GSP Brutality, Improper Food and Lack of Legal Access

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GSP Brutality, Improper Food and Lack of Legal Access

Greetings my friend. I just received y'all letter and I want to get involved. I'm currently on the administration segregation mental health Tier II program, on phase two. I been on this program since last October 13th, 2015. We be getting done so wrong. They treat us like a dog.

They put officers in the dorm that don't want to work in the dorm. We eat cold food, so the officer might let our tray sit in the open. One time I got a tray with hair and a roach was in my food.

I'm currently serving a life sentence but I'm trying to get my case overturned. It be hard to get the proper access to the law library. I have filed grievance but I truly believe my grievance never get turned in. It's sad because a lot of inmates don't try to stand up for what's right. I have been jumped on, got my teeth kicked out by two officers.