5 deaths in 5 months in Beto I

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5 deaths in 5 months in Beto I

Thanks for ULK 75.

  1. Beto Unit 3 stabbings (3 deaths)
  2. Beto Unit 2 suicides

All in the last 5 months.

As for respite areas, yes we have them in place. In place only. Sometimes you can use them. Most, 95%, no use. Go back to your cells. When you’re allowed it’s for only 15 minutes a day! What a joke.

But we’re at half staff. 1700 get hot meals one day, the other 1700 get Johnnies. Then rotate the hot meals and johnnies.

My grievance has disappeared on unit level for censorship rule (BP 3.91).

The TX Grievance Manual (OGDM) was purchased by me through the TX State Law Library for $46.86.