Allred Deaths and Picture Shake Down in TX

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Allred Deaths and Picture Shake Down in TX

On TDCJ’s Allred Unit in the last 3 months there have been 6 prisoner deaths. Four of these were suicide, and there was one suicide attempt yesterday, in which a prisoner was caught hanging before he died. Two prisoners were killed due to incidents stemming from the drug trade.

The main issue pertaining to suicides is the culmination of a multitude of things which all revolve around prisoners being warehoused inside cells with nothing constructive to do, having to deal with guard harassment, along with the other things that come from being robbed of a life.

In an effort to confiscate all the pics/mags of wimmin the admin had begun shaking down peoples’ cells. They did all the population buildings, and during that time auditors from the American Correctional Association came to the unit and reprimanded the wardens saying they were acting against CDC guidelines and made them cease the shake downs. After the audit they tried to resume them, but prisoners had families make complaints to regional director who came to the unit and made sure things were shut down. Those of us in RHU were never met with an attempt to shake us down.