Victory in Privileged Mail Battle at SCI Forest

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Victory in Privileged Mail Battle at SCI Forest

I am in SCI Forest, and have been fighting to get our mail back and this is the outcome of it so far. I am fighting for regular mail to come to us to and I hope soon we start getting the original mail too. So I am sending this to you so you can put it in your ULK.

To: All Inmates
From: Tabb Bickell, Executive Deputy Secretary, Institutional Operations
Date: March 21, 2019
Re: Changes to PA DOC Privileged Correspondence

This notice is to advise you that the Department is implementing a revised Attorney Control Number process for privileged correspondence. With this new process, the way you receive your privileged correspondence is changing. Effective April 6, 2019, you will begin receiving original privileged correspondence. Similar to the current process, you will be present when the privileged correspondence is opened, the privileged correspondence will undergo a security screening and then you shall sign for the privileged correspondence received. Privileged correspondence shall only contain essential, confidential, attorney-client communication.

Failure to comply with the below requirements may result in the rejection of the correspondence:

  1. Envelopes do not contain the appropriate identifying information.
  2. The correspondence contains non-privileged correspondence.
  3. The privileged correspondence contains documents that did not originate from the sending attorney(s). Third party original documentation is prohibited.

    If an attorney inquires to you about this new process, please refer them to the Departments public website for all the necessary information (