Conditions at Georgia State Prison inspire fight back

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Conditions at Georgia State Prison inspire fight back

I just read an article in ULK (Jul./Aug. 2016). On page #14 <a href “”>Overcome Censorship on TIER Program. I am currently housed at one of the prisons that has this so-called “program.” We have nearly 800 inmates locked away there now. Some have been there for years. I myself transferred to court recently, & upon coming back here, they placed me in “TIER I” for 2 weeks before I went back to general Pop. For “security purposes”… It’s torture!

The toilets are flushed by the C.O.s outside, & often times the stagnant waste sits in the bowl for hours. The food portions are never what they’re supposed to be. The C.O.s are often nowhere to be found, & don’t do their rounds consistently. If I had suffered a real life-threatening emergency, I wouldn’t be here now & I was only in there for 2 weeks! I shudder to think of all the inmates struggling to survive in those conditions

With that written, I’d like to get pro-active & do all I can. Even in general pop., we’re having issues with not receiving our mail in its entirety. Books must be approved by the institution in order to be received by prisoners (according to S.O.P.). However, completed forms never get returned, & so we’re denied the opportunity for new books. We hardly get the chance to visit the prison “library” due to “lack of staff” or “security purposes”.

Our grievance system is a joke. They must be handed personally to a counselor within a 10 day span of writing it, but the counselors do not visit the dorms regularly. When the grievances do get filed, it takes months for a response & the responses are ridiculous. So, I’m interested in the Censorship Pack, if you could possible send it. But what I REALLY need from you is the petition for the unanswered grievances (for the State of Georgia). I’d appreciate as many copies a you can offer, as this facility does not make personal copies for inmates. I will most definitely update the campaign of any progress I can make.