Fair treatment - not in CA

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Fair treatment - not in CA

There was a raid on two cells looking for contraband and supposedly there was a cell phone found. Now this is understandable to me as there are rules. But all four people were handcuffed behind their backs and left in seaprate showers for almost two hours. Despite yelling at the COs to have the handcuffs removed, that their shoulders and arms were going numb and dead they were ignored. It took for one of the inmates to yell for a medical emergency after 2 hours of the behind the back handcuffs to be removed, and waist chains to be applied.

Now mind you this is only one of the four people who are locked in a shower with no toilet, no water and handcuffed behind their backs. So after that only one person was taken out. These COs still did not uncuff the other three individuals but left them in the shower. It took them all to call out for a medical emergency to be uncuffed and moved to proper holding cells which is just another CDCR word switch as all cells are the exact same cages they were in the 90s and early 2000s.

These CDCR tactics are used when COs feel that their time is more important than the inmate as they must write reports and match their stores. CDCR has supposedly done away with the inhuman treatment of human beings by limiting the time we as people are allowed to be handcuffed behind the back in an already secure cell. In this case a shower was used with manual locks no water or restrooms. I personally witnessed four humans locked inside a shower from 6am till after 8am due to a cell raid where supposedly contraband was found or at least what as thought to be contraband.

How does these inhuman acts keep occurring in CDCR if the “R” in CDCR is for rehabilitation? Who is here to watch and make sure the rules are being adhered to? If COs are writing the reports, investigating the reports and finding us people who are inmates and human beings guilty or not guilty of the same rule violations they allege. Where is the transparancy? Who is here to set the record straight on our behalf.

There are rules in place to stop this type of abuse of being left in a cage/shower for 2 hours cuffed behind the rack. When CDCR procedure states it is 30 to 15 min I’m told. Yet who can tell the inhuman treatment we face but us the guilty or not guilty of CDCRs human populace.