Fighting medical co-pay and mail services in Texas

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Fighting medical co-pay and mail services in Texas

I always enjoy your newsletters, because they are always full of a lot of helpful information.

Lately I’ve been very busy helping prisoners filing grievances due to the fact that a lot of inmates are getting charged the $100.00 co-pay for chronic illnesses. On some we’ve been successful and on others not so much. But the most important thing is that I never give up. But then the sad thing is that the person I’m helping gets discouraged. And will ask me not to continue the legal process.

There’s a lot of mail tampering by the mailroom staff. That’s another thing that I’m working on right now. And also a lot of denial of access to postal services. For example: I’ve asked the mailroom (via I-60 form) supervisor that how much it would cost me to send a letter to a certain address in Mexico by registered mail? But to no avail have gotten no response. And I’ve written the supervisor twice. If there’s anyone that can help me with any legal information to help me fight this injustice, I would greatly appreciate the help. Thank You!