Grievance investigators protect staff at Dalhart

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Grievance investigators protect staff at Dalhart

I would like to address the illegal acts by the grievance investigator Ms. Andersen at Dalhart Unit. I have written a grievance on a staff member here for discrimination and then I added three witnesses that saw and heard the incident to my grievance. I never mentioned to any of my witnesses that I put them down as witnesses. The reason behind this was so that it was clear it was not a plan nor did I coach them or inform them to say untrue things. So none of my witnesses knew that they were going to be called a witness.

When the grievance investigator, Ms. Andersen, called them in one by one, she never mentioned anything to any one of the witnesses about when the incident took place. Who put them down as witnesses, what they were witness too. All they knew is they were witness to an incident and could they think of anything. Only one of my witnesses had a clue, but was not 100% sure it was me. The other two had no clue on what incident the investigator was talking about because she said nothing more than “can you think of an incident”. Because the investigator, Ms. Andersen, did not disclose to my witnesses anything only that they were put down as witnesses to an incident and could they think of an incident.

She interfered with the investigation to help her coworker out. I was made aware of this by my witnesses when I ask them have they been called as witnesses yet? But all of them stated what I stated above and the two that didn’t give both stated “That was you that added me as a witness? Had I known I would have given a statement of what I saw and heard.”

This is why most offender’s grievances get shot down even when you have proof of discrimination or any other violation by a staff member. Because the person doing the investigation is most likely going to be biased or unfair in their finding or investigation when it comes to “coworkers” and “friends” they work with. This is nothing compared to what I saw and heard when it comes to the investigator who investigate the grievances written by offenders. I can only pray that God will bring things like this to the light to stop this unfair grievance procedure. I think this could be why I’ve been set off on parole four times already. All because I choose to fight them over the past 7 1/2 years.