Georgia using validation status to justify permanent lockdown

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Georgia using validation status to justify permanent lockdown

I'm currently one of hundreds of prisoners placed on tier because of my alleged validation. Please allow me to explain.

Since 2011 Georgia Department of Corrections has declared war against all prisoners validated "MOB" (Goodfellas, young mafia family) by prison officials.

All prisoners validated "MOB" have been on a never-ending lockdown because of incidents that happened amongst prisoners in 2011. Prisoners validated "MOB" have been the only ones locked down as a whole since then. Regardless of participation or if they just coming in the prison system if they validated "MOB" they automatically get locked down and placed into Tier Phase 1.

In 2013 GA DOC implemented what they call "Tier". Which at the time they told us “this is not a disciplinary program". All prisoners validated "MOB" was automatically placed on tier even prisoners just coming in the system go straight to tier because of their validation to the "MOB".

While on this program we've been stripped of all rights, liberty, privileges and some have even lost their life trying to get away from this oppression being administered by GA DOC. Tier was originally a three-phase program each phase 90 days and upon completion of the last phase prisoners will return to population!

On Phase 1 prisoners are not allowed to have no personal property at all: clothing, food, books, magazines, newspapers, radios, and hygiene are all restricted. On phase 2 you can have up to $15 in hygiene but all other items are restricted. On phase 3 you can get a limited commissary but all other items are restricted.

GA DOC implemented a phase 3 plus to hold all prisoners validated "MOB" on this never-ending lockdown. For the past 4 years we're the only group held on tier as a whole, we're the only group not allowed to complete the tier and return to population. And while we're held on tier we still have no rights or privileges. Our visitation is limited to two hours and at some prisons our loved ones have to drive four and a half hours to only see us for 2 hours, no contact. Our visitors are limited to two visitors so if you have more than one child only one can visit with one adult.

Our phone is limited to 3 15-minute calls a month (one call a week). Then miss a week. Our commissary is limited and at some prisons you can only buy sweets and other non healthy items that cause diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Food on trays have been cut back which have caused all prisoners on tier to lose large amounts of weight.

At the prison I'm currently at we only allowed recreation two days a week (Monday and Wednesday) leaving us locked in 2-prisoner cells 24 hours a day 5 days a week in extreme temperatures.

Cells have no sockets therefore we are not allowed to have fans and temperatures often reach high 90s, & every time you move you sweat. Even if you lay still you sweat and in cold months cells are freezing. It gets so cold we don't be wanting to get out the bed to grab the tray out the slot.

Sanitation only get ran when they have visitors coming. Trays we eat off be 1/2 clean and often have food from previous meals stuck in corners. Cells are full of insects, bugs and spiders and some prisons rodents & many other type bugs.

The prison I just left prisoners in a 2-prisoner cell can't flush their own toilets and sometimes have to go hours smelling feces or urine because the officer too lazy and don't want to flush the toilet or he get mad at another prisoner and won't flush no one toilet. (Georgia State Prison)

Prison officials have had us writing statements say we don't fear for our lives and we have no enemies on a compound and they still don't let us out. All they do is rotate us from prison to prison with false promises to let us out. The only ones they let out is dudes who not "MOB" but get validated for talking or walking with someone validated "MOB". Some prisoners have been validated "MOB" by prison officials because of where they from (Atlanta Georgia). Prison officials automatically make you "MOB" or blood if you from Atlanta and Young or have a lot of tattoos. You've had prisoners write statements renouncing their validation and prison officials still refuse to let them out.

Many attempts have been made to grieve these issues that's on camera but all our grievances are denied or never responded to. We are in desperate need of any help or advice needed to take these oppressors to court and challenge this "Tier" this cruel unusual punishment and discrimination being administered by prison officials.

Law library is inadequate and prison officials don't have no one trained in law to assist us. They don't have books in law library and it's only one computer and no one show us how to operate it. I can be reached at this address.