Dangerous Lack of Healthcare in Kansas

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Dangerous Lack of Healthcare in Kansas

I have a story that may interest you and your readers. I'm also enclosing a few documents so that you can verify what I'm writing is true. I am in my 30s, type 2 diabetic, currently serving time in Atchison County Jail in Atchison, Kansas on petty theft charges.

Upon entering the custody of Atchison County Jail I was on several different medications, including insulin, glyburide, clonadine (high blood pressure), metaformin, hydrocodone 7 (neuropathy nerve damage), and other medications that I can't recall. It wasn't even 2 weeks before all my medications were dropped but my metaformin, and well common sense will tell you without my medications my blood sugar, blood pressure and pain was all increased. Instead of readjusting my meds I was placed in lockdown for medical observation which lasted a week, and my condition didn't improve any at all.

I arrived here in August 2016 and an A1C test should have been done soon after my arrival. However it wasn't done until November 2016. The next day I was told by the nurse my A1C came back as 11.8 when it should be around 6.0. The nurse commented that it was the second highest that she has ever seen. That same day they decided to drop my sugar checks to 1x a week when common sense would tell you it should have been increased, not decreased. It was 2x a day. I should also be on a low carb diet but instead I'm on pretty much on an all carb diet.

I have been complaining about my eyesight and requesting an eye exam but being told my eyesight is not bad enough that I need an eye exam nor am I at risk for an eye disease. Yeah nothing about that statement makes any sense, one of the first things to go with diabetes is eyesight.

Since being here they still haven't tested my kidneys, cholesterol level, or dental. They did check my neuropathy once but wouldn't do anything for it. They checked my blood pressure a few times which has been high every time but they refuse to give me medication. I get charged $10 every time a nurse sees me. I'm charged for meds but this place will not give you a 30-day supply upon release.

I have filed two lawsuits because of this and have been retaliated against. The jail will not provide me copies, notary, access to law library. I'm not allowed to work to pay off my fines. I put in for a sentence modification but was denied because captain told court I am a behavior problem although I have not been in any trouble at all.

MIM(Prisons) responds: Lack of medical care leads directly to disabilities and worse health problems, as this writer so clearly demonstrates. As the Disabilities and Anti-Imperialism article explains, this medical neglect is a product of capitalism, where the needs of the people are ignored if they run counter to the needs of capitalist corporations to profit. While criticizing the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea for their care of prisoners, Amerika puts the lives of thousands at risk daily with the same neglect.