Abuse of Power

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[Abuse] [Ridgeland Correctional Institution] [South Carolina]

Abuse of Power

As I’m still studying your literature from last month I’d like to expound on some abuse imposed upon me. Last October (2018) I earned my way back to a lower custody kamp. By the end of November, chaos erupted and the state law enforcement division opened an investigation on me AFTER an inmate pointed me out. This inmate did so to seal a deal so as to not be shipped to a violent yard like I’m at currently. However, the State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) dropped the investigation 4 weeks later due to a lack of evidence (0 phone calls, DNA, or fingerprints).

Contraband officers at Goodman Correctional pursued charges to cover their end of the deal with that other inmate. The solution to a non-existent problem/a problem I had no participation in was to have me shipped at any cost. So I was shipped on a charge of “conspiracy to smuggle” contraband throughout the state. I went to my hearing here at a Level 2 yard (Ridgeland C.I.), where I’m housed, and beat the charge.

I came here, as a M.O. custody prisoner and now I’ve been switched to a higher custody (M.R.) for no reason or charge. Now I’m forced to stay here until they feel like shipping me (at least until May). They (administration) have no problem abusing their power. Me being neutral, and from Charleston (the most hated-on city state-wide), they better hope I don’t get ganged or stabbed.