Georgia prisoner framed as retaliation for activism

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Georgia prisoner framed as retaliation for activism

I've been arbitrarily placed on the Tier II program without any justification other than it being a retaliatory action by GA dept of kkkorections. It seems now that my former cellmate was/is working for this prison administration and framed me by placing a pillow filled with contraband on my bed while the kkkorections emergency response team was escorting me to the showers for shakedown. His loose lips were overheard telling a prisoner that it was a good thing that I was out the way.

Anyway I appealed the write up and the warden/superintendent response stated "Ownership of the pillow and contraband was irrelevant." Even after my former cellmate admitted that said pillow and cell phones belonged to him and wrote three "sworn statements" to prove his point. I don't know where in Amerikkka such an action could take place other than Georgia, so now I'm on the tier program for a slime-retaliatory action by these prisoncrats and their slaves.

All I've done since I been at this kkkamp is to educate and give these slaves some positive for their minds and souls. Every ULK I got I passed it along, every Bayview I get I pass it along and wherever I can be of help in building a movement I'm there. Anyway I've filed 2 grievances. One for retaliation and one for false imprisonment which I've received no response from as to date (one was filed 3/28/2016 and the other 4/8/2016). My attorney is working on this situation but these actions stem from the prison strike of 2010, as they were doing the Tier II placement hearing. Lt Bivens stated or cited my participation in a disturbance Dec 31st 2010 which I never received a write up for and which free world charges were sought by the DOC and dismissed 2013. So it's clear what this is all about. Anyway I've enclosed 10 stamps as a small donation to MIM and will contribute more when I can.