Analysis since being transferred to SOCF from OSP

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Analysis since being transferred to SOCF from OSP

I arrived here end of October. Surprisingly I was given most of my materials most likely due to the fact there were 31 captives transfered in that day. The pigs were tired of going through our property. They did take Mao’s Selected Works Vol II (which has since been replaced by MIMP).

Approx a month later a suspected BGF member got into it with a pig who had destroyed some of his property. Pigs later took down all of his known comrades and myself. Out of nowhere my cell was shaken down and about 20lbs (the best way I can describe it) of materials was taken with no explanation given besides a pig whispering to me “what did you do” and that the shakedown was “STG related.” They held my items for two and a half months after interviewing me. I’d never been profiled or STG’d. The pigz main inquiry was to why in some of my writings did I refer to George Jackson as comrade, and why did I choose to spell “guerilla” this way. I simply told them I’d learned to spell it that way and that G.J was referred to as Comrade George in what I’d read about him. I believe that they were trying to find a connection between myself and the BGF. Because they couldn’t they eventually gave all my stuff back stating they “could STG me,” and they would if they heard my name in anything.

Every issue of ULK is censored. Upon appealing each individual issue to the publication screening committee I have received every one except for one issue 60 days later. The May/June issue is out for a decision currently.

They have censored every newspaper and most publicaitons besides what’s sent in by MIMP - to my amazement.

I’m back on track with a study group going and campaigns under way, one to expel two pigs who constantly harass us.

My funds are limited to $16 a month for all my necessities. So I can’t contribute besides work for trade. I am however doing my part to organize, agitate and education, and working with others to do what we can under extreme repression.