover it up.

When it comes to NCDPS Division of Adult Corrections “mail policy & procedure” it doesn’t specify who’s to deliver or pick up the mail. The mailroom staff doesn’t deliver our mail, but in actuality they should, because they are solely responsible for it. When the mail is picked up from the post office, by the mailroom staff, they sort it out, place the prisoners “housing unit” & “cell number” on the letters, then they send the mail to each housing unit, for the officers on each unit to pass out. By doing this the burden shifts towards the unit managers and their officers. But anytime I or any othe prisoner inquire about the mail delivery problems, unit management or their staff tells us to write the mailroom. So, what’s happening is that they’re shifting the burden back and forth to where the problems are never getting resolved.