Mass Placement into Segregation

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[Control Units] [Abuse] [Tabor Correctional Institution] [North Carolina]

Mass Placement into Segregation

This Tabor City Correctional Institution had a dead-line to meet to empty 3 Close Custody blocks and turn them into modified housing. First D-Block was emptied. Moving prisoners into E and F Blocks. D-Block was filled with modified prisoners. There was talk of the dead-line among prisoners as many prisoners were shipped out every week to other prisons. Finally it's April and the 3 blocks aren't empty!

Someone's planning and plotting behind the scenes?

Sunday night, 17 April 2016, as the NBA play-off games are on, prisoners look forward to late night. No count was called, only an alleged pig supposedly said "lock down" and E and F block supposedly said "no!"

No code was called, everyone did lock back.

Monday night, it was late night. Tuesday at 4pm over 30 prisoners were kidnapped from their cells during count and placed in an empty block (seg.) and given A-2 and C-3 charges. These were brothers who were asleep and brothers who were not in the day room!

This demonstration put down by the Superintendent Perry and Unit Management is a clear violation of rights. And a fast way to clear E-Block for modified housing at the expense of over 30 prisoners. The grievances are moving and letters are being written to lawyers. I’m writing to MIM to inform you of this move that's being played out at the expense of prisoner's livelihoods. Please let the world know what this Tabor Correctional Institute is doing. We need help! Lastly I’ve received 47, 48, 49 issues. Thank you Comrades! I await Issue 50. Keep us informed and I shall remain in this struggle to free all prisoners from control units.

Peace, Unity.