Imprisoned and Illiterate, Fighting Abuse in NC

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[Abuse] [Pamlico Correctional Institution] [North Carolina]

Imprisoned and Illiterate, Fighting Abuse in NC

This prison facility is denying me my rights on filing administrative remedy procedure by not answering the grievance.

I put in the grievance on 6 May 2016, and it has been 18 days. The response is supposed to be given to me within 15 days.
The grievance no: 4850-2016-FPD-202128
The grievance was about grievance no: 4850-2016-FPD-201593
All of this is about a false statement of a write up and a complaint to Greene County Sheriff about it.

I sent a letter to the court in DC and the Federal court in North Carolina and to the FBI in Washington DC and North Carolina and I appealed the write up on April the 4th. All of this about is about the crimes they have done to me:

  • Class 2 misdemeanor making false reports
  • false imprisonment
  • felonious restraint of NC criminal law is a class E felony.

They know I cannot read or write because I have no education.

I have got to look at the words to write what little I do write.