Outbreak at Jackson Correctional

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[COVID-19] [Jackson Correctional Institution] [Wisconsin]

Outbreak at Jackson Correctional

I tried sending this by email, but staff rejected the message, declaring it a “threat to the institution.” They are obviously trying to keep the truth from getting out.

Jackson Correctional Institution has multiple prisoner cases of Covid-19, and at least one unit is in lockdown. We’ve heard that it started when two staff members came to work despite being symptomatic. At least one infected CO had been wearing vented masks that have been banned from Gunderson Hospital because the unfiltered vent means it only protects the wearer from infection, but not from spreading to others. When officials found out about the exposure, they moved a bunch of prisoners around instead of sheltering them in place, putting healthy people in the contaminated cells without cleaning in between, and leaving the exposed prisoners standing in the middle of the dayroom for hours, exposing everyone else.

Officials aren’t telling us anything, not even the number of positive cases. We have to get our people on the outside to find out from the DOC website. We don’t have access to the law library.

The warden had invoked an emergency regulation way back on July 1st, so staff and officers aren’t bound by any departmental rules, and the DOC Secretary has not investigated that power grab. If we’ve been in an “emergency” for the past 3 months, it’s hard to imagine what this is.