Staff Bring in Fentanyl-laced Drugs, Killing Prisoners, but Anti-Drug Publications Like ULK Not Allowed

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Staff Bring in Fentanyl-laced Drugs, Killing Prisoners, but Anti-Drug Publications Like ULK Not Allowed

This letter is to inform you of the denial of publication of your Under Lock & Key here at Hughes Unit. I am sending you my copy of the denial from 8 November 2022. There was one other denial but I do not have the denial form available, as this document was thrown out during our recent shakedown on 1 January 2023. The denial forms and other colored documents were taken without confiscation papers as the shakedown team ran through our pod. We have had so many deaths on our unit within the last year and more than ever just in 2023. The deaths are caused and created by the laws bringing in K2 laced with fentanyl for sale to the prisoners.

This dope is stopping hearts on the first drag of smoke, others are choking on their own spit. This drug is so addictive that cellies are fighting for the last stick of K2. One fight on 8 Building led to one cellmate beating his cellie to death for dope. WTF!!

All these deaths have warranted the top ranking TDCJ representatives to show up all at once. We had Huntsville, Texas laws 50 deep walking in locking this unit down, along with all regional representatives, warden and majors from other units, and top dogs like Brian Collier and other Officials of the State of Texas.

Why are we being punished for what the laws are bringing in? Shouldn’t they be shaking the laws down, instead of us?

So anyways, I really appreciate all the newsletters and information you have sent but I believe we are at a standstill until I begin receiving articles from you again.

22 March 2023 a comrade at Stiles Unit reports similar conditions: The regional people have been here constantly for about 2 months now trying to change the protocol here, they’ve even brought their own guards from other units. But these guards say that they do not like it here cause there is no structure, and no protocols in place for a change here. A lot of them say they want to be on the first bus out of here.

They have been meetings about all the suicides that they have been having here, the hangings, drug abuse, etc. Well that in itself starts with the corrupt guards that they’re hiring here cause they feel like they are not making enough money, so extra money sounds good to them.

14 February 2023 a comrade in Bridgeport Correctional Center: I was placed here due to the Heat Lawsuit as I am under the Heat Restriction. I have noticed that 70% of the people here are under 35 years of age, and have no medical issues that would qualify for any of the Medical Restriction that TDCJ uses to be placed on Heat Restriction. I would say that most are here for protection cuz they would not make it on an ID unit. But we have people in TDCJ with health conditions, like myself, that need to be here.

We have a blatant problem with K2 and most if not all have been caught with the K2 but nothing seems to happen to them. Either these people don’t want TDCJ to know or they just don’t care.

MIM(Prisons) adds: Last year we released our Revolutionary 12 Step Program written by a USW comrade. Since then we’ve been distributing many copies every month to prisoners across the country. We’ve also been working to train those interested in running their own programs where they are. We encourage comrades in Texas to get a copy of the pamphlet and begin looking for ways to implement a program where they are to combat this plague of deaths.

It is truer than ever that fighting drug abuse in prisons is an integral part of fighting the abuse and oppression of the U.$. prison system.