New TX Rules Censor Colored Envelopes, Children's Drawings

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New TX Rules Censor Colored Envelopes, Children's Drawings

Hello, I am currently incarcerated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice at the Wayne Scott Unit. I received a copy Under Lock & Key Spring 2020, No. 70. I want to thank you for sharing it. There was some pretty interesting articles.

I want to refer to the article on pg. 20, “Feds threatening First Amendment with New Policies” written by a Federal prisoner. We have new changes to our correspondence too, it started 1 March 2020.

Since it has started I have been called 3 times to the mail room for denied correspondence, 2 cases where my mail was in a pink envelope, the other was my niece had drawn me a picture with crayon.

Before this change I been telling everyone I believe they can’t do this or it won’t last. I’m enclosing our new notice of changes to correspondence rules. I want to know what us as inmates can do? or what we can have our families do. I would like to receive any updated articles. Thank you for your time.