Retaliation In Vermont Prison, PREA Ignored

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Retaliation In Vermont Prison, PREA Ignored

Last year (2023) I was using the bathroom when an officer (officer “Black”) came to my door to speak to my cell-mate. The officer saw I was using the bathroom peeing with my genitals in my hands, I reported this incident and since then my job was taken away due to my “mental health decline.” Since my past history of self harm it was not hard for a random officer to put me on mental health checks, 15’s (15 minutes). Then on the 23rd of April I was called out to my caseworker’s office to inform me that the current job I had cleaning my house building’s hallway and offices was being taken from me per the facility’s superintendent (warden). My caseworker told me the “warden” said due to me being put on mental health checks I am too “unstable” to be trusted with any job. So I now have no money, no job, and they won’t give me one. It is ever since I reported the officer for staring at me using the restroom I have been blacklisted from employment. Staff who recommend me for jobs get asked why they are advocating for me.

I am openly gay and have “found love” a couple times over the eleven years and, if my mental health isn’t used as an excuse to prevent me from advancing myself, making money, etc, then that will be. Lastly, if I was the one looking at someone using the bathroom I wold be in Foxtrot (seg in Vermont prisons).

The Federal PREA Act is meant to protect us and here in Vermont officers excempt from that.