Fabricated Disciplinary Reports in Texas

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Fabricated Disciplinary Reports in Texas

First of all, thank you for your work on the behalf of prisoners here in Texas, as well as everywhere.

I wanted to inform you of a trend I've noticed here in my unit of ignoring our rights when going through disciplinary procedures. When we are being charged with a violation, we are ordered to sign on the place to waive our rights to a 24-hour notice of our hearing. We are also not given an opportunity to circle an option to attend our hearing. Both of these are rights that are being ignored. The cases are then run with no opportunity for us to speak in our own defense. (See documentation.)

Furthermore, when a grievance is written, at both Steps 1 and 2, they are returned with no investigation done and a standard answer. (See documentation.) Note the X's where I am ordered to sign, the absence of me circling that I did or did not want to attend my hearing, the almost word for word similarity of the Step 1 and 2 answers. Also, on the second report they circled no to show that I declined attending, but I did not circle "no."

Just thought your readers might want to be aware of what they face. I would still like to receive a Texas Activist Pack as I am using a cellmate's and he is leaving. Thank you.

TX Step 1 Step 2
Step 1 and Step 2 grievances regarding due process for disciplinary.
Disciplinary reports showing manipulation and forgery, forcing prisoner to waive eir right to a hearing and due process access.