Cobb County conditions threaten lives

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[Abuse] [Cobb County Detention Center] [Georgia]

Cobb County conditions threaten lives

I am writing with grave concern to the health, safety, treatment and welfare of inmates at Cobb County Adult detention Center (CCADC). We have asked for assistance, placed internal grievances and other inquiry to this supplication to no avail. I hope you or someone you know can help us.

We are given soiled and stained clothes and linen. We are often without hot water. Only certain inmates get juice at lunch. The air quality/ventilation is poor, causing us to cough and sneeze, not sure what's in the air. There is black mold in the showers (potentially cancerous). Our drinking fountain is shut off, we are forced to get drinking water from the bathroom sink where the toilets are, where people brush their teeth, blow their nose, wash their clothes and bodies. This is disgusting and black particles are in the water which leave a residue in your cup. In addition to the black mold there is fungus, mildew and bacteria in the shower.

During transport we are shackled at the ankles, waist and handcuffed with no seatbelts. Some inmates are extradited in kennel trucks for hundreds of miles. Life is jeopardized by placing inmates in wrong population and the judge stating your charges in first appearance in front of other inmates even after you stating you know your charges to keep them from being stated openly.

There are no cameras by/in the dorm to record/capture abuse by deputies and/or other inamtes. 15 to 30 minutes or more for medical or other emergency response. Wrong medicine dispensed to inmates, one had to be recessed and hospitalized. No bleach or other germ killing cleaning supplies to properly disinfect toilets, showers, etc.

There is an appearance of misappropriation of government funds. CCADC vehemently renders a regime of depraved propaganda for a profit. The leadership resistance to improve the dismal inflictive behaviors by the deputies and at least render humane treatment is utterly dispicable. The abuse is ubiquitous and they treat us as if we are detritus. Our rights, due process, equal treatment and civil rights are oppressed and violated daily. We seek an inquest and thorough probe by an outside source/entity. We seek justice. We want our civil liberties to be adhered to, we want to be treated like we are human. The harassment, the unhealthy, unsanitary, unsafe conditions and abuse must cease and desist. We need your help to expose it and correct it.