Fighting Georgia in court leads to Tier II lockdown

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Fighting Georgia in court leads to Tier II lockdown

Recently I was scheduled a court date on October, 2017 to appear in court at 9am in Hancock County courthouse in front of Judge E. Trenton Brown III. A week before the hearing the Judge dismissed the Writ of Mandamus for no apparent reason with the law mention to support its justified claims. My allegations were against defendants Governor Nathan Deal and his underlings whose occupation is Georgia Department of Corrections officials in the capacity as Wardens, Commissioner, Lt, Sgt, Ofcs, for the violation of my 14th amendment United States constitutional rights, due process of law.

The institution I am confined in doesn’t even want to issue any prisoner an Administrative of Courts (AOC) Writ of Mandamus, which is part of their ploy to stop us access to the courts. The Attorney General of Georgia who represents these defendants uses that ploy as their advantage to have prisoners’ claims thrown out in court under Donald V Prices that’s stating a claim is void when not done on proper AOC Writ of Mandamus form. All Georgia Department of Correction officials and government officials are in a clandestine conspiracy to cover up each others malfeasance.

I’ve been held captive in a 24 hour lockdown called Tier II program and have been falsely validated a Goodfella, a group of Black human beings who the GDC have placed in solitary confinement indefinitely. This group of individuals are in involuntary protective custody and are supposed to be treated as Administrative Segregation prisoners and have equal access as the general population. But we don’t, we are under the same authority rules and regulations and same policy as the disciplinary prisoners and some of us have gradually progressed to 3+ phase which is the “honor” phase. We are not allowed our property (5th amendment violation). We are not allowed compound store only restricted housing food, we are not allowed proper time in the shower nor proper exercise or yard hours. Our 8th, 5th, 14th amendments are being maliciously violated and we are being discriminated upon. Our equal rights of protection is also violated. Me being a prison solicitor I am constantly having vindictive retaliatory retaliation implemented on my well being from filing grievance et al. But I will prevail and keep fighting the machine until it is destroyed and this Tier II program is eradicated.