Following Protocol on Dead End Path

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Following Protocol on Dead End Path

Greetings MIM/ULK,

I am writing this short letter to send you some updates to sever addresses from the Texas Activist Pack that have changed since printing. They are as follows:

… All of my copies of complaints with cover letters to TDCJ Executive Director, PO Box 99, Huntsville, TX 77342 have been forwarded to the Ombudsman, who, in turn, sent me a pre-listed sheet stating they “do not accept mail from inmates.” It’s a dead end loop with this address.

… I want to give you an indication of what I am going through at the hands of these pigs. I have been subjected to sexual harassment by homosexual correctional officers. And when I complained, I was punished by the corrupt security staff Captain Cory Webb for making a false complaint.

All my efforts to contact the free world authorities - County Sheriff and District Prosecuting Attorney to file a criminal complaint of my Civil Rights violations have been stopped. Copies of this coimplaint to Governor Gregg Abbot, Senator John Whitmire, U.S. Department of Justice, Washington DC have gone unanswered with the cover letter. I am being censored??

Finally out of retaliation I am deliberately being harassed, retaliated against, charged with false TDCJ policy violations and straight out lies by the grievance investigator(s) Doyle Davis. My mail is being delayed and tampered with by the law library staff Garland Goodrum who processes the indigent mail – because I have filed many grievances against the medical department, security staff and his drinking buddy Doyle Davis.

The medical department is deliberately delaying my sick call requests up to 40 days before I am seen by a medical provider. The medical department is being managed by staffing nurses that are NOT registered by the Texas Medical Board or the Texas Nurses Board. I do have documentation (letters) to prove this.

At the moment I am seeking legal representation to file a 1983 Bivens Civil Complaint for the sexual harassement and deliberate denial and delay for medical care at this unit. I will at a later date send you an update on these two issues. Look forward to receiving the next ULK issue.