Access to Courts Obstructed at GSP

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Access to Courts Obstructed at GSP

At present, I am proceeding on two civil suits that are under Appeal Brief and Summary Judgement phases. I'm mentally ill (on medication) and housed in Tier II segregation unit, being denied physical access to law library and legal items requested from law library.

I only compleded the 6th grade of school and was recently denied appointment of counsel by the Georgia Court of Appeals 11th Curcuit. At present I don't even know what the Appeal Brief should look like, but the case was dismissed due to defendant's claim of failure to exhause administrative remedy. But I turned in grievances and prison officials declined to process or provide me an appeal form to proceed to the next stage in the Georgia Department of Corrections' statewide grievance S.O.P. ILB05-0001, even after I addressed the Grievance Coordinator, Warden, and Executive Assistant with inquiry.

I'm almost at a dead end to take on proceedings through the courts, and I haven't been able to secure much help.

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